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Razor Red Knife Sharpener Review

Heya people I have a little gadget new to Amazon UK that we all need in our kitchen drawer.

The lovely people at Razor Red offered to send me a knife sharpener to try for you all. This is actually a product we don't have at this time; we've had many sharpeners in the past; even an electric one which was so big and bulky it never got used.

This adorable little Razor Red is a compact portable sharpener with a power grip suction base which sharpens a variety of blades within the home from serrated knives, kitchen knives, scissors and DIY/garden blades.

See more of my photo review below

The Razor Red arrives in a clamshell opening transparent packaging, with simplified modern imaging and easy explainable details of what it does.

 It comes with easy to understand instructions and clear images.

This small compact knife sharpener is only 6cm in diameter and 6cm in height for easy storage and would easily fit in most cutlery and knife drawers. I love the modern red and black plastic design, but don't be put off by the plastic; the blades are made of long lasting tough tungsten carbide steel which sharpens any blade with diamond precision quickly and easily.

The Razor Red has a neat trick as well that it has a power grip suction base to secure it firmly onto kitchen worktops or smooth work benches.
The black lever is simply pressed in the image above and the rubber suction base suckers on tightly to most shiny surfaces.

It has a lovely thick sucker base as you can see perfect for work benches, leaving your hands free to sharpen your blades. Great for those with manual dexterity problems or with arthritis etc.

 The top of the sharpener has easy to read embossed writing showing you the correct way to draw the knife down to sharpen it safely.

The 2 triangle cross-cross sharpening blades are made of long lasting tough tungsten carbide steel. It grips the knife correctly, so as you draw back it sharpens the blade.

 The other side shows a plastic red piece this keeps the knife in the correct position so it doesn't slip around maintaining an even sharpen across the blade.

The Instructions are easy to follow and the photo images are easy to understand.

What knives will it sharpen?

It will sharpen serrated knives, like fruit and bread knives.

TIP; But angle the blade so its flat side is against one of the sharpeners as scissors only need 1 side of each of the two blades sharp, not both.

DIY and gardening blades.

We have cutlery and knives that we've had for years and so many are really blunt so this was one product we found really useful. I chose these 2 knives as they wouldn't even cut meat a few days ago. It was like hacking through rubber.

 So following the instructions of placing the knife at the base of the handle, then slowly drawing it back we did this 3-4 times that was suggested.

 But for these knives they need quite a bit more. 15 strokes you could certainly feel a difference but 20 knife strokes gave us a perfectly razor sharp blade. 
It cut paper towel just by running it down the sheet, it could never have done this before it was sharpened.
You could see how much it had sharpened by the metal filings it left behind, this is why its best to use a work bench outside. Always make sure you brush the filings safely away into a bin and dispose correctly.They would hurt if you got them in your skin.

Finally 2 beautifully sharp "As new" knives woohoo!
So now to start working through my knife drawer...yay!

A brilliant portable knife sharpener that is compact enough to store away into most drawers until needed. The suction grip really is secure and the whole design of the Razor Red keeps everything safe, right down to keeping the blades balanced.

This maybe little but it sharpens even the most hardened stainless steel knives like ours above so effortlessly. It took minutes to get super sharp blades and its like having new knives again; saving money and environment in the long term. 
This sharpener also worked well on our serrated knives and scissors after going round the house on a hunt the blunt blade rampage. We are a super sharp blade house from now on. Any excuse to use this adorable little sharpener.

Its an ideal gift for anyone, its affordable, lets face it fun to use and something you will be using for years to come at only a tenner you cant go wrong guys!

  • Compact and portable,
  • Easy to use,
  • Keeps hands away from the knife,
  • Grippy suction pad,
  • Long lasting tough tungsten carbide steel,
  • Affordable,
  • Fun to use,
  • Patented,
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • None.

 Buy your Razor Red Sharpener from Amazon Uk

All my thanks goes to Razor Red for sending me this sharpener free of charge.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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