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Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Hiya people sorry for the slight delay in this post but things have been a bit hectic round here; but were back ontrack and have a huge variety of reviews and products coming up to share with you see here.

So today I have something for the sound-a-holics out there. Are you going on holiday, camping or to the gym, have you packed your headphones yet...stop...and checkout these sleek, elegant, on ear headphones from Kinivo.

Kinivo is a company founded in 2010 and based in Washington USA; they offer innovative electronic products that help customers in their home, at work or when they are on the move.

I recently reviewed this mini portable speaker from Kinivo which was just gorgeous, so Im looking forward to sharing these on ear headphones with you all  read on.......

The packaging of the BTH240 is nice and simple, as much as I love luxury packaging keeping things simple keeps costs down for us all. It has a good photo of what your buying and explains all the techie bits on the back its still good to wrap up and give as a have to start thinking of Christmas soon guys sorry!

Whats in the box
Inside the box you get your Kinivo "On-ear" headphones, a micro USB charging cable and a concise easy to read and understand manual.

 Plus a beautiful black velvet pouch.

These Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth headphones are a new and improved design to the BTH220 design.
Kinivo BTH220 original design
The improved design has a new look and new features.
  • Sleek new design- smooth black frame with silver lining and a compact button layout.
  • Micro USB Charging port.
  • Increased battery life - Up to 10 hours of music and talk time.
  • Reduced LED brightness - Modified LED design for a more comfortable experience. (I find this odd, could people really complain that the LED is "too" bright when its sitting on your ears...really!).
 Main Features
  • Lightweight (73g) foldable design provides maximum portability and storage.
  • Rechargeable- Built in battery provides up to 10 hours of uninterrupted talk/music time or 200 hours in stand-by mode.
  • Hands-free, the BTH240 has a built in noise cancelling microphone. Music will automatically pause when receiving an incoming call.
Device Compatibility
  • iPhone5, 4S, 4, 3GS.
  • All iPads, iPod touch.
  • Android phones and tablets.
  • PS3 (Supports ONLY chat audio).
Kinivo BTH240 Headphone is covered by 1 year limited hardware warranty. 

The headphone cups themselves are 5.5cm in diameter each.          

They are extremely lightweight but they have a high quality feel to them and the piano black gloss really adds an air of luxury. You can see from the image above and most of my images in this review how glossy they are by the cloud reflections on them as I shot them outside.
(I can assure you they are not fingerprints).

 The first headphone has the Kinivo logo printed on a silver band; the second headphone has all the buttons on....see below.

 Kinivo Logo

 This right-hand headphone has all your controls on, and the microphone.
  • The central button turns the headphones on and off by holding for 4-5 seconds and you will see the LED turn blue and the same to turn off when you will see a red LED.
  • The LED lets you know what the headphones are doing, blue for playing or just being on and red when charging. It will flash alternate blue and red while searching for Bluetooth. 
  • The volume buttons are rocker switches for up an down.
  • Then the arrows skip to next or previous song choice...simples!
All these buttons are easy to get too even while wearing them, its easy to get used to where they are without having to see them.

On the side of this headphone you have a neat little Micro USB charging port; covered by a small rubber dust flap that slots securely into place to protect from dust and damp.

 From here you can charge your headphones with the cable provided.

This takes approximately 2-3 hours for a full charge; of course when you first get your headphones charge for the full time of 3 hours to be sure. You can see here the LED glows red while charging.

 The underside has super soft black leatherette material for the ultimate in comfort.

 These have half a centimeter of plushiness and believe me they really are comfortable and sooo soft. I feel these will be hard wearing as they are well stitched and well padded .

The headband itself is made of a strong flexible plastic. They have a slight springyness to them to take the wear and tear of being pulled on and off the head.

 Each headphone is on a small plastic hinge to easily twist them round to sit comfortably onto your ears. I cant say at this time how hard wearing these hinges will be but they are absolutely fine at the moment and they've had alot of use.

