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Deadmau5 speaker Review

 By KitSound

Hiya gadgetaholics Ive got something quite unique and quirky today.

When Kitsound first said they were going to send me a deadmouse I thought "Your gona send me a what....okaaay....I can review that...Im a professional..."?

They then sent me the link to the speaker inspired from for the iconic "Mau5head", from the Canadian DJ and producer known as Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman. 

Who is known for wearing a giant mousehead known as the Mau5head during his performances...I knew that didn't you...!
If immediately you thought it looked like a cute version of Mickeymouse then your showing your age; if you recognized this as the Mau5head then congrats your officially trendy and cool.

So if you've always wanted a freaky looking mousehead with spooky brightly litup eyes, then this is the speaker for you.

When it comes to gadgets Im a complete sucker for unique speakers, I adore the ones with animal shapes or UFO's etc; anything different; if it has great sound too then Im a dancing diva.

This odd looking mouse head came to me in super reflective chrome colour (is chrome a colour?) he also comes in red and black. He is perfectly displayed inside his plastic transparent box on his own cardboard stage with his name on. Inside the box is the USB charging cable.

He arrives nice and simple, speaker and charger cable, a perfect gift for any non techie as well as us gadget guys.

Mini Buddy Speakers
This big smiley Deadmau5 is one of Kitsounds mini buddy series of speakers, I absolutely adore this range of fun speakers.

 If you collect animals or just want something cute and quirky; this series is just for you. Trouble is they are addictive and you cant just buy one, you will endup getting a few; they all plug into each other for bigger sound. Here are just a few of them, but there are more.

I have the Bee and ladybird mini buddy speakers I used in my Ladybird case review. Which are also coming up for review very soon.
 Okie back to the Deadmau5.

This Deadmau5 is coated in this highly reflective chrome plastic mirror coat, he really is super reflective...perfect as a compact mirror girls. He has large white plastic eyes which have LEDs to light up at night to offer you an ambient atmosphere to your music.

 The back of the mouse has the speaker holes.

 Out the top of his head has the sturdy keychain to attach to your bag or belt and 3.5mm jack to plug into your device.

 Turn him over and underneath you have his on/off slider button and the charging 5v connector. With of course his genuine Deadmau5 logo. The On/off button stands proud from the base by a couple of mm and doesn't sit flat on its base, so it wobbles slightly.

The Deadmau5 is ultra-portable with built in Li-ion battery and is charged via a 8.5 inch USB cable. 

He's made even more portable by its own handy keychain attached to his head, the same cord used in phone charms; but if feels strong and Ive given it a really good tug and it hasn't come off. This is because it is threaded through a hole in the mini motherboard inside, so there is no way of just falling out.
The keychain itself is excellent quality and isn't at all heavy to clip to your bag or belt, but I feel he is too bulky for most keyrings.

He looks amazing attached to my bag as being chrome he really catches the light. I have to sneak in my NEW gadgety LYDC Anna Smith skull handbag...Im not name dropping or anything though...but...!

The Science Bit
Approximately 4.5 inches wide and 2.75 inches high, 2.03 inches in diameter,
Frequency 50-20KHz,
Driver unit 36mm,
Impedance; 4.0 Ohms,
Plug type; 3.5mm jack plug,
LED lit eyes.

LED eyes
The white LED's light up at night giving a gorgeous ambient glow at night...or the creep factor...I cant quite he just stares at you from the dark....not that Im scared of a cute chrome mouse.
Don't be fooled that these flash with the music like I thought they would, they just stare dead back at you....shivers!
Another fun feature is you can chain these guys together for even bigger sound and even more freaky white eyes looking at you through the!

Once plugged into the USB via his cable he was charged in less than 4 hours. A little niggle is you have no idea when he is fully charged, his LED eyes stay on all the time. I wish there had been another LED to show you red to green or simply turn off when he's fully charged, but its a bit of a guessing game.

Also the connection to charge him is right underneath which is a shame as you can't sit him upright while charging, he has to lay on its back. I feel it would have looked cuter sitting upright on your desk or table as he charges.The actual connector hole on my Deadmau5 was a little misaligned and I had to be really careful not to break any edges of the connector itself when inserting the charging cable; however once plugged in it was fine.

This was my 2nd Deadmau5 from KitSound as the 1st Deadmau5 really was a deadmouse as the connector was broken inside. But I have to stress how amazing the KitSound customer services were and sent another out to me immediately.

Using the speaker
The 3.5 jack cable built into the Deadmau5 is only 14cm, which doesn't give you much room to play once he's plugged into your phone or tablet.

 He does however sit easily on my phone case while Im playing my music, but I feel it will be a bit too short for some of you. You can get extender cables but it would have been nice to have a few more inches of play.
 The sound itself resonates from the back of the Deadmau5 as there is no speaker holes at the front, so you get better sound if you face him backwards.

 From a girly point of view he looks amazing hanging off my bag and his fashionable chrome effect colouring is stunning as it mirrors the diamante's perfectly; plus I get to use him as a mirror if I need to.

You can use the Deadmau5 with any device with a universal 3.5 jack connector/earphone socket which is pretty much any phone, tablet, laptop or PC. He does NOT have Bluetooth as he is simply plug and play and can be used anywhere you want a bit of music; on a picnic, in the garden for a barbeque or just in your room at night for a bit of ambiance. No worries about dropping connections you can get with using Bluetooth.

Sound quality
The sound quality is quite good, it doesn't have much bass...sigh...but its not too tinny either. It actually has a good balance of clarity and sound for such a small speaker.
My biggest surprise; was just how loud this little guy was, he really is so much louder than you expect from such a small speaker with such a small driver.
He was definitely louder than my Galaxy S4 but my S4 has slightly better quality sound, when Im outside I prefer to have louder sound than quality for a barbeque or down the beach as I want to hear it.
As well as you can get this little guy out anywhere and not be ashamed, he does look unique and trendy compared to alot of speakers and the price tag is so affordable just to have some music for anywhere you go.

Wheres Deadmau5?
I really like this adorable speaker, the sound quality was quite good and a surprise for something so small.  He's perfect to keep in your bag or use as a unique bag charm. Hang him from your backpack or rucksack while traveling and take your music anywhere.
I wasn't sure about the chrome colour of mine as I always prefer red or black but his really grown on me as he looks so modern and quirky.

 The glowing eyes really look amazing at night giving a nice ambiance to your room.

Deadmau5 is simple to use for those non-techies out there, no bluetooth to worry about pairing, you just plug-in and play. If you want louder music get another Deadmau5 and have a Deadmau5 party. If you want superior quality sound go for a higher spec KitSound speaker like the stereo Hive, but you will pay a bit more too.
This adorable Deadmau5 is fun, affordable, fashionable and makes you smile; this is what gadgets are all about.

  • Unique,
  • Collectable,
  • Buddy jack system,
  • Loud sound,
  • fast charging,
  • Affordable.
  • Jackplug maybe a bit short for some. 
  • Charging connector and on/off slider a little fragile.

 You can buy your Deadmau5 in black red or chrome
from KitSound
From £9.99
 Plus many superstores.

Twitter: @KitSoundUK

All my thanks to KitSound for sending me this adorable Deadmau5 for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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