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KitSound Clash On-Ear Headphones with In-Line Mic Review

Heya Gadgetaholics Ive a really fab review for you today and something Ive been using since it arrived. KitSound's gorgeous Clash headphones. As you guys probably know Ive been using my beautiful Bassbuds with their incredible sound. However my ears have begun to get a bit sensitive and achey with any inner ear earphones or buds. So when KitSound kindly asked if I would like to review their new Clash On-Ear Headphones it was perfect timing.

The KitSound Clash arrived in a brightly coloured coordinating red and black box with a quirky transparent side for sneakpeek'n at the headphones inside.

KitSound Clash On-Ear headphones are stylish, lightweight and compact, there are 3 colours of a retro 2 tone design. Red and black, Black and lime and White and cobalt blue. I was excited to find I received the Red and black the colours I would have chosen woohoo.

These Clash headphones sit over the ear and offer clear sound, rich bass and are compatible with most smart phones, MP3 players and tablets, PC's and laptops.

18cm high by 14.5cm width. 
The headband is adjustable from 18cm on its smallest setting up to a maximum of 21cm in length (crown of the head to the bottom of earcup, see diagram).
The square Earcups are approximately 6.5cm x 6.5cm,
Removable cable is 1.2m long,
The inline mic is 19cm down from the earcup.

Specifications for those that love more techy bits.
  • Frequency response; 20Hz-20Khz,
  • Sensitivity; 103.2 dB/1mW,
  • Drivers; 40mm,
  • Impedance; 40 ohms.

The Headband has an odd holey textured PU leather but its really supersoft.
It has a squish-able depth of at least 1cm so it really is super comfy on your head. 

The underside of the headband is in a smooth black PU leather. I must admit I would have liked the red to be the same; not the holey texture. But they still look amazing.

 The earpads are square in shape with a red plastic outer case.

They have added a really pretty red metallic square inner accent which breaks up the plain red plastic. A lovely bit of bling for the girlies!
 The KitSound logo is then printed on the adjustable slider clip.

 The ear pads have the most gorgeous super soft black PU leather for your ears.

 The cups also fold in and out for comfort too and you can see here how much padding you have on your ears; its quite luxurious.

 Out of both earcups comes the headphones own braided wiring in this quirky black and white fabric.

 I really love The Clash Logo pressed into the metal panels on each earpad, it gives a lovely modern feel and I love The Clash music...perfect. You can also see the Left L embossed onto the red plastic so you know which way to wear your stereo headphones.

 The Left hand earcup has the cable connector hole for your devices. The 3.5 jacks cable is a lovely longer length of 1.2m long. It also offers an inline microphone of matching red plastic, allowing you to answer calls quickly and easily. 

Plus a really useful plastic red mute button when you need to talk to someone or answer the door etc.

 The Clash Headphones with my Galaxy S4 looking coordinated so perfectly with my 
Strawberry Red Bling Case from Mobile Madhouse (review here)

Im actually really excited about reviewing these for you guys; as Ive recently been sent some audio books to review and was worried about getting sore ears from my inner earbuds or having to keep keeping my other half awake at night having to listen to my books with me.

First of all I absolutely love the red and how its coordinated with my phone; they look stunning together.
My photos are showing you The Clash's true colour. I haven't added any saturation or vibrancy in Photoshop, they really are this bright. But annoyingly they could look like they have got a bit faded in the sun as they have that orangey-reddy hue to them.
I wish it had been a slightly richer red, like my phone case. But I still love this red its really cheerful and it makes you feel happy.

 The longer jack cable connects easily into my phone and this is also a lovely red fabric.

They are lightweight and quite compact in your hands and the ear-pads really are supersoft and so comfy to wear. The headband holds them firmly against your ears without any worry of them falling off, even if you lean over or start boogieing round the room to the!

It doesn't come with noise...reduction but it really does cut out most background noise as it fits so well over my ears. You pay a fortune for background sound cutout headphones and these do it naturally through its own great padding.
BTW Im not holding them on its just comfortable sitting like this!

 Dancing Disco Duck
The new Clash headphones not only look funky and modern but have fantastic sound quality. I cannot stress enough how comfy these are especially when laying in bed. Ive had no ear-ache often associated with headphones; even whilst wearing glasses; just great sound...what more can a girl want...okay apart from diamonds, designer bags and!
Ive used them almost everyday since these arrived and I love them, Ive used them on on my main PC for gaming so I don't disturb my other half and it gave me brilliant sound. Those zombies now sound like they are right behind me...eeep! Ive mainly used them on my tablet so I can catchup on my favorite Utube bloggers and on my phone so I can listen to my music. They are just perfect for me. Im a bit of a bass baby and I always like to  crank-it up and this was no exception. The sound had no distortion as I turned it up it high and they still sounded great. My other half couldn't hear anything from 2 feet away and I had my volume just over half.
I'm no sound aficionado but it has lovely clarity, crisp notes and goooorgeous basss. I'm a really Happy Ducky.

These are affordable fun coloured headphones for those that want good sound on a budget..and good looks too. They are easy to use non-techy headphones for those who don't want the fuss of bluetooth and are happy to be wired to your phone or mp3 player, tablet or PC etc.
My other half has pinched them a few times for his metal detector too.
Highly recommend gorgeous looking headphones.

He loves to be in the limelight snuggled up with us!

  • Great sound,
  • Inline microphone,
  • Mute button,
  • Fashionable two-tone colours,
  • Larger comfy earpads,
  • Long 1.2m cable 3.5 jack connection.

    • None .

     You can buy your
    KitSound Clash On-Ear Headphones with In-Line Mic

    Twitter: @KitSoundUK

    All my thanks goes to the lovely girls from KitSound and Kondor for sending me these gorgeous headphones for this review.
    My views and opinions are my own.

    Those of you asking about my Samsung S4 Phonecase shown in this review is
    The Strawberry Bling case from Mobile Madhouse.
    Its also in several colours and designs.

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