Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New editions to my Android Invasion #3

I want  to introduce you to another 4 Android Mini Collectables to add to my ever growing collection. I just couldn't resist.

Since posting my last few posts about my new collection Ive had alot of emails from you wanting to know more about these 3 inch designer vinyl toys. Im pleased to hear that you may want to start collecting too.

So I will add a little bit of information about them and the artists who designed them.

Poor Postie as he delivers another extremely well packaged box of my precious Androids.

Black Lucky Cat

Im over the moon with this purchase as I really love the Android Lucky cat series.
They feature 12 designs to collect and have been designed by Shane Jessup to bring luck in one form or another; be it business, love, health, wealth or happiness to add a nice touch to these adorable cats.
They also all have one paw raised up in the air which will wave when pushed.

 I do love the versions with the half closed cats eyes (there are 4 out of the 12 in all) as they have the real cute factor for me. I absolutely love the detailing on the face and paws and this version has a beautiful shiny black plastic (rather than matt like the others) its gorgeous.
This black cat will bring me safety and protection from evil...sheesh we all need that.

I already have the pink one meaning health and happiness.

The back of the cat has a gold Chinese protection symbol. The coin itself is tied perfectly around the neck of the cat.

This is now one of my favorites.

Im after the gold and the white cat next out of the set.

My next three androids are Flipmode, Stresstech and Coredump.

All these three are from Series 4 released in 2013 and still fairly easy to find at the moment but they are getting harder as they are no longer being made.


Flipmode from series 4 from 2013 and was designed by the artist kaNO.
Another android with an accessory which we all love getting.

 I wasnt sure about this one and he wasn't one of my first choices; but after finding him for such a reasonable price I bought him in the end and he's grown on me now.

He has so much detailing on him, the more you look at him the more you find. I love the baseball bat that comes with him and fits into his hand. These red colours look fab and the baseball hat is just adorable with just his eyes poking out.

He even has Kano written on his feet with stars.
There is also a green version known as a "Chaser" which are rarer pieces and you pay alot more if you even find one. He's on the ever growing list too lol.


Stresstech is another from series 4 released in 2013 and was designed by
Sergio Mancini
 He is another with a really cool accessories; a little plastic laptop and strap and glasses.

John Coffee is the sole technical officer at Stresstech Inc and his job has him a bit on edge and this is his favorite design so far.
This was another design however that I didn't fall in love with straight away, but after seeing the quality and detailing that goes into each and every toy he really has grown on me. I loved that he came with a little plastic laptop that he wears round his body and his glasses that fit on his head.

On the back is a pik of a hammer smashing a monitor screen; we've all been there...havent we...and I think this little guy reminds us to laugh even when things get a bit tough.

Obviously he is slightly balding and love that his glasses sit so well on the head. Im still trying to work out if John has red android antennae


Coredump is one of my favorites and also comes from series 4 released in 2014 and is designed by one of my favorite of the designer vinyl toy artists
Andrew Bell

He is designed to be a half eaten Golden Delicious Apple.

I absolutely love how Andrew Bell has used yet another different material to make him.

His body and moveable arms are transparent plastic and he's also painted inside.Turning an android into an apple is just genius and has made him really cute; even down to the different colored antennae.

So there you have it; here is another 4 to add to my Android Invasion and Ive already got my eye on some more; but you will have to wait and see for those.

Here is my whole collection so far!

 Back to some more amazing reviews coming very soon, thanks for stopping by!

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