Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Glamour Clutch by GMYLE for smart phones Review

For 5-6 inch smartphones. 

Something for the ladies today, I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous smartphone and wallet case from GMYLE.

Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier
Based in California and established in 2005, GMYLE is a trusted name in developing Macbook, tablet and Smartphone accessories and many other products that enhance our gadgety lives.
I have had several products from GMYLE now and I know its a brand you can depend on for your device needs.
Anything for my Galaxy S4 makes me a happy bunny so I couldn't wait to show you all; plus the unusual bronzey colour is just gorgeous. For those days when you don't need your main large hand bag and just want your phone and a credit card....you know what I mean girls!
Slide it on your wrist and your out the door.

My wallet case arrived in a transparent poly bag to keep it clean.

This gorgeous mini phone clutch case is so elegant, it protects and hides your phone and leaves space for your credit cards and a few coins. The snap fastening closure keeps it all secure inside.

This wallet is 16cm long and 10cm wide and is 2.3cm deep. Its made of premium leather with a special coating to ensure the shape and colour remain the same. I have to say this metallic bronzey colour is so beautiful. Inside you have soft cream suedey material to protect your phone screen.

 It also available as a mint and pink version too.

The back of the wallet has a large pocket perfect for receipts and tickets etc.

But for me one of the main parts is the removable long wrist strap which is 16cm long and secured by an excellent quality clip clasp, similar to good quality keyrings. You can take it off if you just want an elegant purse to carry in your bag.

This is secured onto the middle part of the case through a matching gold coloured eyelet so it wont fray or tear through the leather. You can see just how solid the metal clip is; which is nicely stiff to undo too.

 It actually swings freely from a swivel joint on the clasp so it doesn't get twisted up.
You can also attach it inside a larger handbag via the clasp to secure it inside. Then simply unclip when needed eg; charge your phone or when you don't need the larger bag.

To the side it also has space for 4 credit or store cards and underneath that is another slip or secret pocket for notes etc.

The clever part to this case is that you can charge your phone while in the case, it has a cutout hole at the side to plug and charge the phone.

I have many phone cases over the last few months of having my Samsung Galaxy S4 but this has been a real treat to have a mini clutch bag. I cannot emphasize enough ladies how handy this is. Sometimes I just don't want to lug my main hand bag around, this is just so easy to pop in my phone, credit cards and a few notes and off to the mall I go.The wrist strap keeps your hands free too to carry other things.

 I would say its smaller than your average clutch bag but slightly bigger than your normal phone case, so you have a perfect in betweeny bag.

The fact it has a back pocket and a secret inner pocket is perfect to carry extra tickets and notes etc.

 My phone slips inside perfectly with plenty of room both ends.

My only concern is that I have to make sure the top of the zip pull tab doesn't slip beside the phone screen; its tucked upwards.

 Here is my phone with a much larger case on and it still fits well inside. The case is then secured by a press stud fastener.

TIP: Be extra careful not to press the stud too hard to close it; as depending which way round you have placed your phone inside, it could be against your phone screen. I slipped my phone in so I pressed the stud against the back of my phone.

All my credit cards fit into the slots without bulking up the case. They are quite tight but that's a good thing as they wont be falling out as you go swinging the case as you walk down the road and is harder for me to get them out to buy things lol.

Its a lovely elegant clutch bag and phone case combination that will go with almost anything in your wardrobe, the GMYLE lettering adds a lovely golden accent on the front.
Remember girls if you don't want the wrist strap just unclip it and use the case as a phone case and slip it in your hand bag. It has a real elegance to it;  its so affordable and I love it.

  • Perfect bag and phonecase combination,
  • Secret pocket,
  • Excellent quality leather,
  • Gorgeous unique colours,
  • Removable wrist strap.
  • Care must be taken with the zip with larger phones. 
  • Magnetic closure would be kinder to phone screens than the press stud.


All my thanks goes to the lovely people at GMYLE for sending this Clutch free of charge for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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