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Trendz 10 inch Ladybird tablet case Review

I have many gadgets and gizmos but only a few have their own cases. Have you noticed that hardly any devices ever come with even a basic case despite the money we all pay.
So I have been on a mission to find not only practical padded cases, but cases that have something extra; a fun side.
With my choice in cases I must be a bipolar case collector as I love elegant and classy with some bling right down to the fun novelty make me smile cases. 

 Trendz is a company with an ever evolving collection of cases and accessories for your devices. Their designs are always being updated and keep up with the latest designs and styles inline with the seasons.
 So I was excited to find out that Trendz had offered to send me a couple of their products to review for you.

 Today Im bringing you this gorgeous 10 inch ladybird tablet case.
 I know some of you collect ladybirds so this review is dedicated to my Ladybug readers.
If you don't like ladybirds...then...this will...really...bug!
See my photo review here.
Why the bugs I hear you say....We'll! I'm a published wildlife photographer who specializes in capturing beautiful insects inflight photographically. So I have a real soft spot for ladybirds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies and Trendz offer the most excellent quality adorable cutesy range of cases.

My ladybird and bee arrived the very next day, (thank you Trendz) in a clear poly bag to keep it clean and dry. Inside this giant ladybird was tied onto a thick piece if card to keep it from bending. 

This 10 inch Ladybird tablet case is made of red and black PU leather for the main body and black felt for her spots (yes I felt she was a her) and white felt for her eyes and smiley mouth. It has been cleverly designed by using the right coloured pieces to make this giant ladybug case. Which I have to say has been beautifully sewn on, all the stitching is absolutely perfect and so neat.

The back of the case is made of all black shiny PU leather, so its wipeable should it get laid in something dirty.

11 inches in length (NOT including her 2 inch long antennae). 
8.5 inches wide (not including her 1 inch legs on each side). 
1.5 inches in depth so you can really carry alot of items back to back in this case.

She has three legs either side and two antennae on her head, not just cutout pieces of felt but fully formed stuffed pieces of felt; formed into leg and antennae shapes and sewn neatly onto the edges of the case.

 Trendz offer other character cases in this range but the Ladybird is the only one (in the character range) with an extra large front pocket (7.75 x 8.25inches) which is a huge bonus when carrying all my extra gadgetry around.
Its perfect for my Kindle Paperwhite, the amazing MSC Traveller solar charger and power bank (Review coming soon), bee 8GB flash drive, pen, phone and charging cables. Plus any other bits and pieces you need to carry with your tablet.

 You can see here just how much room you have in this case; its 1.5 inches in depth.

The front pocket has a lovely embroidered white and yellow flower attached securely to the zip making it easy to quickly open and and close the pocket.
The main 10 inch tablet pocket has a large metal inch long zip and both zips are extremely well sewn in and strong and will take alot of use. This case is going to last you for years.

 The most important bit is the inside of the case and just look how sumptuous this is. Its has a half centimeter thickness of foam covered by a beautiful black textile fur/velvet.

What Im really impressed about and have never seen before in any tablet case is an extra 1 cm roll edge of padding to completely encase your tablet, you can see how perfectly snug my Nexus 10 is; it fits like a glove.
 You can see its on both sides too, most cases generally pad only 1 side of a case, let alone add this roll around the whole edge.

This particular case I wanted for my Nexus 10 as I have been using a plain black folio case since I bought it last year and to be honest I was looking for something a bit more quirky and Its so hard to find unique unusual cases for larger tablets; so Im really pleased to have received this from Trendz.

My Nexus 10 is a perfect fit as you can see here. Although I had to take off my folio case as it was just to tight a fit to keep it on; but if I'm using this case I don't need the folio. 

 The extra pocket is such a huge bonus for me as I can now take all my extra bits and bobs with me that would normally be carried separately.

