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The Gerp Grip Review

When I first heard of the Gerp on Crowd Supply I fell in love with the genius design and chunkiness of it, so when I was offered the opportunity to try one for this review directly from the founder Paul Liniger I couldn't have been happier. I love reviewing products that are the dream of someone and have actually been successful.

As an owner of "The Gerp" I am now one of the many Gerpologists...yay I finally have an "ology" lol.

How the Gerp was born
Paul first thought of this idea back in 2001 during a lazy Autumn Sunday. After plating a heap of food, he found the plate too heavy to carry comfortably, so he balled his fist underneath the plate. From here he grabbed a plate from the cupboard and using an old wooden bird perch and he glued it to the plate. This was the very first incarnation of the Gerp called the handle plate.
Fast forwarding 12 years to 2013 tablets and smartphones are everywhere Paul noticed the same discomfort while using his tablet and again rushed to his garage, canabalised some old parts and fabricated a prototype. He attached it to his tablet and it latched on, he found he could use it at different viewing angles and the Gerp was born.

My Gerp arrived within a week all the way from the US, perfectly packaged in protective bubblewrap with the Gerp business card and clear detailed instructions on all its amazing uses.

 The box shows perfectly the main uses for the Gerp.

What is a Gerp?
Introducing the Gerp, simply put, it gets a grip on your gadgets, allowing you to hold it easily or use it as a stand.
First of all why do you need a Gerp grip? How many times do you hold tightly onto your tablet with both hands gripped to the side of the screen, letting one hand go to swipe the screen press buttons or type, so you are supporting the weight of your tablet with one hand. Im sure you have all had hand ache from using your tablets. I know I have especially when I first got my 10 inch Nexus tablet. You don't notice how weighty they can get till your using it for a longer length of time. I actually suffered quite badly with not only achey arms, but shoulder, neck and back ache....that is....Until I tried the Gerp.

 The Gerp is made of ABS and glass filled nylon for super strength, its matt finish gives it a non-slip texture along with the ergonomic finger holds like a motorbike handlegrip........you almost want to rev it.........

6.75 x 2.65x 2.65 inches, (171mm x 68mm x 68mm),
4.4oz (125g) in weight.

The large ergonomic grip reminds me of a motorbike handle or pistol grip and takes the weight off your devices; especially if your holding it for a longer length of time.

The tooled Gerp logo is embossed into the handle.

How does it work?

Using the strong 2.75 inch diameter suction cup you simply attach the Gerp to any smooth clean, non-porous surface on the back of your device, eg tablet, phone or kindle.

Then using your thumb, press and adjust the ratchet lever until it has firm grip of your device. Lift your device with the Gerp and just give it a gentle tap to check you have the hang of this; then your ready to go.

 To remove simply pull the side levers on the ratchet till you hear a pop and it will release from your device.
(Make sure your holding this over something soft when you do this incase it falls, I shouldn't have to say this should I).

The Gerp really grips strongly to your device so you can use it as a stand to watch videos, skype calls or simply read something hands free. It can also be propped up at the correct viewing angle anywhere you choose to use it.

The Gerp from left to right on Kindle Paperwhite, Samsung Galaxy S4 and my Nexus 10.

I couldn't wait to try out my Gerp and tested it out on my Nexus 10, My Kindle Paperwhite 2 and my new Samsung S4 (my new gadgety toy, review coming soon). Plus a few extra other ideas.

Nexus 10 and The Gerp
So to start with my Nexus 10, in most cases you will suction your Gerp in the centre or slightly to the top of your device.

The best way to attach your Gerp is lay your device flat down on a flat clean surface. As you can see I had to secure my Gerp to the side as it has Nexus embossed deeply across the middle of tablet.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive at using any pressure on the back of the tablet as the Nexus is plastic backed and can be quite creaky at the best of times. But I needn't have worried as the ratchet secured quickly and firmly without much pressure.

Boy did it grip; the Nexus back also has a slightly rubberized texture which gave the suction cup even more grip.

I may have well glued it as wasn't moving, it never once fell off or even slipped during me waving it around...for review purposes of course.
I even held it at the heaviest angles so if it was going to fall...it would...see above.
The Nexus 10 is a weighty tablet of 21.3 oz (603 g) so you can see how well The Gerp gripped it.

Plus I gave it quite a bounce (over a lovely soft cushion of course) as I really wanted to test this out for you all.

You can see here what a great viewing angle it gives you to view videos or skype with family and friends.

Kindle Paperwhite 2 and case and The Gerp
I took two lots of images of the Paperwhite 2 one with the Gerp on the leather case and one straight onto the Paperwhite 2 back.

