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Kinivo ZX100 Rechargeable Portable Speaker Review

Hi gadgety lovers; I have something for the music lovers amongst you today.
This year I have noticed the bewildering array of mini portable speakers that have flooded the market; and I have reviewed quite a few already if you have been following GGR.

So when Kinivo contacted me to ask if I would like to review one of their popular mini speakers for you all, I couldn't wait to see it. 
These adorable ZX100 have a wonderful modern design and really are dinky little speakers; plus the choice of colors is just gorgeous; something for everyone.

Its brilliant to be able to take your music, video or skyping anywhere you want to, but where do you start in picking the right speakers for you?

In no particular order I try to look at sound quality, price, build quality, weight,  volume and bass; so if your on the look for a mini speaker, checkout my full photo-loaded review and mini sound test video below and see if this is the one for you.

The ZX100 is a wired speaker and I was initially disappointed it didn't have bluetooth; but when this little speaker arrived and I held it for the first time, it didn't matter.
The quality and feel of this fun speaker is amazing!

The Kinivo packaging is a modern designed white and green box with the ZX100 sitting in a clam-opening transparent plastic shell. Each side of the box explains something really cool about what this little guy can do; which I will explain more as I go along.
I received the gorgeous purple and grey ZX100. In my images however it does look more pinky; so Ive added both colors below to show you the difference between the purple and the pink grey versions. The pink on the right is a lovely bright girly neon pink and the purple is a more lavender purple.
Purple and pink Kinvo ZX100 so you can see the difference.

Inside the box you have your 
  • Kinivo ZX100 speaker.
  • Longer charging cable and 3.5mm Jack.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Pouch.

This adorable diddy mini speaker has a really gorgeous modern design, I really love this unique shape. The circular shape gives 360 degree all round sound unlike some squarer designs or ones with speakers only at the front or at the back...yes I have had a speaker with its speaker at the back...doh!
This mini design makes it so easy to go anywhere, its curved shape means it fits easily into bags and even your pockets. It slips perfectly into the webbing sides on rucksacks when your hiking or camping or at a festivals etc.

I love the UFOish shape especially when you pop up the ERCD- Expansive Resonator Construction hear you say.

This speaker may not have bluetooth but it makes up for that in sound and its all because of the uber-clever ERCD. You simply twist the top a little and up pops a clever corrugated plastic expansion to give the best low frequency output. For bass lovers like me!

 Simply twist right to gently open, you can do this with one hand its so easy.

 It has a patented Vacuum bass system which allows for better sound.

 The top of the speaker that you twist up has Kinivo cutout and looks really trendy. Im loving the O as an on/off button design.

 Kinivo have made use of every centimeter of this mini speaker.
The button are firm and precise, no fragile rocky buttons here. The purple coloured wavy strip area are the actual buttons...NOT where the icon is which is pretty cool!

 Each side has a job, Kinivo logo (very important job), On button, then Plus and Minus volume buttons.

On three sides of the ZX100 from left to right you have
  • A micro USB charging port/audio.
  • A buddy 3.5mm Jack plug for even more sound to daisy chain extra speakers.
  • A vacuum hole lets air in for the resonators for extra bass.

It doesn't stop there, this clever speaker has a hidden secret underneath. It stores a short 5 inch /12.7cm 3.5 jack plug to plug into your device. All in a nice neat square recess to press it into for storage and neatness. This is so you always have your cable with you, you cant forget it now.
You also have the brand of the speaker, email and support contact email if you need it.
It has 4 neat rubber feet for extra grippyness on slippy surfaces.

Kinivo have even put thought into the cable itself.

 The cable has 2 cables in one and is 16.75 inch/42.5cm long.
  • A micro USB to charge your speaker,
  • Plus a longer 3.5 jack plug incase you need a longer length than the one built into the speaker underneath.
What makes it even better is that they are connected together so you don't lose them. Plus a small strip of velcro to keep them nearly tied together...genius!

Charging your ZX100
This mini speaker is easy to charge using either the attached short 3.5mm Jack plug or the extra long one supplied.

It has a bright LED above the micro USB and it changes from Red charging to a bright blue to show its fully charged after a few hours. The blue LED also stays on while working too.

I can also charge my little Kinivo via The Traveler Solar Charger I reviewed recently, so you get extra time outside.
Which devices can you use your speaker with?
The ZX100 is compatible with all ipods, iPhones, MP3 players, CD players, laptops and smartphones..anything with a 3.5 jack plug.