As soon as I got these I whacked them onto charge as I couldn't wait to try them, I love the design and the high quality feel and looked forward to hearing what they sounded like. A huge bonus is that they came half charged as I found the red LED turned off after only an hour, but as it was first time charge I continued to 3 hours to make sure.

Next was to pair them to my Samsung S4 and again so simple to do; yes even for you non-techies out there; dont panic it is easy.

To Pair
  • Press and hold the Middle multifunction button for longer than if you would to turn on approx 7-10 seconds or until the LED flashes between red and blue.
    TIP: Don't release when you see the blue LED keep holding till it changes to both.
  • Go to settings on the device you wish to pair > Bluetooth > Search/Scan.
Im so impressed as my S4 found the headphones in literally seconds so fast.
Now your ready to Rock......

Kinivo headphones BRH240 paired on my S4

*Ive paired it on my S4 and my Nexus 10; plus Windows 7 with no problems at all.
Once connected to Bluetooth the headphones claim to have approximately 10 meters range...well I beg to differ as I found it makes 15 meters easily and has made up to 20 meters outside with nothing blocking its way.
I can even go downstairs and into a different room with only slight cutting out.
Obviously its better if your phone and you are in the same room you will get the best from your headphones.
Its so well padded I can even sit listening to music and the other person next to me a couple of feet away cannot hear anything.

There is only 1 way round to wear these and that's with the loops sitting neatly over your ears and the main headphone sits on the right hand side, keeping the writing the right way up. The headband sits behind the head; perfect for those that do not like thick over the head headbands. The leatherette is so soft and the padded ear cup is super comfy with a good grip even while moving about the house, up and down stairs or working out they still stay on.
They maybe wouldn't stay on during a vigorous workout, but yoga, Pilates or using weights, I feel will be fine.

Sound Quality
The sound quality on these headphones is just fantastic; as it has a gorgeous overall sound range which is crystal clear. It has fabulous bass...woohoo with excellent mid ranges too. I'm no expert with sound but as Ive said before I know what I like and what I'm looking for personally.
The volume on these is something else as it goes up higher than I can stand and that says alot as I'm hard of hearing. This is so unusual with companies in our techie age who will often cap the volume to much lower on many devices.

Even though this pair of headphones does not have noise cancelling when listening to music; I can listen to Utube and videos at night right next to my other half and he cant hear anything and vice versa as I cant hear whats going on around me.
It does however have a noise cancelling microphone and it will pause your music when you have an incoming call so your free to chat hands-free and continue your workout or gardening etc.

The luxury looking pouch
These adorable headphones fold up to half their size to store easily into its own gorgeous velvet pouch so you can keep the manual and cables together.

It looks impressive getting them out of your bag infront of friends too...but beware people will want to borrow them due to their amazing expensive good-looks.

 I like to hang mine on my bag and you have to admit they look fab don't they.

I would highly recommend these adorable headphones; they not only have amazing sound for their low-end price; but they look far more expensive than their £21.99....yes I did say £21.99...I simply cant believe they look and sound this good for the price.
These are an ideal affordable gift for someone who wants to keep a pair just for the gym or walking the dog etc; especially with the 10 hours of music or talk time.
They are wireless, rechargeable, lightweight, comfortable and look good with their elegant, modern design so everyone will want to borrow them.

Plus they fold up so small and fit neatly into the supplied black velvet pouch to keep in your bag.

With Christmas creeping up fast...eeep...they are ideal gifts for any music lover. Seriously what can you get for twenty-two quid these days.

  • Great design.
  • Both wireless music headset and Bluetooth phone headset.
  • Hands-free.
  • Quick charge.
  • 10 hour music/talk time.
  • Pouch.
  • None.

Buy yours from Amazon for
Or Kinivo for 

All my thanks goes to Kinivo for sending me these Headphones free of charge for this review .
All my views and opinions are my own.

Those of you asking about my Samsung S4 Phonecase shown in this review is
The Strawberry Bling case from Mobile Madhouse.
Its also in several colours and designs.



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