 I did the same as before turned the Paperwhite 2 on its front and secured the Gerp to the back; you can see it how it offers a great viewing angle.

Great for reading outside on a picnic.

 So easy and comfortable to hold, even if you dont want to take your case off.

 I did however have a few problems with The Gerp falling off the Paperwhite's leather look case, but this was NOT the fault of the Gerp but the porous textured surface of the leather'ish case. Gerp clearly states NOT to use on porous surfaces eg leather. But I thought Id give it a go and after several attempts and a moistened sucker it finally stayed well.
But it only took a slight push to knock it off, so make sure you either use your Gerp on the Paperwhite 2 itself...see below with NO case. Or only on a glossy smooth flat case and you shouldn't have any problems.

Naked Paperwhite 2 and The Gerp

The Kindle Paperwhite 2 with case removed, the Gerp suckered securely to the Paperwhite, its there for as long as want it to be. 

Light as a feather to hold and move comfortably around.This stuck like glue and being so light was really simple and easy to move around. I was able to read in bed easily as its also such a perfect viewing angle.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Gerp
The Gerp also works with your mobile phones, but I do have to stress they need to be larger phone devices like my new baby the Samsung Galaxy S4...only a week old bless it...!, my now relocated iphone 3g was to small for the Gerp's slurp to handle.

The suction cup has to fit within the back of your phone, so the back width must be 2.75 inches or more for the suction cup to fit comfortably.

My Samsung...did I say it was new ;-) .....is almost the exact same width as the Gerps suction cup itself bar a few mm so it sits perfectly on the back as you can see in the pik above.
The original carbon fibre look case isn't ideal as its a bit flexible like the Nexus, but I was still able to get excellent suction and again it wasn't going anywhere this was stuck for as long as I wanted it to.

This felt super cool using the pistol style grip and its incredibly light too. James Bond eat your heart out!
Now I want a barcode reader app and to go shopping.

Enabling me to stand my phone anywhere to watch videos or recieve skype calls etc.

TIP: When securing the Gerp to the back of your device, any screens like mobiles which sit directly onto a surface; I suggest laying a soft microfibre cloth underneath the screen to allow a bit of pressure to ratchet the suction-cup onto.

TIP: Plus I wont tell if you need to slurp your Gerp for extra suction.

Some fun stuff
The Gerp has endless ideas for which you can use it for, we came up with a few more ideas.


 Mmmm Cakes and the Gerp

I loved Paul's idea of using the Gerp to secure onto a plate of food so I improvised and raided our fridge and cupboard...for...yes you know me well..you guessed it....cakes....yummm!!!!

The Gerp suckered beautifully to the underside of my tray.

 I even loved how the tray free stands. The Gerp's wide base allows it to stand sturdily yes even with my cakes on.

The Gerp and your car

The suction cup is so strong that when you sucker this baby onto a car metal panel it will pull some dents out without the cost of a garage. It actually took my whole weight pulling back on this. I was expecting to land on my bum as it popped off, but it didnt it was well and truly stuck, until I wanted to release it. I didn't have a dent but if I did it would have popped it out.

More ideas
  • The Gerp on your tablet reading recipes while cooking in the kitchen.
  • Waiters in restaurants could use the funky coloured Gerps to serve drinks or food.
  • Attach onto a new pane of glass when putting in windows.
  • Putting in new windscreens.

I absolutely love The Gerp what a genius idea, I love a product which can turn its hand to be used in different ways. As a tablet, phone and device holder its perfect, it secures tightly with the suction cup and I certainly trust it to hold my expensive devices. You do need to be aware and practice a few times to make sure you secure your Gerp well, making sure there are no air gaps and that the cup is stuck all round.
The Gerp really does get a grip on your gadgets for whatever you need, laying down, watching a movie, skyping, it takes the strain off your hands especially if you have a larger tablet like me. I adore the pistol style grip, it makes it fun to use as well as I haven't have any aches or pains since using my Gerp. This is ideal for those of you with dexterity problems or suffer with arthritis etc. The chunky handle is super comfy and supportive taking the weight easily.

Plus you get to have an "ology".
Become a Gerpologist in one easy step, click buy now! You wont regret it and I'm sure you will find other ways of using your Gerp round the house; being such a versatile clever little gadget.

Take a peek at the video to see the Gorgeous Gerp in action

  • Strong pistol style grip for your devices,
  • Ergonomic,
  • Easy viewing positions for all your devices,
  • Well made,
  • Affordable,
  • Available in great colours.
  • None

Get your Gerp directly from Gerp themselves with a lovely range of colours to choose from now.
from $34.99

 Also available in  Orange carbon, Lightening Yellow and Camo

All my thanks goes to Paul for sending me his incredible invention for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.


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