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Kidde Smoke Alarm twin pack with Emergency Escape Light Review

 Kidde Smoke Alarm twin pack with Emergency Escape Light

Most of us nowdays know the dangers of fire in the home and have at least 1 or 2 fire alarms.
We have so many electric cables in our house; we have to be extremly careful and have fire alarms upstairs and downstairs. But recently our aging 2 fire alarms started playing up and going off for any reason whatsoever and yes; we did change the batteries but sometimes they are beyond help. 
So my other half scoured online and discovered these clever smoke alarms manufactured by Kidde a known and trusted make in alarms.
See why they are extra special in my full photo review after the jump?

They arrived packaged in transparent clamshell packaging to see them clearly.

The back of the packaging shows you everything you want to know with some useful information on where to best place them.
It comes with all the screws and attachments to hang them on the wall.

Front of the alarm
This pack of 2 smoke alarms from Kidde enable you to put one upstairs and one downstairs straight away; vital for those with a larger family with children and pets around.
This 2 pack features not only an extremely loud 85 decibel alarm but an emergency escape light. Those of you that have been sadly involved in a house fire will know how you cannot safely use the electric for the lights so daytime and nightime its pitch black. Would you and your family know the quickest way out of the house without being able to see your hand infront of your face because of smoke?
This can sadly kill as you lose vital seconds to get escape.

 Built in escape light triggered by the alarm.
So Kidde have come up with these genius alarms which have an emergency escape light designed to help guide you to safety. It gives you and your family the best chance of getting out quickly; alive and unharmed.

Another fab idea by Kidde is to have not only the usual button to test your alarm and battery; but it has a double use so when you burn the me and set off your can simply press to temporarily hush the alarm...arrrrhhh...heaven!

The back gives you several holes to hang the alarm on to; it also gives access to the batteries.

 Each alarm comes with 2 Duracell batteries, 1 prefitted and 1 you fit; which was such a surprise.
Plus as an extra bonus it comes with batteries and not just any batteries but Duracells. We have been fooled before into buying fire-alarms with generic batteries and then the alarm starts making the odd pips within only a few weeks saying the battery needs changing. You simply cannot go wrong with this set.

12.5cm in diameter and 4cm deep.

This is the one review I cannot stress enough every household needs a set of these. Everything about this set has been thought out; but most importantly the emergency escape light is just genius.
I definitely need the hush feature as Im awful at burning food in the kitchen and forever having to open the backdoor to let the smoke out and quieten the alarm eeep!
I realize you can buy slightly cheaper alarms; but please don't skimp on fire alarms its not worth it. Kidde is one of the BEST names in fire alarms so you know they are reliable and trustworthy products. Lets hope I never have to say to you this works well; its obviously not something I can review fully without a house-fire; something I hope will never happen.

Stay safe people!

  • 2 Pack.
  • Emergency escape light.
  • Hush button to temporarily silence nuisance alarms.
  • Test button for checking everything works.
  • Loud 85 decibel alarm.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Low battery blip.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 4 Duracell batteries included.
  • None

Kidde Smoke Alarm twin pack with Emergency Escape Light 
(Alarm Model i9080EU)
Buy yours from various electrical stores, ebay and Amazon
For approximately

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