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USB 4.0 Bluetooth adapter by Review

 USB 3.0 Bluetooth adapter v4.0 with low energy and EDR

Hello gadgety people; coming up in the next few weeks are some reviews that are upgrades to improve my main PC like a cobweb removal tool, a dust-bunny extractor and a DVD drive that doubles up as a coffee cup holder,  jus kid'n, I had you for a moment though didnt I.

Today Im starting with something reaaallly simple, adding Bluetooth.

Im sure most of you have Bluetooth already built into your devices so Im probably one of the very few people who do not have it on my main PC..slapped wrist for a gadget girl!

It is funny that in this techie day and age I have one of the most technical PC's thanks to my clever other half; but because I have had my main PC for so many years I don't actually have Bluetooth as I have never really needed it. Recently however I have received quite a few Bluetooth enabled devices to review and thought it was about time to get Bluetooth on my main PC system rather than just on my S4 and Nexus 10.
After-all its not like they are expensive in anyway its just having it already on my portable units, Ive always reviewed my products on those devices being mobile.

So after being on the other side of reviewing for a change I scoured the internet looking for bluetooth adapters until I found one I liked and ordered it.

I wanted the very latest version 4 with EDR (Enhanced Delivery Rate).

It arrived the next day in a transparent clam-shell plastic packaging so you can see whats inside with all the info you need on the back.

Inside the packaging you have your itsybitsy Bluetoth dongle and mini CD.

This tiny Bluetooth adapter will enable you to use Bluetooth enabled devices with your PC or laptop.There are so many Bluetooth devices nowadays so you can free up cable and wiring space, save time and transfer files at a faster rate.

This discreet adapter has a modern fresh design and will not take up much space. It only weighs 3 grams and has a slightly curved ergonomic design for your fingers to push in or pull out the USB adapter.
I love the white ABS plastic with the Bluetooth symbol on the side it makes it look a bit more expensive and better made than other versions I have seen.


  • Extremely compact USB adapter with blue LED light,
  • Lower power consumption so safe to leave in for laptops less power loss etc,
  • Connects with your PC or Laptop for Bluetooth enabled devices such as keyboards, mice, handsets, speakers, printers, phones and much more.
  • It specifically works with Microsofts new Bluetooth 4.0 and low energy support in Windows 8.
  • Transmission rate of 3mbps,
  • USB 3 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1/2.0,
  • Simple pairing and anti-jamming design,
  • Has EDR (Enhanced Delivery Rate).
  • Supports Windows operating systems 8, 7, Vista, XP, no additional drivers needed.
  • Receiving and sending range 20m.

Out of the packet its lovely and light and the white plastic surround feels excellent quality in your hand where I could see other versions really looked as cheap as they actually were. Its difficult on choosing this type of product as they are very cheap to buy anyway. If your like me Id rather pay a bit more to guarantee its good quality.

New USB 3.0 Bluetooth dongle, plugged into my USB 3.0 cable.

I plugged it into my New USB 3 cable and port (more on this later) and my PC found the new hardware immediately. I love the fact it flashes a blue LED just to let you know its doing something, many of the other adapters don't do this; its just guesswork.
I then used my S4 to test it out and almost as soon as I had turned on the bluetooth on the phone it found the PC and was flashing blue. I then reversed the Bluetooth and my PC found S4 in just as fast time. So for me its perfect and pennies well spent.

My only niggle is its absolutely tiny and I wish they made these things a bit bigger as Im terrible at losing these weeny things. 
Most of you however will be keeping this plugged in at the back of your PC or laptop and not taking it out; so then it wont get lost...der...obviously. I wont be keeping mine permanently plugged in as I need my USB ports; as Im always busy charging something up to review or use. 

TIP: I have to say we downloaded the software from the included mini CD and found it was just full of settings we didn't need, it overcomplicated things and created a few teething problems. After uninstalling the CD and all its useless contents we will never use; its working absolutely perfectly as Windows 7 loaded in its own driver. After all its an item for sending/receiving simple information, not landing the space shuttle!

So now Im ready to go and connect any Bluetooth enabled device to my PC...doncha just love technology...! It really is plug and play!

Here are just some of my Bluetooth products I have reviewed already that I can now use on my PC if I wanted to;

The ZBand silent alarm

So if you do need bluetooth in a hurry and for some reason your device doesn't have it, I highly recommend this little dongle.

This Version is sold and produced by various companies at various prices. This version is Blue Soleil and can be found on Amazon Uk, ebay or other internet stores, it ranges from £2.99 to £7.99 depending on the store you choose to buy from.

Thanks for popping by guys and girlies.
Coming soon for review by popular request are some computer hardware reviews. I have recently had some major upgrades to my gaming and photographic PC.

New USB 3.0 PCI-E card enabling me to upgrade my USB 2.0 to 3.0.

My new card reader unit with USB 3.0

 Asus PCI-E Wifi card for better wifi signal.

 New Corsair SATA 3  256GB solid state drive

 My New GEFORCE GTX 670 Graphics card and extra hardware to turn it into being watercooled.

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