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Samsung Galaxy S4 Strawberry Red Bling case Review

After getting my new phone the first thing I wanted to do is to protect it with a full body folio case and as they don't make one out of cotton wool I got this one  Here. Next I wanted a case with a bit more personality and to make that phone more mine.....

So when Mobile Madhouse offered me one of their gorgeous phone cases to review, I picked...yep the brightest and most bling-i-fied case I could find.
 The Strawberry Red Bling Case.

It arrived the very next day...amazing service. In a protective jiffy bag. My postie however must have jammed it in into my small letterbox. In doing so managed to break the inner part of the case mixing up the coloured crystals within the case. Mobile Madhouse customer service were fantastic and they immediately sent out another; which again arrived the very next day. Brilliant customer service.

 With any of their phone cases you will get a screen protector and a screen cloth, similar to those cloths you get with your glasses.

 A free kit to look after your front screen too.

The bright red, rigid, reinforced plastic shell is precision moulded to fit the Samsung S4 perfectly. The clip on case is fairly thick compared to most clip-ons to prevent any scuffs, bumps and scratches. It fits easily over the top of your phone with no need to remove the back cover.

It had precision cutouts for unobstructed access to all ports, speakers and the camera.

On the back of the case are three moulded sections filled with stunning tiny coloured crystals which move freely within the 3 moulded sections. Each section backed with a mirrored background to give that amazing bling!
  • The Strawberry leaf is filled with green peridot crystals,
  • The Strawberry is filled with pink crystals,
  • The Mini Strawberry at the bottom is filled with clear crystals.

I cannot begin to stress how stunning these crystals look when they catch the sunlight. My photos don't do them justice, but I hope you can get the idea.

Even from the front of the phone the bright ruby red case looks stylish and classy.

This beautiful case is for those of you that want to be noticed, or want to glitz up your phone with something bright and cheerful. If you love diamantes, crystals and sparkles; oh and Strawberries you will love, love, love this case.
I saw this case on the Mobile Madness site and fell in love with its sparkle. It was a surprise when it arrived as I thought it was just glitter inside not REAL crystals; so for me that was a lovely surprise.
On getting the case out of the packaging it felt heavier than I expected as the plastic is much thicker to give you full all round protection. It feels fabulous quality and the case is completely rigid.

It clipped easily onto my phone and I carefully snapped the edges into place; but I did however have a small problem with the volume button, as can happen with mass produced cases. By ONLY mm's it caught and held down both ends of the volume button which then tried to reboot my phone...eeep! So I had to remove it quickly and get a small needle file and file down a few mm each end now its fine. It was no big deal these things happen with cases.

You can see here its only very slightly touching both ends of the volume button; but it was enough to reboot my phone. It was easily rectified with a slight file.

On the other side the power button (above) and all the other cutouts were absolutely fine. They were all really neatly finished off with no raggedy edges like you can get on some cases.

I absolutely love the 4mm deep camera cutout as the S4 camera lens is flat to the back of the case, meaning it could get scratched easily if laid on a rough surface.
This lovely deep cutout gives it perfect protection.

 The speaker cutout has the same 4mm depth giving great protection.

I was so excited to photograph this Red Bling case as I could see how stunning it looked. I haven't used any photoshopping or extra saturation these images are as they came out the camera bar a bit of cropping of course.

 The crystals are stunning and so mesmerising or is that just me, I must have been a magpie in my past life lol!

I actually dug out a hand bag I was given as a Christmas pressie 5 years ago and never used; as it looked fab to photo with this gorgeous phone case. Im now using it fulltime as I've fallen in love with the matching sparkly sequins. Ive gained a case and new bag;
I'm a happy bunny with my new Easter bag.

I have acquired  a few cases in the three weeks of owning my S4 but I am in love with this Red Bling Strawberry case. I cant stop looking at it and you may even see it appear a few more times as I sneak it into some more reviews. I love it so much!
Its quite a turn around for me as I'm a folio case kinda gal with every device Ive ever owned. But this time I wanted something bling-i-fied and bright for a change and I certainly found that. I'm proud to own and flaunt my Strawberry.
You can never have too many cases; its normal these days to change your case to match your outfit...or in my My beautiful S4 will be needing her own wardrobe very soon.
Its excellent quality, it stands out and makes you smile. Its an affordable gift or treat for yourself; brighten your day and your phone and you will certainly be noticed with this stunning case.

for ONLY
 FREE p&p

If you have the white S4 you may want to choose the just as gorgeous sleek white version.

All my thanks goes to the lovely people at Mobile Madhouse for sending me this case for this review. 
My views and opinions are my own.

I have many more Samsung S4 case reviews coming soon see below. I love the fun and quirky designs and couldn't resist bringing you some more unusual cases I have bought.

 Ironman and a Lens case from headcase designs

 Well I think they are I haven't lost the plot...well not yet anyway!

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