Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Phone case fashion photo round up

The past week has been a busy week for phone case reviews and I still have a few more to come.
My Samsung S4 will need her own wardrobe at this rate.

Its been great to have a nice variety of colour, designs and materials to show you. We all have our own style and its the same when choosing our phone case as our phones are so personal to us. Our cases often represent us and if you like your bling the phone case will always have bling on it somewhere.
On the other side if your not very adventurous fashion-wise you can go mad on the phone case instead, with a little touch of colour or bling.

Please read on for a taster of these reviews and exciting products coming soon.

Funny enough when planning my photo shoots, I always try and use items that you would use so you can picture that product in your hands or home. So of course I was going through all my hand bags to photograph these cases.
I was a bit worried about my strawberry phone case as it was bright red and wasn't sure the bags I had would show it up enough. I didnt think I had a red bag. Then I actually squealed outloud when I discovered a bag Id never used; that I had at the back of my wardrobe that a friend had bought me about 3 years ago.
I ended up loving it so much after the photo shoot, I have gained not only a new phone case but a new Spring/Summer handbag too... yay happy dance!

Plus I ended up using the same bag for the next 2 phone case reviews....oops.

I fell in love with this blinging Strawberry case from Mobile Madhouse

Those of you that love your bling, then you need to BLING your phone too and what more than Summer bling with this stunning Strawberry case.
I couldn't resist this sparkle it really is beautiful.

It looks stunning in sunlight.

I cannot begin to stress how stunning these crystals look when they catch the light.

Even from the front of the phone the bright ruby red case looks stylish and classy.

The crystals are so mesmerising or is that just me, I must have been a magpie in my past life lol! 

I'm a happy bunny with my new found bag.

My next favorite case this week has to be this beautiful  GMYLE phone case, the colour and quality is gorgeous.

Creditcard slots and a secret note or receipt slot in the back behind the phone.

I have to stress what a beautiful piece of hardware GMYLE have added to this case, it finishes it off beautifully.

Perfect for skyping and watching videos or handsfree.

 Change your phone colour without buying a new phone!!!

What I do love about this case is when I was first choosing my phone I couldn't decide on black or white. In the end I chose black; but this case gives me the opportunity to own the white S4 as it completely covers all black parts of my phone, giving me a completely different look and change.

 Nobody could tell this was Black Mist. It gives a gorgeous white crisp, clean appearance to my phone.

It goes beautifully with my bag and stands out too.

Next came the GMYLE Samsung S4 S-View phone case, I loved this one because of the amazing features it gives you. It didn't have the bling of my first two but the S-View features made up for it.
This is ideal for those of you that love the "barely there" look. It will fit easily into any pocket and most handbags. This is particulalryYep I used my bag again!ortant with a much larrger phone like the S4, S3 etc.
Yep I used my bag again!

Even the back is super sleek and identical to your original case.

 keeps your screen protected.

Quick summary of these great S-View features

The S-view really does come into its own with some really clever features.
  • View and answer incoming calls and messages.
  • An internal magnet activates a sleep and wake function, meaning when you close the case the S4 goes into sleep mode saving your battery.
  • The S-View window allows you to see your signal and battery status, messages, missed calls, time date and current music at a glance.
  • Simply respond to calls alarms without even opening the cover, swipe to accept/reject calls, switch call to speakerphone.
  • The case protects against bumps and scratches,
  • Its super slim fit never makes your phone look bulky and charge and access ports without ever having to remove the case.

This was my first case I got for the S4 but I still love it, my sparkly
Butterfly padded folio case.

I loved the design and bright colours, plus it came with a stylus and screen protector and its super padded.

 The Front and back of the  case.
 Inside with credit card slots too.

  The case has an extra bonus in that it folds back to be able to view a video or skype more easily.

Cases I have coming soon

Im quite excited about this one as I have been using it now for over a week while reviewing it.

CAT Active Urban case

 I wanted to bring you a sneak preview of my CAT photoshoot I recieved from Kondor for review; we had so much fun planning and arranging this shoot.

 We went all Military for this one.

I thought Id miss the bling side of things but this case is fantastic, its grippy all round, its easy to hold and comfortable and Im loving it everyday.
 But keep a check on us as the Full photo review is coming very soon.

Below are some more fun phone case reviews coming up; these will make you smile in a day and certainly get you noticed.

I loved this Ironman 3D case and as a photographer I had to buy this lens one too.

I then also fell in love with the ladybird and bee S4 cases; but I actually bought these for another photoshoot I have coming up for Trendz Ladybird tablet case and the USB bee flashdrive I got sent from Trendz for review....see below.


Trendz Universal ladybird 10 inch tablet case 
Trendz 8GB Bee USB drive
 Coming soon!

Kitsound Ladybird and Bee Buddy Speakers
I also bought these to go with the tablet case and USB drive review....I think I may have got carried away with bees and ladybirds theme though lol...eeep!

Talking of speakers...I was also lucky to receive the Kitsound Deadmau5 speaker this week for review. Pronounced Deadmouse....this deadmouse is most certainly loud, bright and funky.
This is just a taster of whats coming soon for my full list
see my main Coming soon page

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