Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jack Strong and the Red Giant by Heys Wolfenden Book Review

Jack Strong and the Red Giant revolves around a young twelve year old boy, called Jack Strong. One day after getting beaten-up by the school bully he runs away from home, only to find himself face-to-face with an alien spaceship. Once on board, he must overcome his lack of confidence and low self-esteem in order to become accustomed to his strange, almost magical surroundings and get on with his new alien 'shipmates". Crash-landing on a barren, volcano-infested planet in the shadow of a Red Giant Star, he must do all that he can to ensure not just his survival but also the lives of his new-found friends.

I was kindly sent this debut novel to read by Heys and I read the blurb and something about it really caught my interest.Written by someone else this could have gone terribly wrong, but something about his style of writing I knew it was going to be a fun, fab read.
Marked as a YA read I would say that's spot on, but those of you that like reading space fantasy adventure stories will really enjoy this too.

Its a fun fast paced read about a shy 12 year old boy Jack Strong, beatenup by bullies, couldn't say boo to a goose. Jack just couldn't take anymore and runs away from home; where he discovers a space you do....
He finds himself inside and not alone as some fab characters join Jack on this journey; each of them so very different.
The storyline is compelling and addictive and I read this in 2 nights. Loved the strong tough girl Valeria and their gradual friendship interest...well his only 12 years old...people!
Heys's incredible imagination and fast paced plot carries plenty of space action, deceit in the ranks and excellent descriptive scenes of space and highly advanced technology.
Its definitely more of a YA read but I still thoroughly enjoyed this...and Im...quite a bit older...than no more! Its a fun all action fantasy adventure and would make a great film; revolving around some well defined characters. Great character development all round particularly Jack as I loved watching him evolve from unhappy nerdy earth-boy; to space hero within the pages with a fab all action ending.
Well written and a fabulous first book from Heys; I cant wait for more adventures from this quirky group....please....!

You can buy your copy from from Amazon UK

Author Bio

An older Children's/early YA writer and a poet, I have spent the last four years living and teaching in Beijing; before this I lived in Seoul, South Korea for 2 years. Both of these countries - the environment, the people, the culture, the food, the mountains - have had a great impact both upon my life as well as my creative output. Much of my travel and work experiences in Asia have formed the backdrop to my first novel "Jack Strong and the Red Giant"; whilst my poetry (the long in gestation Made in China)relates to the many different aspects of life for the Chinese people.

All my thanks goes to Heys for sending me this book for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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