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Shoeps Review - Move over laces your Tie-em has come!

Move over laces your Tie-em has come!

Heya everyone Im excited to day to bring you a review of a product which could change the way you live...sounds dramatic but its true!

One of the great milestones as a child is to tie your own shoe laces; I think everyone can remember how excited you were when you first did it without having to get Mum or dad to tie them for you.

But have you always been happy with having to tie laces? For example; when in a hurry or simply trying to get the bow to look perfect. They get muddy and tatty quickly and need replacing frequently.
Plus the fact they can often come undone and you can trip head over heels across the floor; not the best for looking cool is it?

Have you ever wondered if there was another alternative...drum there is!

Bring on the SHOEPS a new easy way to fasten and style your old laceup shoes or trainers.
Not only is there a more fun alternative but it turns your lace-ups into slip on's...YES!

So when I was offered a pack to try from Gumbies Footwear company I couldnt wait; as I have a pair of new black punky trainers that need a funky upgrade; explosion of neon pink?

The packaging is simple and fun in a transparent plastic clam opening shell. Inside you have 14 Shoeps. On the back the instructions show you how to put them onto your shoes.

 With my pack of Shoeps came a leaflet all about Shoeps and Gumbies shoes.

In the box you get 14 Shoeps of 9.8cm long, a hole at each end and pully tag at each end. They come in a choice of 12 colours including a gorgeous rainbow pack for those that cant decide lol.
The Shoeps should fit any shoe or trainer with eyelets. Each pack of Shoeps will fit any size shoes, guys or girls as they are soooo stretchy.
Shoeps are made of 2 matching colour pieces; one super stretchy silicon piece that will do the stretching across your trainer and a hard plastic piece that you secure the stretchy bits too. Both are securely attached to each other.

 The Top Shoeps shows the stretchy part and central hard plastic button ontop.
The bottom Shoep shows the underneath with the 2 hard plastic circles which the stretchy holes will secure around.

The pully tags make it easier to pull and stretch the end square hole over the underneath middle plastic circles.
The bottom Shoep (above) shows how it attaches underneath.

 My punky shoes
Even though I do love the black laces I was looking forward to girlyblinging them up with my neon pink Shoeps. I had the choice of 12 gorgeous colours but thought these bright pink ones would really show up well. If I was going to have a change have a big one.

Quite a transformation!
When they arrived I have to admit they didn't feel that strong and felt that they could snap. It feels like chewing gum consistency once stretched out thin; but as yet they havent as they are so much stronger than they look or feel.

Fitting them was sooo easy; you simply hold the pully tag, poke it through the eyelet and stretch the hole over the hard plastic circle and the same with the other side!

They pull the sides in firmly; but are still stretchy enough to enable you to slip your foot in and out.

As my trainers are high tops, I didn't have enough to use all the eyelets; but to be honest when I tried to pull them on there were too many anyway. I had to take the top two Shoeps out to slip them on comfortably. So I didn't actually need the top 2 at all; although for the photos and this review I added them anyway. For everyday use they are not needed for me, so I now have a couple of spares if I ever need them.

  The bands once attached correctly will stretch and contract to your own foots movement; making it not only more comfortable but enables you to simply slip your foot in and out of that shoe so much more easily. Whereas you would normally have to untie and retie your laces every time. 
Just Genius!

 Don't they look amazing!

 A few steps over our fence and were lucky enough to have this stunning bluebell wood right on our doorstep; so couldn't resist some fun piks in between the rain showers.

 The bright pink looked so pretty amongst the bluebells.

The main thing for me is that I can slip them on and off without having to bend over for long as I suffer with back problems and swollen ankles. I would normally have to keep undoing and re-tying my shoelaces to fit more comfortably.

Its not often a great idea comes along for something we all know and love and often use everyday. But Shoeps is just one of those products that can change the way we live.
Throw away your grubby, frayed old laces Shoeps will never fray or tear, if they get dirty they just wipe clean. The black dye from my trainers come off onto the bright pink silicon in the wet of the grass but it came off in one wipe of a damp cloth.
I really am surprised they didnt snap as they really feel alot more fragile than they actually are; I gave them a real tug to get them over the circles too, just to see if they snapped as I knew I had a few spare and they are still all in one piece. I was so wrong; I love being wrong.

Just throw those laces and grab a few pairs of Shoeps, you can change your colours in a snap to match your outfit, brighten your day or mix it up. You wouldn't change laces colours with a change of clothes as the effort involved in changing laces is a Royal pain in the butt; but you can with these.

Perfect for kids who cant tie their laces yet, the elderly and those with back pain  or that struggle with arthritis in their hands. I must admit however those with real dexterity problems would still need a bit if a hand to fit them; just to loop over the circles, but once fitted they would be ideal; no more undoing or doing up laces.
The plastic buttons can be popped in and out to mix with alternate colours if you choose to buy more than 1 pack and 1 colour. See the first shoe above.

Shoeps are fun affordable and make great pressies for those who love their trainers or favorite laceups. Be adventurous and add a splash of colour to your feet, customize an old pair of shoes and breathe new life into them. 
Go on throw those old material laces and buy some Shoeps; the futuristic laces; tie-ups to slip-ons the ultimate in comfort.

  • Fun,
  • Affordable,
  • Amazing choice of colours,
  • Customise your old trainers to fashion slip-ons,
  • this a word.
  • None.

You can buy your Shoeps from Shoeps directly and  Gumbies for 

Choose from over 12 colours including rainbow and this silver.
 Checkout these colours HERE

All my thanks goes to the lovely people from Gumbies for sending me the Shoeps for this review free of charge.
My views and opinions are my own.


  1. That's a pretty good idea! one of my boys has ASD and this could be something that might help him.. Do they do them smaller for children or are they all the same size?


    1. Hi William yes it would be brilliant for your boys, but Im afraid they only do 1 size, but they are pretty tight. If he has a shoe size approx 5 plus they maybe ok, but best to ask Shoeps themselves to be sure. Hope this helps.


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