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OXA Juice Mini M1 2600 mAh keychain charger Review

In our techie world of gadgets and gizmos we are all needing more power. Its never enough just to have a few hours charge on our phone. we need to surf and write, watch videos and still expect our poor phones and devices to keep going till we get back home to charge it again.
Well depending on how we use our devices will depend on how long the battery lasts. Some phones are renowned for being just awful battery guzzlers. We could all turn our brightness down but who wants to look at a dingy screen.

Well now we can top up and recharge on the go and I was lucky enough to be sent 2 products from OXA in the USA to bring to you today.

OXA is a San Hose, Californian based designer and manufacturer of external batteries and accessories for mobile devices. Their tagline is
More Juice, More Life
They try to offer the latest and most advanced technology in the marketplace at the best price. Using simple elegant designs; supplying the right connections in every box reducing the need to carry cables.

I was kindly sent 
the OXA Juice Box S1 7800 mAh powerbank and 
the OXA Juice Mini M1 2600 mAh keyring powerbank.

This review is for the OXA Juice Mini M1 which has a 2600 mAh power bank

Recently I reviewed the OXA Juice S1 powerbank see my full review here.
The next product OXA kindly sent me was the portable keychain charger, the OXA Juice Mini M1 keyring.
I was really interested in this as its so small and easy to take anywhere, but curious to see if it would be powerful enough for my devices.

Similar to my last review the packaging offers limited information other than what it is; a portable battery; but thats ok as the user manual will have all the info you need...wont it?

In the box you get your 
  • OXA Juice mini keychain charger,
  • USB charging cable,
  • 4 device adapters,
  • User manual.
 These 4 main adapters will cover the majority of your devices.
 Mini USB, Micro USB, iphone, Nokia etc.
Its basically plug and play.

This is a stylish rectangle shaped fragranced portable keychain charger...phew...! Yes I did say it...oh very lightly which I have never seen in any product like this before. Its very delicate and certainly not overpowering as its quite a risk to perfume a product as its such a personal taste. But its pleasant and I hardly notice it till Im holding it in my hands. A very unique; but a nice touch.
This adorable charger is only 2.2 x 2.4 x 9.6 cm long and will fit in any pocket or bag really easily.

Its a great little design with the white glossy plastic fascia with OXA logo 
"More juice, More life" on one side.
Turn over the charger to reveal its sleek black designer side, its slightly textured black Power bank embossed on the other side. So you can have it facing whatever side you prefer.

The strong braided keychain clips easily to any bag and looks just as stylish.
Inside is a Samsung Grade A cell and premium microchip to ensure high quality reliable use of up to 500+ battery charge cycles.

 At one end you have both the input and output ports. I feel however these should have cap as it will end up at the bottom of most peoples bags or pockets collecting fluff and dust inside those connectors. But it wouldn't be so affordable if it had extras like caps.

Charging the Keychain charger
It cant be simpler plug in the supplied USB cable and attach the micro USB adapter and plug into the keychain.

A red LED will light up to show you its charging which will either turn green or just go out once its fully charged about 3-4 hours later.

What can I say its so easy,  I love this little charger the instructions are pretty non existent but its not rocket science. The big USB is the output, the smaller one of the adapters go into your device...simples!!!

Charging my Samsung S4
A blue LED will light up when its charging your device, you can just about see it above.
I let my S4 go right down to 2% especially for this review; Ive never let it go this low before...gulp...!
It was doing really well as I started charging at 10.30 again as you can see in my photo, it managed to keep charging it till 16.25  this afternoon and then the charger completely died on me; but it managed to get my S4 back up to 63% which I think is just brilliant for a 2600 mAh battery and considering my Samsung S4 is 2600 mAh; I feel it did really well.

Maybe this little keychain needs a few more charges and discharges to reach its full potential. Ill give it the benefit of the doubt; but Im still impressed with it and it would certainly give me alot of extra phone calls and time on my phone.

 Its so neat it can fit into any bag, I feel its a little bulky to go into a jean or trouser pocket; maybe cargo trousers. Its perfect for the girls handbags or the guys who have their gadget man bags. Ideal to clip onto rucksacks to take away hiking for the day or a weekend festival. But those who have more heavy duty phones like me will only get 1 charge or just over half; so be sensible about how you use your phone if your just taking this charger.

Doesn't it look gorgeous on my bag, its not out of place and it makes people ask what it is. Of course most the time I would have it attached inside not outside; thats just for the photos.

My S4 in its new Bling Strawberry case from Mobile Madness.
Doesn't it look gorgeous!

This is an adorable keychain charger which does what it says on the box. Its perfect as a top up or emergency charger for smaller devices like phones and ipods; its not designed for tablets or laptops being only 2600 mAh. 
It looks great it has a substantial weight to it and doesn't feel cheap at all. When I first saw the white plastic I thought it was going to be cheap but I was wrong it has a lovely quality glossy feel to it. The keychain itself is also excellent quality and it wont be breaking off by accident.

I feel it maybe a bit too heavy for the average keychain but you can keep it secure on your bag like in my photo.

Ideal to keep in the glove compartment of the car, or your bag just incase. I wouldnt say its a back up charger as I don't personally get a full charge but I am definitely getting a large top up and certainly enough for a few phone calls if I need it. So you need to be sensible about how you use your phone if you are relying on just taking this charger.
If your planning traveling away from home with no electricity you need to look for a more powerful charger if you can afford it. Preferably something with solar power so you can grab free power on the go.
My only niggle is that it doesn't come with any pouch for the adapters like in the OXA Juice box S1 I just reviewed but then its so affordable and cheap enough to buy a pouch or small makeup bag separately.
 It makes a fun gift for anyone with a phone as its something everyone will use at some point.

  • Stylish,
  • Portable keychain,
  • Affordable gift,
  • Small,
  • Perfumed slightly,
  • 4 adaptors to fit most phones.
  • Confusing instructions,
  • No carry bag. 

You can buy yours from Amazon Uk

Please see my last review also from OXA products

 The OXA Juice Box S1 7800 mAh powerbank

All my thanks goes to the lovely people at OXA for sending me this Keychain charger for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

Those of you have been asking about my new case; see my full photoloaded review below.

Strawberry Bling case
From Mobile Madhouse

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