Sunday, July 20, 2014

Popcord - The new keyring charger

The Popcord keyring charger
for iphone and micro USB Smartphones

I was approached by the makers of this brilliant new idea that was on Kickstarter earlier in the year. The Popcord...I loved the idea so much I just wanted to share with you all this brilliant new invention.

Mobile phones are getting smarter but the cables arn't; well the designers of Popcord have come up with this genius idea so we don't have to carry our cables around with us. If you are anything like me you create a cats cradle design out of your charging cable just to make it smaller and fit in your bag or pocket; only to get it back out later to charge your phone, to find its transformed itself into a tangled mess of wires...or is that just me then?

The Popcord is a small keyring charging device of 2.5 inches long (and only 4 inches long when extended out) and only weighs approx 12 grams.
Its compatible with both iphone and Micro USB charged Smartphones.

The rubber cable forms a flexible loop which connects magnetically into the back; making it quick and easy to open and close with no fiddly catches or snaps to break girls!

Easy to use.

It will look fab hanging from your bag, on a belt loop, ruck sack, on a keyring or used as the keyring!

The Popcord looks neat and compact and its totally unobtrusive.

It comes in a range of colours that will suit everyone and for a bit extra you get to personalize it with an engraving too. I love the gold and the red which one would you chose?

Even a pink for the girls!

The Guys at Popband successfully doubled their original target of £20,000 and managed a total of £46,000 on Kickstarter this year.

Huge congratulations guys you so deserve this!!

Take a peek of the Popcord in action!

I love the elegant simplicity, styling and design its light as well as being elegant and modern. Its a perfect combination as being a keyring you wont forget your charger and it keeps everything important to you in just one place; genius!

 You can Pre-order yours here at Popcord
They hope to be shipping by the end of the Summer 2014.

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