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GMYLE S-View Folio Case for the Samsung S4 Review

Im excited to show you two gorgeous Galaxy Samsung S4 cases for review from the brand GMYLE. 
Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier
Based in California and established in 2005 GMYLE is a trusted name in developing Macbook, tablet and Smartphone accessories and many other products that enhance our gadgety lives.

Today Im reviewing the S-View Folio case Classic.

Please read on for lots more info on this amazing case.

Those of you that have been following me will know I have only recently bought my Samsung S4 and ever since I have had my S4; Ive been dying to try the S-View smart phone case; with its smart-view window.

Both cases arrived quickly and well packaged from GMYLE, the main padded jiffy bag protected both cases and each case too was individually wrapped in a poly bag but also surrounded by a layer of foam too. Inbetween the folio was a thick padded foam piece for even more protection.

The Samsung S4 S-View case Classic is made specifically for the S4. It features full screen protection without any additional bulk by replacing the S4's own back cover with its own, then folding over the front when not in use like a book cover.

 It arrives with a protective label easy peel-off sticky to protect the plastic window.

Its an odd textured cover as its a cross between a fabric and a plastic. Its smooth to touch, but close up you have a very fine fabric-looking texture but plastic.

 The whole case is a folio style case which I personally love as Im gaining complete all round protection of my phone.
The back part of the case is an almost exact duplicate of my original back case cover, so it easily snaps onto the phone replacing it. The front cover has a layer of fine soft suede which sits against the screen preventing any scratches. It also has a slight embossing to take the home button.

 The back cover arrives with a protective easy peel-off sticky showing you how to replace your S4's back cover. 

As you can see here its so easy to put on.

13.6 x 7.1 x 1.3 cm,
36 grams in weight,

 Its almost identical to your original back case cover; but doesn't have as much carbon fibre detailing, but this is simply cosmetic.

S-View Features

The S-view really does come into its own with some really clever features.
  • View and answer incoming calls and messages.
  • An internal magnet activates a sleep and wake function, meaning when you close the case the S4 goes into sleep mode saving your battery.
  • The S-View window allows you to see your signal and battery status, messages, missed calls, time date and current music at a glance.
  • Simply respond to calls alarms without even opening the cover, swipe to accept/reject calls, switch call to speakerphone.
  • The case protects against bumps and scratches,
  • Its super slim fit never makes your phone look bulky and charge and access ports without ever having to remove the case.

The S-View window has a perspex see through panel where some cheaper versions of this case only have a cut out hole. GMYLE have used a thick piece of perpsex which is heat sealed firmly into the S-View window for extra protection.

This window protects the screen while still allowing you to swipe and answer your phone if you need to without opening the cover. Its clear and easy to read; even in sunlight.

I found it really easy to put the new case on by simply snapping the edges down all the way round; it fitted like a glove.

Even though I knew its size it still surprised me how slim this cover is, it feels like you dont have a cover on at all; which I know some of you prefer.
It feels completely naked!!!

 The fold over cover has a really neat spine to it and it feels strong and not likely to crease or start to crack. I have a tendency to fold my folio covers back on themselves when surfing, gaming or reading and have noticed some of my folio cases have start to crack already. This case has shown no signs of wear at all and Ive been using this for 5 days now.

Again from the back it looks so slim and neat. The shinyness has a nice grip to it as well and isnt as slippy as it looks; the only niggle is fingerprints. If your a finger smudgy freak it might drive you insane. But it wipes clean with just 1 wipe with a soft cloth and is soooo satisfying!

 All the cutouts are designed perfectly.

The camera and flash cutout is seamless you wouldn't know the difference between the original back cover and this.

 As the case is only attached from the back, your power and volume buttons are unaffected by any part of the case. I do however wish it has a small magnetic closure as it sits open a few millimeters.
Added Tip; after 5 days of using the case its closing perfectly.

 The charging port at the bottom is identical to your original cover and again unaffected in anyway.

 The design of the S-view is so sleek, slim and very dainty for those of you that hate any bulk to their phones. It feels light but you still have that bump and scratch protection as well as the screen cover.

 The S-View features are really easy to read.

Being a bit of a screen freak (which means I'm always worrying about scratching it), this case gives me peace of mind in that Ive reduced the time having to open the cover unless I want to. I also have found this extremely useful when carrying shopping or in the supermarket; just a swipe with my thumb answers or rejects a call.

It also has a nice classiness to it and looks great in my bag; Ive had so many comments about this case.

I really love this case, I love the extra special smart features you gain just by using this case! Its so easy to glance at the screen to see the time, missed messages or calls, plus the time and date without having to remove your phone from a case.

The S4 is an already larger screened phone so by adding a thicker case makes it quite bulky to carry around. This S-View case is slim, light and offers that barely there "no case feel" to your S4. Those of you that prefer a near naked phone but still want that extra screen coverage will love this case.

I have to admit I love the S-View features but I prefer a bit more protection for me; despite having a hard case on the back its still a bit vulnerable on the front and sides. If anyone's gona drop it....its going to be me; so Im really torn with having these amazing smart features to having something more robust around my phone. Being so slim however you can pop this case and phone into another pouch or bag for extra protection; so you have best of both worlds when you want it.
I would say there cant be much difference from this to the £32 Samsung original. One day If I get hold of an original case Ill update this.
Its a gorgeous affordable case and if you own an S4 you really need to get an S-View case just to play with these great features; as it really does make life easier for you.
But sorry guys unless you have a Samsung S4 your out of luck!!!

  • Auto wakeup/sleep,
  • Answer/reject calls without opening cover,
  • Battery saving,
  • Super slim fit,
  • Time, date current music all in the window,
  • Affordable,
  • Bump and scratch protection.
  • Fabric texture dents easily.

You can buy your S-View case in the US from GMYLE for
ONLY $6.98 FREE shipping.

 Or in the UK from Amazon UK
for  ONLY £4.98
(wow incredible prices)

All my thanks goes to the lovely people at GMYLE for sending me this cases for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.

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