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Ozeri CardioTech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Being an ex-nurse Im always interested in products which can keep an eye on our health and a blood pressure machine is something I feel every home should have.

I was sent this new blood pressure machine with colour alert technology from Ozeri for this review, its something I hadn't seen before even after using blood pressure for many years. So was excited to see how it worked.
I have also had a spate of illness recently and actually need to keep an eye on my own heart rythyms and blood pressure so its perfect timing.

Please read my full photo review of this techie BP monitor.

My CardioTech arrived quickly and well packaged from Ozeri and the cardboard box itself is highly detailed with lots of information for the new user. So you already have a good idea about the monitor even before you have it out the box.

 Inside the really solid cardboard box you have your cardiotech in its own hard carrying case sealed in a poly bag.

 Plus a very indepth, thorough manual.

Open up the carry case fliplid and your CardioTech sits comfortably with a foam backed lid. With your new BP monitor you also get a free set of 2 AAA batteries. Thank you Ozeri its like a breath of fresh air when companies add free batteries. As we can use that product immediately.

Tip: When fitting batteries add them ontop of the red ribbon as this helps when you need to replace them. The ribbon is a fab touch enabling you to simply pull the batteries out.

Wrist compared to Upper Arm Blood pressure monitors?
As a nurse for many years I have always been taught that wrist blood pressure monitors are never as accurate as upper arm Blood pressure monitors. However I have done some research into this and found that as long as you use them as directed they can be just as accurate.
The reasoning behind this is that wrist monitors are very sensitive to body positioning and you need to make sure your arm and wrist are at heart level as the box and manual clearly show in easy to read diagrams.
Something to be aware of though is that blood pressures taken at the wrist can be slightly higher than the upper arm because the arteries in the wrist are narrower and not as deep under your skin as those in the upperarm.  
But for people who have large arms or find having their BP taken too painful the wrist monitors maybe more suitable for them.

This Ozeri Cardiotech Premium Series Digital Blood pressure Monitor is portable and simple to use for anyone needing to check their BP on a regular basic. These CardioTech products offer clinically proven technology used by Drs and hospitals around the world.
  • This advanced wrist monitor has MWI technology (measure while inflate) reducing the measurement time and greater accuracy. 
  • It also has colour coded Hypertension indicator that will colour code your Systolic and diastolic readings using a traffic light system of green , amber and red.
  • It also has Automatic irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) detection.
  • It stores 80 BP readings (40 x 2 users) with date and time recordings to be able to show your GP if needed.
  • You can also use a new push button technology to access averaged BP readings.
NEW Colour Alert technology
Im really impressed with this really clever idea to help people understand at a glance if their BP is too high, low or normal. Simply by looking at the traffic light system used by the World Health organization when you get your reading.
Green = Normal,
Amber = Prehypertension, (BP starting to get a bit high)
Red = Hypertension. 

7.6 x 6.1 x 7.1cm
Weight in box is 449grams.
Item model number: BP2M

 I love that this BP monitor comes with its own really strong plastic carrycase to keep it clean and dry; making it really easy to keep in your bag if you need to keep it with you.

 Its partially foam padded so the monitor screen is protected from scratches.

Even the case has an embossed diagram on its inner base to remind you exactly where to position your wrist while taking your BP; this is vital for a wrist machine.

You also have a clear diagram on the velcro cuff itself too explaining the best positioning.

Using the CardioTech
I have been using Blood pressure machines for many years both professionally and at home and each machine is always different. I already have the Omron upper arm blood pressure machine which I reviewed last year after buying it for my Father who suffers with high blood pressure, but he found this quite complicated to use as his not techie savvy at all.

This CardioTech sounds complicated when infact it isn't at all; especially with the colour coded traffic light system, makes it easy to see immediately if there is a problem.The screen lights up brightly in the colour level of your BP reading.

Its always important to sit down take a few deep breaths and/or even close your eyes and relax for approximately 3-5 minutes before taking your blood pressure. Its no good whacking the wrist cuff on after chasing around with the kids seconds before.

