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Return of a King - A Zombie Chronicle and Return of a King - Z Factor by David K Roberts Book Reviews

By David K Roberts

Yes we are finally back to some more book reviews for those who have missed them. I have had the pleasure of receiving and reading some brilliant books over the last few months from some great authors old and new and I cant wait to share them with you. 
 I know Zombie apocalypse has been written about to bursting point over the last few years but there are certain authors who stand out as "brilliant" Zombie authors and David K Roberts is one of those.
Today I'm reviewing 2 more books from the library of Mr Roberts as you need to read these 2 together for best effect.

 I reviewed these two last year by David and I loved them; so I was excited to read Return of the King volumes 1 and 2!

Do not get The Zombie Chronicles above confused as a continuation of these 2 below they are not follow-ons. They are the name of David K Roberts Zombie library.

Keep reading if you love your uber-gruesome Zombies!

By David K Roberts
The end of days began with the astonishing archaeological find of the remains of King Richard III, the last Plantagenet ruler, under a car park in Leicester; the discovery made headlines around the world.
Tragically, tho The Zombie king + z factor David K Roberts ugh the arrogance of a post-grad archaeology student, the careless uncovering of further human remains at the same site leads to the outbreak of a fatal new contagion.The sickness spawns something terrible; the recently dead are reanimating, displaying a terrifying and insatiable appetite for human flesh.
The ensuing loss of life in the city of Leicester is catastrophic, not only to the victims and their families, but to the University itself as the progenitor of the cataclysm.
Mankind’s only hope rests with the members of a secretive ancient Order, who for centuries have battled to contain the threat while at the same time keeping their existence hidden from the public.
This time the Order is on a collision course with egotistical politicians and government security services, all with their own agendas. Can anyone put the genie back in the bottle?

*Despite these being the Zombie Chronicles these 2 are unrelated to the Common Cold volume of Zombie Chronicles just to stress this.*

I have had a fascination of archeology since my childhood so when it hit the news that King Richard III bones had been found under a Leicester car park in 2012 I followed this story. It was fascinating that in this time we can still find such history. But as a nurse and knowing a bit about virus etc; its always been on my mind with archaeology what else could be dug up with bones and coins etc.

So when I received this latest book from David K Roberts and found he had incorporated King Richard III into his plot I just had to read it. I have been saying for many years that I'm amazed archaeologists haven't unearthed any deadly bugs when they go to work everyday; so I'm really pleased an author has taken this brilliant idea and run with it.

A young, careless, archaeologist unleashes a deadly virus into our atmosphere as well as passing it on from person to person which then spreads at nightmare speed through Leicester and to London. The fact its Richard the III dig site makes it seem even more realistic to us as the reader. Davids characters are also believable and this story whisks you away on a fast paced zombie journey.

A brilliant element to the plot is an ancient order who were created hundreds of years ago to keep the secret of this deadly virus and its history. Roberts even shows us some flashbacks in time at the discovery of this virus and how the order was born and its origins during World war 2 and beyond. This is a refreshing twist to the zombie norm and fantastic read with an even better breathtaking ending so you so need to read this if you love your zombies and apocalypse style genres.

What should have been a routine flight from London Heathrow to New York soon turns into a living nightmare for those on board. With many of his fellow passengers showing symptoms of a particularly nasty virus, Nick, a young Aussie backpacker, has resigned himself to a miserable trip. However, his luck appears to change when he meets Kirsti, a pretty Finnish girl seated nearby. Preoccupied with each other, the two fail to realise that they have embarked on a journey into hell.

Finally recognizing that something bad, something very bad indeed is happening, Nick comes up with the crazy idea of hiding out in a toilet cubicle until help arrives. Battling to stay unharmed in their cramped refuge, the pair are ironically saved from certain death when the plane crash lands in the marshes near to JFK airport.
But more horrors are to come as Nick realises that some of the dead passengers have reanimated into monstrous creatures with a craving for living flesh. His living flesh. Meanwhile, Kirsti attracts the BFF from hell.

Struggling to contain what appears to be a zombie outbreak, the American authorities, aided by their British allies, are shocked to realize that they face a far deadlier threat to their existence than simply the dead returning to life.

I read Return of the King -Z Factor immediately after finishing The Zombie King as its was just brilliant and I couldn't stop. This sequel was as good if not better than the first and follows on perfectly.
Literally from Britain to the US; its in a slightly different style to the first book but it really works and we get to see the real horror and spread of the deadly seemingly unstoppable virus as it travels from the UK to the US.
We are introduced to some new characters Nick, Kirsty and Frank and this book concentrates more on the characters this time, as well as the virus. There are some fab horror and action scenes and book 2 blends itself beautifully from book 1 rather than a direct follow on as in the Common Cold series.

Nick Amhurst an Aussie decided that instead of going to university he would travel the world; but had become a bit homesick after splitting with his girlfriend. So he had decided to go home via New York.  On the flight to New York Nick befriends a Finnish girl called Kirsty in a nearby seat and they are both thrown together in a fight for their lives right from the start. Miraculously they both survive the plane crash in the marshes by hiding in a toilet cubicle; only to be thrown into yet another nightmare of having to escape the cannibalistic reanimated passengers.
Robert adds a fantastic twist to these particular zombies as certain ones reanimate into something else entirely...Im not saying anymore....! By accident Kirsty attracts one in particular who continues to stalk them. Nick and Kirsty bump into Frank ex military/government man where they join forces to try to fight for survival. But who is this Frank.....?

We also meet Christopher Delaney Father of the ancient order Debitum continued from book one where we learn more about the order who have been trying to contain and prevent these outbreaks for hundreds of years. Robert perfectly intermingles both groups as your reading. What I love about this plot is that you are swept along on this realistic and believable read. You feel you are right there next to them, rooting for them. You can hear the groans and smell that rotten flesh.  Its fast, gripping and has so many brilliant aspects to the read...I'm not going to spoil it....making this a unique and original zombie plot and an even better twist to the end which is just genius.

If you love your zombies and apocalyptic horrors you NEED to read volume 2 straight after the first for best effect and most involving read! do!


Australian by birth, I have travelled extensively and lived in in Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. I graduated with a BSc Joint Honours Marine Biology and Zoology and have spent more years than I care to remember working in the IT industry. I currently run my own management consultancy. A qualified pilot, I am also a keen photographer. I have been fascinated over the years with the way the public has been educated on new discoveries, inventions and 'truths'. Joe Jackson's song, Cancer, sums up my healthy cynicism, something I developed at an early age! The fact that the 'next big thing' is usually debunked some time later makes me wonder how we ever know what is right and what is wrong. Can we ever know the truth as lay-people? At least we have our common sense to guide us.
It is this uncertain environment in combination with my world experience that stretches boundaries of my writing. I intend to give the reader pause for thought as to whether what I write is possible, now or in the future.
Two sci-fi thrillers have now been written by me, one of which is on Amazon Kindle and is called "Fierce Alchemy". The second is now completed and is called 'The Animus Portal'. This one is waiting for a suitable publisher to take it to market.

 All my thanks goes to David for sending me these 2 books for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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