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Ozeri Elite Chef Black ceramic 3 piece knife set Review

Heya people Ive something for the cooks among you today; a gorgeous set of ceramic chefs knives from Ozeri.
Those that follow me know I review quite a lot of products from Ozeri and have always found their products excellent value and excellent quality; so I was looking forward to reviewing this set of knives as we have never tried using ceramic knives before.
Ozeri are based in the UK and are a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home.

 Read on for my full photo review

We have found all Ozeri products have designed their packaging to a really high standard and these were no exception. The back of the box explains the knife sizes and what they would be best used for. The elegant black box and well photographed knives make them look great as a gift box.
Little touches like this really make a nice gift box, a nice bronze ribbon to pull out your knives like a drawer.

Inside you can see knives embedded into some soft cutout foam with knife cutouts to protect the ceramic blades.

See how gorgeous they look in their box. Perfect to give as a gift or to keep your knives in to prevent them getting scratched against other cutlery in the drawer..

Ozeri Elite Chef Black ceramic 3 piece knife set is an elegant knife set perfect for the modern day chef and those that love cooking.
The 3 ultra-sharp knives have 100% ceramic blades which are made of the purest ceramic; close to the hardness of diamonds and preserves its razor-sharpness 10 times longer than traditional steel blades.They will slice easily through fruit, vegetables and boneless meats.
Unlike metal knives ceramic knives are Eco-friendly and will not rust, corrode or leach ions from long term exposure to moisture oils and acids into your foods. They weigh less than half an equivalent knife reducing pain and fatigue associated with preparing big meals and repetitive cutting.

Coupled with ergonomic handles the Elite chef knives are also perfectly balanced to make chopping, mincing and dicing even easier.
They each have 5 small indentations along the top of the handle for extra grip.

Each blade is expertly finished with reflective black veneer,

 For extra pazazz they have added a gorgeous chrome end to each of the knives as a beautiful finishing touch.

We have never used ceramic knives before and to be honest we have always bought cheap value cutlery and knives; never anything from this price bracket so it was nice to have the opportunity to try them.
I found these ceramic knives noticeably lighter which will certainly help those with repetitive strain syndrome and dexterity problems. I usually prefer a little bit more weight behind my knives as I feel that the weight is doing some of the cutting. But these ceramic knives make up for this by being so very sharp and able to slice extremely thin slices which my normal knives would struggle with.
I used all three knives to cut fruit and veg and some meats raw and cooked, my favorite being the slicing knife and the paring knife.

The Paring knife
 This tiny Paring knife is 16.6cm long with a 2cm width handle and has a small 3 inch blade slightly tapered along its edge for extra sharpness. The Ozeri logo is etched into the ceramic.
The little Paring knife sliced this apple almost paper thin with no effort at all. The grippy handle makes detail slicing or cutting so easy.

Look at how thin this slice is; it even cut the apple pips in half.

 It also sliced and scraped out this passion fruit with ease.

The Slicing knife

This Slicing knife is 23cm long and 2.5cm width handle with a 5 inch blade. It sliced the apple with ease. It was odd for me to use a smooth blade knife, rather than a serrated knife to cut fruit but I did have to pierce the tip in first, then it sliced effortlessly.

The tip is super sharp and a normal pomegranate can be hard to slice but not with this. 

Chef's Knife

 The largest of the three knives is this Chef's knife which has a 6 inch blade, and is 26.8cm in length and 2.7cm at widest point handle. Its beveled along the bottom part of the the other a super sharp edge.

This is your all round knife the one you grab for nearly every time.

 This sliced through this hard pear like butter.

 This large knife has the most comfortable feel out of all the knives for me because its slightly larger.
You can easily rest your forefinger on the top where there are extra ridges to help you grip for extra pressure when slicing and dicing.

Things to remember with owning ceramic knives in the Ozeri own leaflet.
  • Ceramic is not as flexible as metal therefore you need to be careful never to bend them as they may snap with too much force.
  • Use only wood or plastic cutting boards; avoid cutting on marble, stone or glass surfaces.
  • Avoid using in the dishwasher, simply clean by hand using soap and water.
  • Avoid storing ceramic knives with other cutlery or they can develop nicks on the blade edges. Its best to store them separately or in the box they came in rather than in your cutlery drawer. We have then wrapped in a material in the cutlery drawer ready to use when we need them.

The clouds looked lovely reflected in the blades.
This set of 3 ceramic knives are excellent quality; the ergonomic handles have a rubberized feel to them making them extra grippy and comfortable absorbing any sudden impacts. I can see how this would help those who suffer with RSI or dexterity problems.
I also found you could still grip them easily even when your hands and the handle are wet; as you see from my images; preventing nasty slipping accidents.
The pure 100% ceramic blades really are extremely sharp and I was able to slice much finer than I would normally; enabling me to cut more fancy slicing than normal.They virtually glide through their chosen food.
I feel they are a little on the pricey side but they look elegant and stylish in your kitchen and the blades are super sharp; treat with respect and they will last you a lifetime.

  • 100% Ceramic.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Grippy handles.
  • Light to hold.
  • Will not corrode, rust or leach metal ions into your foods.
  • Stylish design for your kitchen.
  • Lasts longer than steel knives.
  • Cannot put in a dishwasher.

All my thanks goes to Ozeri for sending me these knives for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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