Everything above fits into the case and more.
  • Nexus 10,
  • Galaxy Samsung S4 smartphone and CAT rugged case,
  • Traveller solar charger (from review coming soon) essential for any gadget-a-holic,
  • Kitsound Buddy Ladybird speaker to play music from my phone or tablet,
  • Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Plus not shown my Character 8GB Bee USB drive.
  • Pen, notepad etc (not shown).
 See how neatly everything fits inside this case, the front pocket is molded wider so you can add thicker items inside without stretching the pocket. They really have thought of matter how small.

When you have a novelty case like this its easy not to take it seriously and if you are anything like me, you will probably be putting hundreds of pounds worth of gadgetry inside it. So its vital to be able to trust the thickness and quality of the padding, the strength of the stitching and the zips and know thats the front pocket wont be crushing other items inside.

I often take my writing to another room or outside especially this time of year so its a perfect time to test my cases.
I took my mini office out into the bluebell woods and this PU leatherette didn't get dirty laying in the grass, didnt get wet and kept all my gadgets safe inside.
You can see my adorable 8GB Bee USB drive ideal for hanging from the flower zip...its sooo cute as it keeps all my data and images saved even while out and about and no-one will know what it is other than a fun keyring.
The novelty aspect will also deter people from thinking you have expensive gadgets inside. Its doesnt scream come and steal my expensive tablet and smartphone, like some designer cases.

 Even the real ladybird gave his approval. No he's not glued on I promise.

 After receiving my bee and ladybird I went a bit mad and bought some more gadgety Ladybird and Bee bits for these reviews. I decided I really wanted to have some photographic fun with these few reviews.

 I treated myself to Kitsounds own Buddy Ladybird and Bee speakers as I knew I would be able to hang them from the case and also connect them together for great sound while out and about.
(Review coming soon of these speakers).
Alongside the bee USB drive which is carrying some of my images and document; cleverly disguised as a bee keyring.

Look away now if you have a phobia of ladybirds.

No I haven't lost the plot...honest...but...I did go a bit mad with this particular review and bought some extra ladybirds...well they are gadgety...honest. 
I couldn't resist as they coordinated so well with this case.
From left to right is;
  • Galaxy S4 Ladybird Phonecase - Claire's accessories,
  • Kitsound Ladybird Buddy Speaker - Amazon Uk,
  • Ladybird purse (earphone case) - Claire's accessories,
  • Cute Ladybird Stylus and screen cloth - Claire's accessories.

You have to admit it looks adorable altogether like this.

I absolutely love this case, its extremely well made and even though its been designed to be quirky and fun Trendz haven't skimped for a second on anything. I'm super impressed with the firm padding surrounding the case, its really been thought about and will certainly protect your device as much as any other dedicated case will.
These cases will brighten anyone's day or make a fun gift for someone. I have many other gadgets that fit this case such as ereaders and solar chargers and powerbanks.
This case comes in both 7 and 10 inch cases, I'd suggest getting both as I'm sure you could fill them both and be fully coordinated.
Trendz cases are fun, well made and affordable and you have all your birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas's all provided for on one site from kids

What I love about Trendz is the fact you can get matching, phone cases, earphones and stylus's and speakers all in the same fun designs.

  • Novelty Character cases,
  • Large zipped pocket on the front,
  • Extremely well padded,
  • Roll padding on edge,
  • Excellent quality,
  • Strong zips and stitching,
  • Conversation starter,
  • Wipeable.
  • Makes you smile and have a happy day!
  • Carry handle would be nice, but not what this is about.

Get your own 10 inch Ladybird device case directly from Trendz, 
Also found on Amazon or even your local Tescos and Asda.
Choose from 7 inch or 10 inch cases and characters like the ladybug, winking pink owls to penguins or lots of flowered designs for Summer.

 Here are just a few of the many designs to choose from on the
Trendz site HERE
For those that like butterflies take a peek at these.

 Here is my photo review of this adorable 
 All my thanks to the lovely girls from Trendz for sending me these products for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.

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