Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pet Facts Infographic with PetPlan

Watch for fun facts about pets and their owners from the household name of pet insurance.

See the many breeds of cat, dog, horse and rabbit they insure and find out that the most popular name for dogs and cats are Charlie and Alfie. (I love the name Alfie).
Their oldest cat is 26 years old and their oldest pet they insure is 40 and he's a horse. Plus many more interesting facts and figures.

With so many of us owning a pet at some time or another; its always best to know that if something happens to them we can always afford to have them treated.
We all know how expensive vet fees can be; believe me we know from personal experience as animal lovers as we have always had pets.
Cats, dogs, fish, parrots and other birds, water dragons, and even a tropical frog called Prince.

But with any insurance always do your home work make sure you read ALL the small print to make sure you choose the correct plan to suit you and the never go higher than your means.
Its always tempting to choose the best, but even the lowest plans will give you good protection.
If unsure speak to a Pet Plan rep to get all the facts you need.
PetPlan UK

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