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Personalised Butterfly Paperweight Review

Ive recently got to liking personalized products for both myself and my family as it really makes a gift something extra special.

So when contacted me to ask if I would like to review something from their site with maybe my Gadget Girl Review branding on; I was over the moon. They do such an incredible variety of gifts and presents that will make any birthday or anniversary really special.

I wanted something that looked special but could be useful as well. That was when I fell in love with the gorgeous Butterfly paperweight. Those that know me know I absolutely adore butterflies as I specialize in macro photography so this beautiful glass paperweight really suited me and my alter ego Gadget Girl. Its also one of their best selling items on the site and Im not surprised its something that would suit anyone male or female.

 Read on for my full review and lots of photos.

So I was able to add up to 3 lines; each with a maximum of 15 characters on, to add my own chosen personalization. I chose simply Gadget Girl Reviews as I was looking forward to having something pretty and feminine on my desk to look at everyday.

I was so surprised when my paperweight arrived within ONLY 3 days of me ordering the personalisation. It arrived extremely well packaged and protected in a thick jiffy bag.

 Inside is a thick black textured leather-like black lidded cardboard box. 

To lift off that top lid really makes you feel special for the first time as your gorgeous glass paperweight sits on a black satin its beautiful.

Inside is a slip of tracing-like paper with your wording on that has been used for the design.

 The star of light was a natural sun flare not a photoshopped one.

This stunning solid glass domed paperweight is absolutely gorgeous. My photos dont actually do it justice; but Ive tried.
Inside is a feminine butterfly scrollwork design you will get with this personalized paperweight, its then up to you what you have written inside. e.g Happy Mothers day, To a special Friend...literally anything. You can get quite alot written inside because of the availability of 3 lines of 15 characters each. With mine I had lots of room left but I loved the simplicity of this gorgeous paperweight.
I know nowadays we don't really need paperweights like we used to. I remember my Mum sorting all her accounts and paperwork with the most beautiful paperweight sitting on top when I was a child. It was given to her by her Mum and was something I always played with as a little girl; attracted like a Magpie by the sparkles and rainbows of sunlight shining through like a prism.

So when I saw mine it brought back some lovely memories and now I owned one too and can keep it on my desk for years. 

Turn it upsidown and the flat bottom is where they engrave your wording. Its engraved directly onto the bottom of the paperweight just above the scroll work and butterflies. Your wording and design is then magnified through the glass to give it the stunning engraved inside look.
There are no bubbles or flaws its perfectly clear inside.

It measures approximately 8cm in diameter and 4cm in height and you really are getting a weighty piece of beautiful solid glass. It really captures the sunlight if you plan carefully where your going to keep your paperweight.

 For me I dont have piles of paperwork to stop from blowing away; but its really handy when trying to keep a heavy book open or a pages like above; as my pendrives lives in the drawer containing my word documents.
I have to stress this also makes an awesome magnifying glass when held approx 2 inches away from a book or magazine.

It also looks fab sat on your shelf as it reflects the light and colour through its glass.

I had some fun taking photos outside as it reflected the woodland and garden through the glass against the butterflies and scrollwork...

I just couldn't resist showing you these as they looked stunning.

 Again looking beautiful on the table by our kitchen window as it reflects the outdoors inside...just stunning.

I absolutely love this stunning gift; I felt really special receiving this and its only little old me. But just opening the black box and seeing your paperweight sat on its own black satin cushion is going to make anyone feel special. 
 My Mum had one for years which was given to her from her Mother; so I feel there is something very special about giving/or receiving such a unique gift; which could become your next family heirloom. 
  Its also suitable for guys and girls...okay maybe this butterfly one is more feminine; but there are other styles which could suit the guys too, like these below.

 Plus these designs too, there is something for everyone.

Also choose from a variety of these more modern Star Paperweights.

Make someone feel really special with a gift that could become the next family heirloom; make someones desk memorable with something personalized. Its a fun, affordable gift for anyone.

But its not just Paperweights stock hundreds of gifts and presents for you to choose from. Take a look at their site HERE and Im sure you will find something you like.

DONT FORGET Fathers Day!
You will find that perfect gift for all the Dads out there.

Checkout the Fathers Day gifts HERE

Buy your own Butterfly paperweight for 

All my thanks goes to the lovely people from for sending me this gorgeous paperweight for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.

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