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Cyberclean Touch Screen Stylus and Cleaner Review

Hiya gadgetaholics I have something for everyone who has a phone or tablet etc. I think that maybe most of the general population lol.

Be honest how often do you clean your phone or tablet screen and I don't mean a quick wipe with your sleeve or on your jeans or skirt...whose guilty of that...raise your hands now....oops....yep I'm definitely guilty of the quick jean leg clean..eeep!

 Think about it we take them everywhere with us, into the bathroom, we eat while using them; texting, emailing using social media we are never without our beloved devices. They then live in our bags or pockets against loose change and receipts; then we lay them on any surface, the kitchen worktop, table at the cafe or restaurant; then we pop them back into to a nice warm pocket or bag which germs thrive on! They are our daily companions wherever we go; BUT they can be breeding grounds for bacteria which can make us seriously ill.
Whats lurking on your device or keyboard?

I was horrified to find from an article saying how our electronic devices, remote controls etc can have more bacteria than a toilet seat...eeep....ucky!

So how can we make our devices safer from these quite often dangerous invisible germs and bacteria? 

 In comes CyberClean who contacted me asking if I would like to share some antibacterial cleaning products with you all.

They kindly sent me two of their brand new cleaning products to show you.

Today I'm going to show your the Cyberclean Touch Screen Stylus and Cleaner which is a 3 in 1 device. This award winning cleaner is a handy stylus pen with a carbon tip and built in spray and cleaning mechanism; designed specifically for our smartphones and tablets. 
Read on to find out more.....and does it work.....?


I really love the packaging design from CyberClean, Im a bit of a sucker for good packaging as I always feel if the company has spent time on that the product will be amazing.
The strong shiny textured cardboard box has an aluminum effect design saying cleanliness, I feel it will appeal more to the guys than the girls if you were to see this in a shop.

In the box you get;
  • Cleaner/stylus.
  • Clip to attach to tablet case.
  • 3 spare refills.
  • User leaflet.

This clever "Award winning" 3 in 1 device is not only a handy stylus to use on our touchscreens but a screen cleaner too. It incorporates a nano spray system with an antiseptic solution built inside; plus a high performance absorbing fibre pad that wipes the screen clean.

 You have the choice of 2 colours black or white, I was sent the white.

 At one end you have a carbon tapered nib which sits in a stylish silver plastic holder.

A few of my Stylus's
I have quite a few stylus's in my collection now each with a different nib; but Ive never had a screen cleaner and stylus in one. Its also the largest and longest but with the thinnest nib.

The nib is slightly smaller than my other stylus's/stylii I have and slightly more pointier as you can see above. Ideal for more precision drawing etc.

 The other end is the nano spray system with an ergonomic curved top so your finger sits comfortably ontop to spray.

 This top simply pulls off to reveal a hollow inner chamber to replace the spray refill.
By the way you get 3 FREE refills with every pack!

 The whole unit is completely ergonomic with gently curved lines to sit comfortably in your hand while using either end.

 Along the whole length of one side is a highly absorbent soft fabric strip to wipe clean your screen.

With this pack you also get a clever tablet clip to attach to the screen stylus to your tablet case; what a great idea.
This clip will fit on cases upto 2mm thick only.

This stylus is 13.3cm x 1.8cm.

Since reading that awful article about toilet seats that are cleaner than touchscreen devices Ive been quite paranoid about keeping my screens clean. Ive always hated finger marks so Im continually wiping my screens anyway, but hadn't really thought of bacteria crawling over them eep....I have now!

The spray stylus is such a fab idea to keep everything together. I only needed 1 spray on my Samsung S4 as the mist is extremely fine and covers the screen. 

Spray from approx 15 inches away to get full coverage.

 One light mist and one firm wipe across the screen is enough to clean the screen well; but you can go from side to side a few more times to bring up a gorgeous shiny screen.

 See how shiny my screen is after one clean.

 My Nexus 10 needed 2-3 light mists.

Then just several wipes straight across from left to right with the absorbent fabric side.
The only slight thing for me is the fact that after wiping my dirty screen I'm then holding the stylus with my finger touching the damp absorbent wiping pad with the dirt on it...? However the liquid spray is antibacterial so its killing any bacteria straight away "before" Im touching it...isn't it?

TIP; Most devices have invisible bezels, but some cases will recess your device making "the wipe" across a little awkward as you don't want moisture between device and case. Most tablets and smartphones however are larger screens and will easily fit the stylus.

Turn the spray head 180 degrees and it will lock to prevent any drips to pop in your bag.

The CyberClean Touchscreen stylus and cleaner or the "Space shuttle"?

I found the idea of this Stylus cleaner just genius; the fact you can prevent the build up of bacteria and viruses from dirty, greasy fingerprints by using the stylus. Then clean your touch screen daily with the neat mist spray inside is just fantastic.
Keep your screens looking brand new and so much cleaner; preventing fingerprint and bacteria buildup. My screen is so much cleaner than its ever been as I don't have to think where I have put my cleaner and cloth; its all together. The shape is very ergonomic making it really comfortable to hold too; although your finger rests on the absorbent pad.
It will also fit into most bags and briefcases or use the handy tablet clip that comes with it. The stylus itself is very responsive and the pointier tip makes it ideal for precision drawing etc.
This makes an affordable gift for everyone. Who doesn't need an antibacterial screen cleaner and who doesn't want to have clean screens to protect yourself and your family? 
This really is a brilliant gift for everyone including yourself and an ideal stocking filler as its so affordable...shushhh...not really mentioning Christmas yet...!

  • 3 in1 Touch screen cleaner.
  • Stylus.
  • Tablet clip.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Ergonomic.
  • 3 refills.
  • Affordable. 
  • Conversation starter.
  • Your finger could sit on the wipe pad depending on your holding pen position.

You can buy yours from CyberClean 
for ONLY

Coming next is the Keyboard cleaner review
 Plus checkout all the other products from CyberClean

All my thanks goes to CyberClean for sending me these products for this review
All my views and opinions are my own.

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