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Rhinoshield Review - My Rhino and Gorilla joins forces to protect my Galaxy S4!

Screen protector

We all live in complete fear of dropping our mobile devices or scratching the screen after spending a small fortune on the latest device; its so hard to protect our devices properly in our busy lives.
If we do damage to our screen we tend to go on using the cracked device until the next upgrade or until we can afford a new phone; this is really down-heartening.
So how do we protect that gorgeous touch screen. We go out and spend a couple of quid on a cheapy plastic screen protector.
BUT you have just spent hundreds of pounds on your device...what are you doing...its not going to do much to protect your screen is it......?
So what do you do?

You go get yourself a Rhinoshield from the UK based Evolutive labs

Personally I have quite an obsession with my screen; those that have been following me on GGR, know I have only recently got my new gadgety baby my Samsung Galaxy S4 and have been enjoying finding the right case and even the right stylus; but I have been worrying my socks off about getting the right screen protector as I can be a real clutz and if anyone is going to drop their phone its going to be me...eeep!

So when I was offered the brand new Rhinoshield to review, I couldn't wait to try it and share this with you all. Its something that everyone will want if it really works
Is this too good to be true?

I was really surprised when my Rhinoshield arrived, as it came in this funky bright neon yellow carded envelope. The card shows what its all about "Impact protection" designed in the colours used for crash test dummies with a crash test dummy log at the top. Im really impressed with this simple but dramatic design.

 The back of the card clearly shows you how clever this screen protector actually is with its 6 layers of protection. A simple design clearly explains these layers.

Just tear a strip away along the dotted line at the base to see a black tag saying pull.

 Out slides a black leaflet card, here is the front and back.

The back explains more about your new Rhinoshield.

 Open up your leaflet card and inside is your Rhinoshield kit and instructions.

 Your kit to apply the shield consists of 
  • Plastic squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles,
  • 2 Dust removal stickers- brilliant idea,
  • Your Rhinoshield itself with front and back stickers,
  • Excellent quality screen cloth.
I think this is such a well presented screen protector kit and will make a fantastic gift for anyone with a phone or touchscreen device.

Evoluted labs
I wanted to just add a brief explanation about the company behind the Rhinoshield as they are an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign see more about it HERE. They were fully funded in March this year and have gone from strength to stength already. They are based in Cambridge in the Uk...yay for a British company whoohoo, well done guys!
Eric Wang founder of Evolutive Labs and designer of the Rhinoshield is a PHD candidate in material science at Cambridge university. He said he created the shield after a few of his friends broke their own tablet and phone screens.

The Science Bit
The basic principle behind the shield is a physics equation...for those who want to know...or can understand its...
Pressure is equal to force divided by area...oh wow I remember doing this at uni myself. I maybe blonde but I do have a brain... "O look a squirrel !"...  sorry what was I saying.

Dumping and dispertion layers combine together to reduce the amount of force per area, which then reduces the altitude of the force against the object...simples...

The specially formulated polymer technolgy and the dampening layer can take at least 5 times the impact energy of Gorilla glass 3. Great for me as that is whats on my S4.

So why is the Rhinoshield so different from the freebies you got with your new phone case...well where to start. It absorbs 5 times more impact than normal screen protectors...need I say anymore...but I know I will ! ;-)
The highly transparent Rhinoshield is comprised of 6 layers of protection (see below); which all work together to absorb and then disperse the shock of any impact or scratches. AND its still ONLY 0.029cm thick.

The way it works is that the 2 inner layers called "Impact dumping" and "dispertion" layers; combine with the outer layers to absorb any shocks when the device is dropped.

Its thickness is equivalent to only 3 sheets of printer paper.

It has a special coating technology which provides a strong hardness preventing direct scratches. Protecting it from your keys, coins and pens etc...yes even the cats claws. The Oleophobic silky smooth coating technology keeps your Rhinoshield free from fingerprints and smudges and makes it easier to clean.

My perfect screen

If your reading this review hoping to see my new baby S4 turned into a crash test dummy and thrown off the top of the skyscraper, or dropped from a great height onto concrete your going to be disappointed...hey its like my child...sheesh...sorry guys.

 I was surprised just how flexible the Rhinoshield is, but please dont bend any further than this or it could crack or craze one of the many layers if you bend too far.

How to apply your Rhinoshield
I wanted to share with you all just how easy it was to put on, so I commandeered my other half to put it on as he has a much steadier hand than me, while I took photos.
Before you start make sure your in a fairly dust free room, I wouldnt suggest doing this outside due to breeze or wind blowing dust around.

Its not major surgery but it pays to be prepared and set out your Rhinoshield kit ready to use; so your not faffing around trying to get things out of envelopes.

Rhinoshield have really thought of everything and have clearly marked front and back of the screen protector to make sure you apply it correctly.

Here's a quick photo rundown on how easy it is to apply to your device.

  1.  First of all make sure you remove your old screen protector if you have one on. Then wipe the screen thoroughly using the provided microfiber cloth and use the sticky dust removers to get rid of any dust particles. Then remove the backing (marked back) and carefully align the edges and cutouts to match the screen.
  2. Apply pressure at one end of the screen and then sweep across the face of the screen using the squeegee and it will adhere using the self adhesive silicone.
  3. Use your squeegee again to wipe downwards and outwards to the edges removing anymore tiny airbubbles.
  4. Next peel the clear screen cover (marked front) off your NEW Virgin Rhinoshield.
  5. Use the card to press firmly again wiping from top to bottom with even pressure.
  6. A final press with the squeegee to eeek out any stubborn bubbles. If you have a small one, these generally work there way out over time once your Rhinoshield has settled.
We found my Rhinoshield went on smoothly and easily, but a tip is to not do this when you are in a hurry, take care to straighten the Rhinoshield right at the beginning along the top edge as you only have 1mm of play with. So try to get it right first time as there's not much room for maneuver.

TIP: If you have found its maligned; being semi rigid its fairly easy to remove if you have to; by gently peeling it off and reapplying as it has no sticky residue or strong adhesives like some screen protectors.  But be careful to remove dust particles that will home in like bees to a honeypot on this spotless screen, creating more bubbles underneath.

 Ta dahhh! 
My pristine brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 screen with Rhinoshield applied..isn't it gooorgeous! 
Just look at the colours and reflections.

I have been using my Rhinoshield for several weeks now and it doesn't compromise the touch screen capability at all, if anything its improved it as I hadn't removed my screen protector that had come with the phone yet. See how worried I was about my screen lol. So now its like having a new phone.
I have however found the finger prints a bit more smudgy not less, although they do clean off much faster than usual.

  • Anti shock,
  • High transparency,
  • Oleophobic technology,
  • Removable if needed,
  • Scratch resistant,
  • Great presentation kit,
  • Peace of mind.
  •  None.

Rhinoshield is also available for the iphones and ipads
and many other brands of phone and tablet. 
Also available on Amazon Uk and Firebox 
From £17.99

See more drop tests in London below!

All my thanks to Rhinoshield for sending me this amazing screen protector for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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