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Technics are Reborn - Rediscover your music!

Published on 4 Sep 2014- Highlights of the Technics Press Conference at IFA 2014

If you are a sound aficionado then you would have heard of Technics, leader in excellent quality high class music systems to be proud of. You are never buying "just" a sound system but a complete listening experience and a beautiful piece of furniture for your home.
Technics is a company that has always brought us timeless designs with clean traditional lines, their high grade materials and expert craftsmanship create a luxury center piece to any sound lovers environment; offering an emotionally engaging experience.
 Panasonic Corporation announced last week; that it will launch its audio products under the Technics brand name again, reviving its brand long synonymous with high-quality hi-fi sound to deliver richer, emotionally-engaging sound and musical experiences. New Technics-branded hi-fi audio systems will be released first in the European market in December 2014 and later in other parts of the world.

Technics are Reborn.
Technics are relaunching there products bringing 5 decades of their experience and combining modern futuristic digital technologies wrapped in new design style.
Technics quote
"Listening to music must be an experience; its a new era of lossless audio which stirs your emotions with sound the way it was intended to be heard. Let Technics take you on your journey to rediscover music."

Coming soon from Technics are these stunning music systems with state-of-the-art components and innovative technologies.

 Reference Class R1 Series

Reference Class
R1 Series

The SE-R1 flagship power amplifier

SU-R1 Network Audio Control Player

SB-R1 Speaker system

Premium Class C700 Series

The Premium Class 
C700 series

SU-C700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
ST-C700 Network Audio Player

SL-C700 Compact Disc Player

SB-C700 Speaker System

For more detailed info on these timeless luxury music systems see 

So have you ever owned your own Technics sound system or would you consider a music investment like this; let me know what you think?

For more information about Technics,

Panasonic LIVE@IFA 2014

Technics Brand to Return to Deliver Emotionally-Engaging Sound and Musical Experiences

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