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The ZBand vibrating silent alarm wristband Review

Hello you gadgetaholics, hope you have been enjoying this Summer sun this week. Today I've got another fantastic review for you and something quite unique.
  • Are you fed up with being woken with a start every morning to a shrilling alarm clock....?
  • Are you deaf or hard of hearing?
  • Does your alarm clock wake up your baby or young child?
  • Does your partner moan when they are woken up by your alarm and they don't need to get up at the sametime? Well tough your, up their up :-)
 If its yes to any of the above you need to checkout the amazing ZBand. I love wearable technology as its usually something that's going to make a real difference in our lives and this is no exception.

The ZBand is the worlds first silent alarm vibrating wristband for Android!
A really simple idea of a silent alarm wristband that gives you a gentle awakening without disturbing those around you....simples!

Read on for my full photoloaded review...yep really photoloaded!

Sadly Zband are no longer making and selling these great wristband alarmclocks; such a shame as i loved mine.
If you are looking for something similar please consider my Veryfit2 tracker watch at only £11 its a close alternative with extras.

I was lucky enough to be approached by Paul Griffin one of the founders of ZBand and asked if Id be interested in reviewing one for you guys. I couldn't wait as I have several factors why I personally really wanted to try this.
I've recently been suffering with some hearing loss and often dont hear my own alarmclock so it ends up waking up my other half; who in turn ends up having to wake me up to turn off my alarm...eeep sorry huny!
Plus I need regular medication reminders during the day as Im often late with some of my medication or even worse forget to take it. So the ZBand could have been made for me.
Paul Griffen and Declan Leonard are both from Ireland and are the founders of this genius idea. Paul never liked noisy alarm clocks and in 2009 came up with this idea for the silent alarm.

My ZBand arrived only a few days later directly from Ireland. Inside you get a gorgeous presentation gift box made of black card. It really makes you feel special.

Inside my ZBand sits with an excellent quality concertina user leaflet.

The ZBand is a watch style vibrating wristband you wear your wrist...der. It comes in a choice of black or white and I chose black as it felt more discreet. To use your ZBand you will also need to be able to download an android or windows app and have Bluetooth to be able to communicate with your new ZBand.

The ZBand is divided into 2 main parts. A main black rubberised wristband; which looks and feels like a sports watch and a removable vibrating rechargeable unit which will connect via an app to your smartphone etc.

The wrist strap is 25cm long and 2cm wide and fits easily around your wrist and attaches via snap holes which you press the 2 plastic studs through the holes at the size to fit your wrist. Giving you a comfortable fit just like a normal watch.
The largest wrist size is 23cm and the smallest is a child size of approx 19cm in diameter.
 Once on you have a nice ZBand embossed logo on the strap.

 The vibrating unit is only 3.5cm long and 2.5cm wide and pops out of the wristband so you can charge it up via USB. On the top of the unit is a transparent Z which lights up to show you what its doing. Red while charging and green while you are setting your alarms.

The vibration unit is a slightly curved rectangle which sits comfortably over your wrist. This rechargeable unit uses any micro USB cable and ONLY takes about 30 mins to charge which is amazing and for it lasts over 10 days.

Zband doesn't come with a charging cable as it keeps their costs right down for us as a buyer. Plus how many USB cables do you need. Most of us have more than one and generally most smart phones come with a micro USB.

 I love the bright red LED to show you when its charging its a nice touch, reminds me of Zorro from the 80''s...maybe Im showing my age now.

Using my smartphone cable I charged my new ZBand for the first time and even though it turned off after 40 mins to say it was charged, I always leave a new product on charge for a little longer. You know how I nag you all about this subject; NEVER be tempted to use your new device before a first FULL charge...because you may never get a full charge ever again...don't be tempted...step away from your ZBand until its cooked! Once charged this little vibration unit snaps easily and firmly back into the wrist strap.

Who needs to checkout the ZBand
Apart from everyone I mean;
  • Couples getting up at different times,
  • Parents with young children and babies sleeping in the same room or nearby,
  • Hard of hearing and the deaf,
  • People sharing rooms in dorms, hostels,
  • Those needing frequent meeting and appointment reminders,
  • Those needing medication reminders,
  • Perfect gift for the early riser.

ZBand Application
Next download ZBand app from Google play, for Android or for Windows go to ; even if you have an Apple iphone you can still use this application but only on your PC or laptop.
This now allows you to set up all your alarms and even the vibration strength.

Next you need to pair up the ZBand to your Smartphone or computer you do need Bluetooth. I chose my Samsung S4 of course..everything goes on this lol. Once you turn on your bluetooth it asks you to pop in a pin number 1234 or 0000. As soon as I'd entered the last number it had found the ZBand...fantastic it was so fast.