The manual, cuff and the box have clear understandable diagrams on the correct positioning to use your new monitor. 

This diagram in the manual is really easy to understand and its quite important to get this right with a wrist machine.

 Simply unfold
Then slip your wrist inside this pre-formed wrist shape with the machines screen on your inner wrist facing you.

The large easy to read screen will suit most people; even those struggling with their sight as the readings are large and litup.

 You should have your wrist almost floppy and the wrist at the same level as your heart its really easy to remember.

Press the power button, then the start button and your away, you will feel the cuff inflate.
I have to say its quite tight which it has to be on the wrist; so if your really sensitive you have to remember not to tighten the velcro too much. I did mine the first time and it ached. The preformed wrist section keeps it tight enough; simply lay the velcro around your wrist, you don't need to tighten this too.
Once inflated you will then see the screen working out your BP as it inflates and deflates its one of the few machines that have MWI technology (measure while inflating). You will also see your pulse rate in real time which I find fascinating to see as I have a heart arrhythmia and can now actually see when my heart misses a beat or adds one.

As you can see I got the green light with an average reading on my blood pressure. Your reading remains on the screen lit up for a minute then turns off, but don't panic as it saves up to 80 readings to memory, or 40 for 2 people. So you can show your GP if needed.

Traffic Light LED system
The Traffic light system is actually divided up between your Systolic and Diastolic reading and so you know which one or both maybe a problem; so you can seek advice from your GP.

 Red LED
Both readings are a bit high seek GP advice.

 Red Systolic and Green Diastolic.
This says the top reading is a bit high but the lower is ok; but still seek GP advice.

 Amber reading on both.
This amber reading is saying its getting a bit high and you need to take regular readings.

These colour coded readings means you can understand your readings at a glance.

 Once finished your velcro cuff folds neatly up inside itself.

So it fits easily back into its own carry case.

Having this little machine at home will reduce your visits to the Drs...I am NOT however saying you shouldn't! I'm saying for those who get nervous having their BP taken, can take it at home in a more natural, relaxed environment.
Is your BP high because you've driven through an hour of busy traffic, or you've dropped the kids off, or is it that you have high blood pressure; this is always a difficult one Drs have to decide.
By taking your BP regularly at home you will know if its high its high not because of stress of the moment.

Disclaimer; I have to stress if you feel ill at anytime you must always see your GP never just think things are ok go by a good BP reading. This is handy to keep an eye on your health but never a Drs replacement...EVER...don't make me nag you!

When I first received this I wasn't sure how accurate it was going to be, being a wrist monitor; but knowing what my regular results are; I can honestly say its certainly accurate enough to know if something is wrong; which is what having a home BP machine is all about.
Having an irregular heartbeat myself Ive found it fascinating to see a missing or added blip in real time on the screen. I can sometimes feel a blip but not often; this machine picks up so I know if it worsens to seek medical advice.

The fact this has the coloured LED's makes it so easy to see if you have a problem and to call your GP or practice nurse for advice. You have an early warning system which could infact save your/or your families life. You cannot put a price on that can you.
I love the fact the CardioTech comes with batteries so your ready to roll. I like the solid case to keep it clean and dry. Its convenient and so user friendly and very easy to set up. The manual is very thorough so you can use the monitor easily; it also explains clearly about blood pressure in layman's terms for those who don't understand the problem.
This is an extremely affordable BP monitor and Ive stressed before every family needs one in the home. Its portable, small and discreet for those that need to take one to work or college.

  • Portable,
  • Accurate,
  • Simple to use,
  • Advanced colour code technology,
  • Arrythmia detection,
  • Stores 80 readings,
  • Comes with solid carrycase.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • None.
You can buy yours from Amazon UK

All my thanks goes to the lovely people from Ozeri for sending me this Cardiotech for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.

I absolutely love Ozeri products, take a look at my other reviews of Ozeri products below.

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