Sunday, May 25, 2014

Villains and Heroes - Android Invasion #4

 My latest editions to my Android Mini Collectable family and Im really excited to say they are my FIRST ever special editions Woohoo!
El Poderoso and Greentooth.

 These are part of the Heroes and Villains set
by the talented artist Andrew Bell.
For those of you that don't know these 3 inch high vinyl collectables are made by  Dead Zebra Inc’s Dyzplastic division who joined forces with Google to bring their Android™ mascot to life via an ever-expanding line of officially licensed collectibles!
Many of these have now become sort after; especially the Artists Proofs where only a few were made.
See more photos of my new additions

For those interested here is the set of 4 above.
HEROES- The Hidden Task and El Poderoso.
VILLAINS- Greentooth and Cycle-On.
Which is your favorite?

 Even the boxes are well designed

The tops are designed to join together to form the set.

They made their debut at 2011 International Comic-con in SanDiego, this limited Edition set of Android Figures were designed by one of my favorite toy designers Andrew Bell.

 Greentooth about to get his collar felt.

I just cant help taking photos of these guys they are so photogenic.


I love his snappy villain suit.

Plus of course here is his bright green tooth.

On his back is an image of his skull...Oooo super scary.

El Poderoso

Im really excited about this little guy, he's everything you want from a Superhero, he has a fabric painted hood with corseted stitching painted on the back of his head, black gloves, belt buckle and boots.
His leather mask reminds me of the Mexican wrestlers the Luchadores. I used to like following Rey Mysterio.

Plus the adorable fabric cape with A for android on the back, I feel it should have had E or P for El Poderoso but its still cute.
Its even designed so when you pull the corners out it stays out like he's flying. They have thought of everything.

 Plus a gorgeous cheeky grin; I love him. 
Okay maybe Ive ruined his street cred by putting him in the flowers; but every superhero has a soft spot doesn't he?

 Mexican Standoff!

So how many have I got now
 21 Woohoo!!
Not bad as I only started collecting these guys in March and Im completely addicted.

Here is the rest of my collection.

Do you collect Mini Androids do you have a favorite and which ones are your dream droids?
Id love to know what you think.

See more of my collection with past posts.


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