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Travel Mobile Solar Charger Dual USB Review

Hiya gadgetaholics Ive something today Im sure you will all need at some point and I'm so excited about....squeee!
How many times have you run out of charge on your phone or tablet; I bet its alot more than it used to be as we are becoming more and more reliant on our mobile devices, I know I am.

Our devices are becoming more hitech and requiring huge amounts of battery power; but manufacturers haven't been able to keep up with those battery needs; so we need a bit more help!

This is where Mobile Solar Chargers come in;

Mobile Solar Chargers are a Specialist UK retailer and "One stop shop" for all your charging needs, you seriously do not need to look anywhere else; take it from me.
 They have a charger to suit not only your device but suit you personally too; from busy everyday commuting lifestyles to traveling in the Himalayas. All of their portable power banks and travel chargers recharge from USB or mains and the solar ones have the extra addition of trickle charge in direct sunlight.

They have been kind enough to send me a selection of their power banks and solar chargers for me to review for you. I love getting my teeth into gadgets like these and I will be bringing you all my results and of course loadsa photos.
So today Im bringing you the Travel mobile Solar Charger

The Executive, The Travel mobile solar charger, The Banksy, AquaTrek.
Checkout Mobile Solar Chargers site for more information if you cant wait for my review.

I absolutely love anything solar I have had a fascination with solar technology as long as I can remember. Im a bit of a mother earth and I love the fact of harnessing the worlds natural energy without doing any damage to its environment.

So I cant wait to show this fantastic neat solar charger.

Front and back of the packaging

This colourful solar charger comes in a transparent plastic box with a card insert explaining all its details.From just the packaging you can see what great quality it is.

In the box you get your solar charger and a bag of 6 adapters to fit most modern devices and your instruction manual.

With the 6 connectors your charging cable has a neat 19cm coil spring to keep it all tidy in your bag or pocket. It extends to to approx 40cm if it had to. Its also the same cable to charge the traveler as to charge your devices simply flipped around. But you can use your own if you wish.

Front and back
(You can tell I took these at different times, I was trying to decide if it looked better on wood or marble...you know me any excuse for a photoshoot lol)
The Traveler is a premium robust dual USB solar charger, which has a simple 1 button operation and its clever multicharging capabilities uses mains, PC, car charger, USB and solar makes this charger your very best friend!
This plastic rubberized unit has a gorgeous bright orange accent edging which does always remind me of going camping. The matching back has details of the battery.

The Science Bit
  • Solar energy transfer efficiency: 17% Solar panel 5v/100mA
  • Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
  • Output 2x USB 5V/1amp and 5v/2.1mA
  • Capacity 6000mAh /22.2 wh
  • Input : Micro micro usb DC5v/1000mA
  • Working Temperature -10C to + 55C
  • Charging time about 5 hours via USB mains
  • Charging time from solar about 45 hours for full charge
  • Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge 
  • Cycle Life >500 cycles 
  • Weight 178g 
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, E-Lites, electric cigarettes, Bluetooth , Garmin and all USB charged devices.

The Traveler is a slim portable size of 13cm x 7.6 x 1.6cm cm; the size of your average smartphone and will to fit easily into most bags and large pockets.

  On the base end you have 3 ports, the central micro USB to charge your Traveler inbetween 2 USB's to charge 2 devices at once if you want to. eg; an iphone or ipod. (Up to 2.1 amps simultaneously).

4 blue LEDs which show you in percentages how much charge you have left on your Traveler and will lightup when working and flash when charging. On the right you have another 2 smaller LED's; one is battery and the other is solar to tell you which part is charging your device...I love this.

 The 6 device adapters which will fit most mobile devices including iphone, Samsung, Nokia and all 5V tablets, including ipad and ANY USB charged device.
You can also use your own charging cable.
(You will however need a lightening adapter if you have the new iphone 5).

The great thing about the Traveler is that you have 2 main ways to charge your devices.
  • The 6000mAh rechargeable battery recharges from mains USB, PC, Car USB.
  • Trickle charge from its own 100mAh solar panel and will hold this charge for months till its needed.
I have to say I have never seen such a perfect looking solar panel, I cant stop looking at it. This panel is pristine and excellent quality with a great surface area to capture the light and sun of 8cm x 5.5cm.
This solar panel trickle charges when in direct sunlight, normal light and under lightbulbs; but can be boosted using its own rechargeable battery at anytime by being plugged into mains or PC USB. It doesn't get easier than this...simples!

Press the orange button once and it will show you how many bars you have left on your Traveler. You can see how bright blue these LED's are even in daylight.
Press and hold for 30 seconds and it will turn it on or off....easy-peasy!

First of all I have to say I absolutely love the modern rugged design of the Traveler and you can see it next to my S4 above; a match made in gadget heaven.

It really feels excellent quality and a nice substantial weight in your hand.

Im so excited to share this with you all today as this clever little solar power bank enables me to power so many of my own gadgets and I honestly haven't stopped using this since it arrived; Ive become quite reliant on it.

Here are just some of my main devices I use on a daily basis and I usually need a topup on one or two of these in a day. From left to right is my little ladybird Buddy speaker, my Nexus 10, down to the purple case which is my Kindle Paperwhite 2 and my Galaxy S4.

I can be charging and topping up my S4 while having a coffee, its so easy to just plug and go!

Plus its a misnomer that you need bright sunlight to charge solar panels, you simply need any light even a light bulb will charge it...slightly slower of course and bright sun will be slightly faster but you don't need to be hanging out the car window to put the Traveler in the sun. The amount of times Ive seen people do this...don't do it people....you don't need to.

 Note; Windscreens cut out most UV light, other glass not as much.

