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GMYLE Aluminum Stylus Review

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With so many of us using touchscreens on a daily basis one of our main accessories is the stylus. I have been on a mission to find the perfect stylus!
It has to be ergonomic and comfortable for longer periods of time. It has to have a good quality nib and above all I want something that looks unique and feels excellent quality.
So when I was offered the chance to review this gorgeous looking aluminum stylus for you all from GMYLE I knew I just had to try it.

I also received one of their latest smart phone cases, The Wallet Clutch which will be coming up for review for you very soon too.

Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier
Based in California and established in 2005, GMYLE is a trusted name in developing Macbook, tablet and Smartphone accessories and many other products that enhance our gadgety lives.

I have had several products from GMYLE now and I know its a brand you can depend on.

Have I found my ideal stylus?

Click below to see my video and full photo review.

The packaging for the stylus arrived in quite a plain and simple white cardboard box, nothing flashy; but the stylus says it all.

So whats so special about this stylus, its just a stylus isn't it?

Oooh no, most stylus's you can buy are mainly plastic with cheap rubber tips and if your anything like me you can wear them out regularly. I have gone through so many cheapy plastic ebay jobbies in the last year, Ive almost got a drawerful.
Then I discovered the Sensu Portable Artist brush and stylus and
the Arcpen Bubinga stylus which have been my go to stylus's so far.

 This 11.7cm x 1.2cm stylus is made of solid Aluminum/Aluminium or element 13 if you like! This gives you a nice substantial weight in your hand.

 It has an ergonomic triangular design for extra comfort for long use and also giving you finer control than a finger could do.

Ultra-soft beaded rubber point has fine smooth control; perfect to use for gaming, sketching or hand writing. Its semi-regid and I feel would be long lasting although its not replaceable.

The rubber nib is 7.5mm in width and has an Omni-directional point for multi-angle touch on your screen.

 The GMYLE logo is printed in white along the stem.

I used to be so fussy with my pens for junior school as a kid which transferred over to high school for studying for my O and A levels (now Im showing my age) as we used to use fountain pens for everything.
So now we are using stylus's to write and game, I still want that quality feel in my hand to be able to write fast and comfortably for a few hours. Plastic stylus's make my fingers ache and feel uncomfortably sweaty...ugh!

As soon as I got this out the box I knew it was going to be weightier than my other stylus's but I was surprised JUST how weighty it feels. For me however I like that you hardly need any pressure at all on the screen to get a response.

This triangular design is gorgeous; it feel sooo comfortable in my hand and the metal is so cool especially for someone like me who is always warm; its refreshing when using for longer periods of time.

Its ideal for gaming as despite the nib looking really chunky; the curve gives you fine control enabling you to touch tiny areas on the screen like when your texting etc.
My S4 is so responsive I barely need the nib to touch the screen before getting a result.

Checkout my video of me playing Fruit Ninja using the GMYLE aluminum stylus pen...Hey...yah!
You will be able to see just how bad at Fruit Ninja I really am!

 This is one of the best stylus's Ive used to date, the substantial weight and ergonomic triangular shape makes it so comfortable when your writing or gaming for a few hours. Previous plastic stylus's are hot, too light and uncomfortable. I like to feel a stylus in my hand and I really enjoy the extra weight and coolness this offers.
If you are someone who spends many hours drawing detailed diagrams or sketching you will find this so much more comfortable than your ebay plastic cheapy ones.
Those of you who suffer with RSI, arthritis or hand mobility problems may find more comfort in this stylus; as little pressure is needed on your screens than other stylus's.

The aluminum gives a gorgeous modern look and definitely something you wont be ashamed to get out your bag to use in public. Its also something small enough for jealous friends to slip into their bags so beware. ;-)
This makes an affordable, excellent quality gift for all your family and friends that have touch screen devices. Most importantly don't forget to treat yourself too!

  • Generic touchscreen stylus,
  • Aluminum,
  • Substantial weight,
  • Cooling,
  • Ergonomic, trianglular prism shaped,
  • Ultra-soft beaded rubber point for finer smooth control,
  • Affordable.
  • Maybe a bit heavy for some people's preferences.

Buy your 
from GMYLE
For only

 All my thanks goes to GMYLE for sending me this Stylus for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.
Review coming soon of the gorgeous

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