Now I'm all connected I'm ready to rock and roll....nope....vibrate!
The app is so simple it offers you 3 tabs for your alarm set up page, your snooze times and vibration strength.
 The main page allows you set up all your alarms, I decided to set up times throughout a whole day with a mix of using my snooze button to really test this baby out.

While setting up your alarms your ZBand will flash a green LED to show you that you have 90 seconds to set them up then it will it will turn off. But don't worry you can soon just press the Z button again to get more time.

 You can even choose the vibration strength from a light to heavy sleeper. Some of you will need just a little tickle others will need a full blown earthquake on your wrist...but its all your personal choice.

To turn off your alarm for the day just press and hold the Z button for a few seconds. If you want to grab a snooze...who doesnt....just press once quickly. It'll vibrate a few times to say it understands and wake you with a cuppa and breakfast...oh...wait...that's not my ZBand...sigh :-)

The download application for windows.

I have also set it up on my PC so I could tell you it all works perfectly on there too. I even bought a Bluetooth dongle especially as I realized my PC didn't have Bluetooth; as Ive always used any bluetooth products on my smartphone and tablet. 
The PC Windows application downloaded easily onto my PC and it paired up quickly. The screen offers a similar one to the mobile app with identical options.
It was just as easy as the Google apps to use.

Using my ZBand
I love this larger style watch and even though I've super skinny wrists I still prefer my watches more chunky just like this.
Once you've set the alarms you don't need your phone or PC, the Zband does the rest and will go off ontime everytime. When I say ontime...I have found it is about 30 seconds or less late; this is not a problem to me at all.
What a difference being woken up by vibration is so much gentler on the psyche; than a shrilling alarm clock bolting you abruptly awake. You start the day happier, more relaxed and your not disturbing anyone around you.
My other half is getting to stay asleep a bit longer and I'm not waking the dog.

Its the only piece of jewellery I put on at night instead of taking off.
You can see here my jewellery Ive taken off for the day and my Zband ready to go on for the night-time.

However I've also been using this through the day to remind me to take some medication its been invaluable. I often forget or work through my med time and this has been a fantastic reminder.

Hint: I hope ZBand start to bring out different designed straps or even interchangeable ones for those of us who wear them through the day; its a fantastic idea and product.

I have to say I've seen a few other vibrating units for the deaf when I used to work as a nurse and they looked national health and this is exactly what's been needed for the deaf and hard of hearing. This ZBand looks modern, its funky and just fun to use and best of all it does what it says on the box. Its got no frills, bells or whistles, no added torch, no gimiky addons just a brilliant vibrating time piece.
Its kept costs right down allowing this to be accessible to most if us, the NHS ones were extremely expensive even with discounts.

The app is simple to setup and use and the ZBand responds fast and hasn't let me down yet. Set daily, weekly, alarms. For me I've been using it as my daily alarm, I've my vibrations set for just a quarter of the way and its plenty enough to wake me up. It will go up to super strong vibes but that woke me with too much of a jolt lol; this would be perfect for those who are heavy sleepers. But I think you would then need to charge your ZBand up a bit more often. The gentler more subtle vibes wakes me easily, slowly and far more naturally. It sets you up better for the day.

I highly recommend this for anyone who has young children or babies in the same room or you share a dorm room as well as those with hearing problems. Perfect as reminders for appointments or meetings. The vibrations won't be seen or noticed or heard by anyone just you. So it can go off in middle of a meeting and only you will know. Even if you just use it to wake you gently and naturally into your day, its worth every penny.This has to be the ideal gift for anyone you know.
It will literally make your life easier and its a products like these that Gadget Girl is all about making life easier.

  • Modern design watchstrap,
  • Easy setup and pairing,
  • Multiple alarm sets,
  • Gentle more natural wakeup to your day,
  • Affordable fun gift, 
  • Rechargeable,
  • Long charge time, 
  • Conversation piece for your wrist; people will want to know what it is.
  • None.

You can buy your ZBand silent alarm directly from ZBand
for only
44.99 Euros

All my thanks to ZBand Paul for sending me his latest invention its genius.
All my views and opinions are my own. 
Thanks for popping by see you all soon.

Those of you asking about my Samsung S4 Phonecase shown in this review is
The Strawberry Bling case from Mobile Madhouse.
Its also in several colours and designs.


  1. I so need one of these in my life!! lol Thanks for such a lovely and thorough review, I really love the sound of this little gadget and it would come in very handy too ......especially in our house!

    1. Thanks again for your popping by, its amazing how useful this actually is in so many ways.

  2. Why did they stop making this watch? High price? Malfunctions?


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