I can even carry on reading my Kindle Paperwhite 2 when its battery is getting low outside without having to stop reading a brilliant book.
It powered my Kindle Paperwhite 2 from 1 bar to maximum in less than an hour...omg this is just amazing. This is because the Kindle Paperwhite 2 has a battery of 1420mAh and the Traveler's 6000mAh battery found it a breeze to charge.

Or I can simply trickle charge it while Im outside till Im ready to read. It would drive me nuts to have to wait a few hours to charge my Kindle to carry on reading eep!
I can also topup my speakers I use outside too;

Here are some of my mini portable speakers that I have charged using the Traveler. The Kinivo (review coming soon), the Deadmau5  Bassboomz and Kitsound buddy speakers Bee and ladybird as they don't last for longer than about an hour; this gains me an extra 30-45 minutes of music playtime without waiting an hour or so to charge them.

This Traveler is just made for these outside gadgets!

Put to the Test
Its all very well me sitting here saying its a great charger and normally you have to take my word on everything; which of course I hope you all do.....sheesh!
But now I can actually prove it, I will tell you, with an App called Battery HD which displays graph charts, time and date of all battery charges. So I can actually show you how good this charger is by offering you accurate visual data on my tests. Its sounds really posh but its fascinating to read results this accurate.

Charging the Samsung Galaxy S4
First I fully charged the Traveler via USB on my mains PC rather than solar as its faster.

It took approximately 4 hours to fully charge to 4 bars 100%.

Ive had several opportunities to test how long it takes to charge my Galaxy Samsung S4 as its so power hungry with a 2600mAh battery and I really make it work hard. I was actually planning to deliberately flatten it for this review but I didn't have to in the end.

 So here is my S4 is at 10% and you can see by the little plug icon its charging directly from the fully charged Traveler.
You can also see how easy it is to view in the dark,

Here is the chart for my S4 (from the Battery app) and it shows I started charging at approx 21.15 (The green colour) and it quickly finished by approx 23.45. This was such a surprise to me at just how fast this charged my S4 to 100% at only 2 1/2 hrs. To the point I didn't even check until after 4 hours and luckily the app saves all the data as Id missed when it reached 100% lol.

Charging my Nexus 10
I do want to state firstly that this tablet isnt fully compatible with the Traveler as it has a much higher battery power. My nexus 10 has a battery of 9,000mAh and the Traveler has 6000mAh. But I just want to show you you can give your tablet a top up, but dont expect it to get fully charged.

So I started by fully charging the Traveler first via mains USB.

Using the same Battery app you can see the data.
I started to charge my poor completely flat Nexus at approximately 16.40 it charged up until 18.40 to approx 24%. The first blue section says I cannot use video etc as not enough power, the green section says I can carry on doing anything on the tablet. The blue third section is just Nexus's own battery.

It took 2 hours until the Travelers battery itself died first. It really did a great job especially as I had all my updates on so they are continually working in the background making it slower charge time....! You will never get a full charge on the tablet; but you will most certainly gain enough to email, surf or game for a little while. You just need to fiddle with your settings to get the best out of charging a tablet like this. I will update this later on as I play with more of my settings for this.

 I could however trickle charge it in the sun too.
Ive even used it even on our ancient Tom Tom satnav which refuses to hold any charge at all. My other half needed the satnav one day for directions somewhere; so he took the Traveler out and it managed to keep the Tom Tom alive the whole day, he didn't get lost once...phewey!

Checkout what we can top-up without going back indoors, we can have a nice day out and take all my favorite devices with us. Plus it all fits into my handbag.

Just as an extra...like this review isn't long enough already...opps sorry guys!
I couldn't resist buying this to use with these chargers to give us extra portable bright light when and where we need it. I just wanted to show you a quickie of this as it works so perfectly with the Traveler itself. (Full photo review coming soon).
Wow the 13 LED's are so bright and you simply plug it into your spare USB port where you can sit and read or have extra light for your crafting. 

Here it is in a pitch black room with no light and its easy to see just how bright this little gadget is. 

The Traveler makes the most perfect Kindle reading light for older versions of the Kindle or ereaders with no backlight and the fact you can have 2 devices plugged in at once. You can clearly see both devices working here.
The combination of these 2 gadgets is perfect!

Everyone NEEDS ones of these lights!

Ive got to say guy's, I do love this little Traveler it looks amazing, it feels fantastic quality. I love the simplicity of the 1 button press and hold and the plug and play. Its perfect for those non techies as well as techie people. It looks great in your hand bag and Ive had so many comments as its a great conversation starter.

Its that festival/camping time of year and the Traveler is a perfect addition to your camping bag; especially with the option of charging 2 devices at once its invaluable. I highly recommend this gorgeous little gadget as you should get at least 3 charges on your average phone and for everyday use you will probably be charging from the mains like me so its always ready when you need it; the charge will last you for months.
 I love that I dont have to worry if I put it on the grass its rugged enough to take some knocks.
Its worth every penny as you have the variety of charging options and the dual USB. But beware your friends will be "borrowing " it to top up there phones too.

  • Rugged looking,
  • Excellent quality,
  • Affordable,
  • Modern design,
  • Dual USB outlet, charge 2 devices at once.
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, E-Lites, electric cigarettes, Bluetooth , Garmin and all usb charged devices
    • None,

    You can buy your
    Traveler Solar Charger from 

    Please see my other reviews of products from Mobile Solar Chargers

     Reviews coming very soon from Mobile Solar Chargers are

    All my thanks goes to the lovely people from Mobile Solar Chargers for sending me this free of charge for this review.

    Those of you asking about my Samsung S4 Phonecase shown in this review is
    The Strawberry Bling case from Mobile Madhouse.
    Its also in several colours and designs.

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