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Trendz Bee 8GB USB Drive Review

Hi you gadget-aholics Im bringing you something quirky and unique today as well as uselful on a daily basis.

Those of you that know me, know how much I love my bees as I specialize photographically in capturing insects in flight, butterflies, dragonflies bees etc.  Plus I've been involved with some campaigns to help save our bees so they mean alot to me personally.
So I'm excited to be able to combine my love of bees AND gadgets today...yay...I hit jackpot!

So when Trendz offered to send me a few of their products to bring you for review. I couldn't resist choosing this little fella
The Character Bee USB drive 8Gb and this gorgeous 10 inch Ladybird tablet sleeve.
Review coming very soon.

Trendz is a company with an ever evolving collection of cases and accessories for your devices. Their designs are always being updated and keep up with the latest designs and styles inline with the seasons.

My bee arrived in a simple transparent plastic clamshell packaging, where he sits like he's in a cute bubble; this is just brilliant to give as a gift.

The back explains everything you need to know about your new 8Gb USB drive and that it can be used for most of our modern devices.

This adorable rubberised USB bee has been designed beautifully with a cartoon effect face and body and you cant help but smile when you look at him. These hypnotic eyes reminds me of a Disney character style.
He is USB 2.0 but will still work in USB 3.0 but it wont run any faster. I find this fast enough for everything I need.

5.4cm wide by 4.5cm high and a depth of 3cm.
This chunky USB is surrounded in extremely firm rubber and is very substantial in your hands.

The strong colours makes him look even more dramatic with his super bright yellow in contrast with his black and white. Each colour has been added separately, so you can physically feel the embossing of the eyes and mouth. 

 The back is smooth and you can see his cute black stripes, his antennae and keyring hole have all been molded from one piece making them extra strong and unlikely to break.

Trendz have also used an excellent quality keyring attachment with a swivel so he will always "bee" able to face you.

 He comes with a really handy strong clip-style keyring rather than the more popular "Nail killer" ring keyrings. You know the type I mean don't you girls. The double ring you have to pull apart and slip over the keys; guaranteed to snap beautifully manicured nails. 
This however is a lovely strong clamp style clip...yay...nail friendly! So you can attach him easily inside your handbag or add to your keys. 

Its small little design factors like this that makes a product a great product from a good one.

You can see how good he looks as Ive attached him to the Trendz Ladybird case, perfect with their adorable flower zipper. 
They belong together!

Pull him in half and you will reveal his USBee connector with 8GB capacity perfect to transfer and save important images and files plus thousands of honey recipes if you so desire. Or to transfer between PC, notebooks and laptops. 8GB is a large enough capacity too be extremely useful as well.

 BUT It feels soo wrong pulling him in half...eeep...sorry fella.
The 2 halves are extremely secure and wont just fall apart so its safe enough to use as a main keyring. Although the rubber marks easily and his white wings and eyes might not stay white for long.

 I did however find it quite hard to pull him apart to use the USB and I had to wiggle the 2 halves gently by using his wings which seem to be made of a different harder rubber than the body of the drive; so you can put a bit more pressure on pulling it apart. This though is a good thing as he's not just going to fall apart and you lose important files and data. Meaning you can easily use him on an everyday keyring.

I love the fact they have made him facing upwards while being plugged into a laptop.

 How cute is this!
His wings are so well designed on both halves of the drive so when your using him he still looks bee-like.

He also looks fab just attached to my extension USB cable as he wouldn't fit in the back of my PC due to other cables.

I use this on my main PC.
The USB drive comes with 7.60gb like most 8GB drives do as you never get the full GB on any USB drive you buy.
Im also pleased to say there is no extra software (Bloatware) or adverts uploaded that do sometimes come on flash drives for which I always end-up formatting off....grrr companies when will you realize we buy a USB to store our OWN files.

Its all ready to go!

I found the 8Gb capacity the perfect size for transferring my files from my main PC to my laptop. Your probably wondering why I would use a USB drive when we have cloud based upload and download systems nowadays.
Well...I do usually use Dropbox for 1 or 2 images or small text files etc; but when I'm transferring my main Canon photos they are much larger RAW files and can take up to an hour an image. So of course its much faster to use a USB drive. Plus I can save and transfer quickly between my main PC to my laptop.

This gorgeous excellent quality keyring will keep your secret files safe and sound wherever you choose to keep him, no-one will know the secrets he keeps inside. perfect for you budding James/Jane Bonds out there. 

I absolutely love my gorgeous Bee USB he makes a fun affordable gift for any wildlife lover, those cartoon eyes are just adorable and most importantly he will make you smile.

You can buy your USB 8GB Bee drive from

Other characters in the range are the frog, Owl and Penguin. Something for everyone's taste.
You can also coordinate your accessories with buddy speakers and earphones and cases.

All my thanks to the lovely girls at Kondor/Trendz for sending me these items for review free of charge.
My views and opinions are my own.

Reviews Coming Soon 

The adorable

 Plus the Kitsound Buddy Ladybird and Bee speakers

When I found these adorable Bee and Ladybird Buddy speakers from Kitsound on Amazon UK I just had to have them too. 
I absolutely love how they look together with the Trendz Ladybird case for my Nexus 10.
Have I lost the plot, is it too I like it.

The two speakers connect together too for more sound...YAY!
I know many of you also collect Ladybirds so I know you will also be very interested in these reviews coming up.

This amazing case holds my Nexus 10, my Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone, my Kindle, these 2 speakers, the Bee USB, cables and much more. 
I cant wait to show you; these will be reviewed very soon.
Thanks for stopping by see you soon!

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