Science Bit
6.8cm square by 4.4cm high (closed) or 5.6cm high (Open).
96 grams in weight.
Long lasting Lion rechargeable battery.
40MM Speaker.
Input L/R 360mV.
Power Output 3W.
S/N >80dB.
Charge Voltage 5V
Charging time 2 hours.

I absolutely love this little diddy speaker; it not only looks amazing it has brilliant sound output as well.
The only way I can show you a speaker properly is to do a video with the Resonance up and down; so you can hear the bass differences for yourself, so checkout my mini sound test video below and see what you think.

 Mini Resonance sound test

There is a definite bassy sound difference having the Resonance up than down; its more pronounced with certain music than others as you will see in my video. The first song from Razorlight is a more rocky bassy song and the difference is quite pronounced; the bass is just gorgeous. The second song is more jazzy pop and you only get a slight bass sound difference. I always have it up as I always prefer more bass to treble on all my music and it looks really cool too, so Im more than happy with this mini speaker.

The speaker has good depth of sound which is well balanced with good mid range sound too. But high volume bass does cause a bit of distortion on higher levels which is to be expected.

Its small enough to slip in my bag to go anywhere, the grey hard plastic gives it good protection from bangs and knocks and I feel it could definitely survive a fall as despite being plastic its a ruggedy type of plastic, if you get what I mean!

The fact you can choose such a variety of colors makes this speaker a great pressie for anyone who loves their music.
I found the first time I charged it, it was fully charged within an hour this is brilliant but I left it for two as it was its first know my rules on that don't you ...Ive nagged you all enough by now lol!
Incase you haven't visited me before; I cannot stress enough about charging a rechargeable device for the full amount particularly for the very first time you get it. DONT be tempted to charge for 5 minutes just to hear it you may never get that full charge again.
Nag over.....! ;-)

I have since found it charges quickly well within the two hours described.

 I also love the fact that Kinivo have thought of everything in that it supplies you with 2 lengths of 3.5 Jack plug depending on what you need at the time.

This photo shows using the longer length supplied cable; so I can still be using my phone easily and move around a bit.

 Here you can see the built in cable is just the right length to use with my Galaxy S4; but would be harder to move around etc.

You can sit your speaker ontop; if your just listening to music its perfect size.

 When you first plug in your Kinivo it starts at half volume rather than full like some Ive had in the past; deafened before you started lol! Not here halfway is just perfect to press + or - volume to suit.

You can also charge and play your speaker at the same time from your PC or laptop too which is really cool.
My Laptop has the worst built in speakers so its been brilliant to have this speaker with not only my music but gaming too. Finally I can hear whats creeping up behind me on World of Warcraft lol.

Closed and open Resonator.
Do I love the ZX100 Ohh...yess, I love the size, colour, build quality, the extra jack plug lengths and to top it all it has good sound quality for this size speaker. For those that are bass officinadoes this may not be the speaker for you; but for taking out on picnics to the beach, in the garden, for barbeques, festivals, camping etc its just perfect!
The fact it so lightweight and slips into any of my handbags is just brilliant. It has enough ruggedness to withstand some knocks and I can crank it up when I want to without loosing too much quality. I love bass and it gives me good bass on certain songs at about 3/4 volume.
I would have liked bluetooth but the simplicity of just plugging in and going is just perfect!
I love that it comes with a pouch to keep the speaker and cables together. Kinivo really have thought about everything for this little speaker. Even a strip of velcro to keep the cables tied up small to go in the pouch.
It gets alot of attention as it has a really quirky, funky design; so many people will want it.. so lucky its affordable too.
Perfect gift for anyone who loves their music, videos, gaming or skyping. Personalize yours by picking your favorite colors, coordinate with your handbag girls.
So what you waiting for; go grab yourselves a Kinivo speaker its perfect for your favorites vibes on the go, no worries about dropping bluetooth connections its fun, funky and affordable for portable mini speakers.

  • Works on all devices with a 3.5mm jackplug.
  • Enhanced Bass resonator.
  • Slightly rugged in appearance.
  • Rechargeable. 
  • Choice of 2 lengths of cable.
  • Fast to charge.
  • Lasts approx 2 hours.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a pouch yay! 
  • Variety of colours.


  • None.

Buy your own Kinivo ZX100 from Amazon Uk
for ONLY

Choice of 7 colours.

All my thanks goes to Kinivo for sending me this speaker for this review for you all.
My views and opinions are all my own.

Those of you asking about my Samsung S4 Phonecase shown in this review is
The Strawberry Bling case from Mobile Madhouse.
Its also in several colours and designs.


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