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Ozeri Stone Earth Frying Pan with 100% PFOA FREE Review

Heya you gadget-a-holics, I know its not quite a gadget today but...hey we've all gotta eat.
 So when Ozeri offered me this excellent quality frying pan to review I jumped at the chance as we do love our fry-ups in this house and my other half makes a mean Spanish omelette. Plus a gadget-a-holic has to keep her energy up; I need brain food to keep up with all my reviews for you guys. So Ive a good excuse....honest!
Plus I have reviewed quite a range of Ozeri products and have found them all to be excellent quality and great modern design.

So whats so special about this frying pan I hear you say; well I said the same thing; until we saw and used it.

Science Bit
In English this means this non-stick pan utilizes STONEHENGE, a natural stone-derived coating specially made in Germany, the stone Earth pan by Ozeri is one of the "worlds first" frying pans to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining 100% PFOA FREE.
Meaning it does NOT contain the harmful chemical PerfluoroOctanoic acid (PFOA); also known as C-8 a chemical used to bond the non-stick coating to the pan. This coating can give off toxic fumes if it overheats and is actually deadly to those of you that own birds. Many parrots have lost their lives because of owners not knowing these facts.
I have owned parrots for years and never bought any cookware that has any teflon coating. Ive always rather spend a bit more time scrubbing my pans with scouring pads than burying my birds.
So I'm excited to finally have the chance to have my 1st non-stick SAFE coating pan...yay no more scrubbing with scourers woohoo!

But its not just the birds that PFOA can effect; it has been labelled a carcinogen as its been shown to cause cancer, low birth weight and suppressed immune systems. More seriously people have claimed that PFOA exposure caused birth defects in babies born to mothers working at teflon factories in the early 80's.
Full results from the studies were released in 2012, and concluded that there was probably an association between PFOA exposure and six health outcomes: kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, hypercholesterolemia, and pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Our frying pan arrived quickly and extremely well packaged in a box with lots of padding. Inside I was so surprised to find this pan in a brilliant modern designed box with all the important features on the box. Ideal if you were to buy this as a gift for someone.

Inside the box you get your pan, your congratulations on buying your pan leaflet and detailed info on the features; plus a pan store protector. 

This gorgeous light grey 10 inch pan has so many features for "just" a frying pan. On getting it out of the box you certainly feel that its heavier than most frying pans, but the fact its just a 10 inch makes it easily manageable.
The reason its slightly heavier than cheaper pans...that we've always used...eeep! is that its made of durable heavy gauge die-cast aluminum, with a magnetized base for use with rapid heat transfer induction stoves. The strange thing is we have recently purchased an induction stove and didn't realize we needed a more specialize pan.

The main features of this pan are;

 This is a close-up of the safe coating.
But most importantly this has a completely safe natural stone derived coating. It really does feel rough, its almost feels like concrete but its a breeze to cook and you will use half the amount of oil you would normally.

Ozeri have also included a full fact sheet on these excellent features. Plus it also gives you a "Lifetime Guarantee"!

With an added bonus of an Ozeri Pan protector when storing your pan with others; protecting its special coating.

 It opens out to fill the inside of the frying pan so you can then store other pans inside without any worries of damaging the special non-stick coating. What a genius idea and a fun bonus.

Straight away I really liked the more pronounced arc of the handle allowing it to balance more weight when lifting it.

The handle is made of heat resistant silicon with a metal eyelet so you can hang your pan on the wall to store away. 

This chrome effect eyelet really gives this pan some extra class.

The handle itself has been reinforced to the pan via 3 solid rivets; you can see from image 1 how thick the bracket is on the outside to the 2nd image showing you the large covered rivets joining to the inside pan.

However its not until you turn your new pan over you really get the full effect of its gorgeous quality. Just look at this die-cast aluminum, isn't the design beautiful.

 Ozeri have even embossed their logo in the center adding to the modern quirky design.

Im so pleased with getting this gorgeous frying pan to review as we have always been bad for buying the cheapest cooking utensils; neither of us actually enjoy cooking. I wish we did we tend to eat more convenience foods to spend more time doing what we want to do. So its been a real pleasure to get the opportunity to try an  exceptional quality pan and wow what a difference. Our frying pans the handles have become loose after only a few months, the heat has caused the base of the pans to warp so they have tended to rock on the hob while cooking. Then of course it then takes an age to clean them as I refused to use teflon because of my birds.

So this has been a real luxury for us...erm...I mean my other half who does all the cooking...yes I did say all the cooking...I'm a very lucky girl. Well I don't think my occasional sarnies or stew cook-pot counts lol.

So Im handing over to my gorgeous other half, he took the rest of the piks and added to these comments as he made my absolute favorite Spanish omelet...ooohh yumm! Were not keen on flashy meals but we do enjoy a perfect basic meal with loads of flavors.

 He did add marge and now has found he hardly needs any or none at all depending on what meal his cooking. The pans magnetic base pulls it evenly across the base so in turn the heat distributes evenly; something we've never had before with our cheapy pans. Weve often had to juggle and swap food all around the pan to get it to cook all over.
Not anymore this pan caused the marge to bubble all across the pan at the same time.

 He knows a way to my heart, gadgets, cheese, tomato and herb omelets...ohh my! Just look at that, I'm writing now and my stomach is rumbling and I want another one, this was a few days ago...sigh...!
You can see the cheese melting evenly and its bubbling evenly all round the to throw old pans in dustbin!

 You can see how the omelette has gone brown evenly across the base due to the fast heat transfer.

The finished result and the best way to eat a Spanish omelette in a sarnie and no it didn't last long and it tasted just gorgeous.

We have been totally convinced that buying a better quality pan cooks your food so much better. Initially we thought a 10 inch pan was going to be too small for the 2 of us. But because its slightly deeper than any of our frying pans its almost a wok as well. So we have 2 kitchen cooking items in one.

But its the STONEHENGE coating made in Germany that really makes this pan. The heat transfers and distributes evenly across the base of the pan so fast because of its magnetized bottom we've found food cooks faster and with less oils or marge.  Saute, fry, bake, boil and braise with half the amount of oils you have used previously.
The pan also washes-up easily with absolutely no scrubbing, just 1 quick wipe and your done; its been heaven for me; yes I do the washing up...before you ask lol!

So what can I say we are Ozeri Stonehenge coating converts and this has to be the best pan we have ever owned. I highly recommend this excellent quality frying pan to anyone. It has a lifetime guarantee and I believe it could last forever or outlive me anyway!
Those of you that enjoy cooking NEED to get one of these; its finally safe to use non-stick coatings for everyone in your home. Its absolutely worth the extra pennies; believe me after years of crappy pans this is brilliant and it looks so good too.

  • Non-stick pan which is 100% PFOA FREE,
  • Excellent non stick performance,
  • Magnetized aluminum base for rapid and even heat transfer,
  • Comfortable heat resistant silicon handle secured firmly by 3 rivets,
  • Saute, fry, bake, boil and braise with half the amount of oils you have used previously,
  • Storage pan protector included.
  • Save pennies less time cooking.
  • None, 
  • I may put on weight by eating hundreds of omelettes this year...sigh!

You can buy your 10 inch Ozeri Stone Earth Frying Pan
from Amazon UK
 It also comes in 8 and 12 inch pans.

All my thanks to Ozeri for sending yet again another fab product free of charge for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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