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OXA Juice Box S1 7800 mAh power bank Review

 The OXA Juice Box S1 7800 mAh powerbank

In this day and age of owning many devices we need more and more power as our devices become more powerful. Most of us now have a smart phone and tablet, let alone cameras and satnavs etc. So in 1 family we can often have over 6 main devices or more.
Many phones cannot make a whole day of us surfing or watching videos so quite often nearing the end of the day you get the niggly feeling of I think my phone is going to die....what if I break down....?
This is why I absolutely love power banks. So when OXA contacted me offering to send me two of their products I couldn't wait to try them.

OXA is a San Hose, Californian based designer and manufacturer of external batteries and accessories for mobile devices. Their tagline is
More Juice, More Life
They try to offer the latest and most advanced technology in the marketplace at the best price. Using simple elegant designs; supplying the right connections in every box reducing the need to carry cables.

I was kindly sent 
the OXA Juice Box S1 7800 mAh powerbank and 
the OXA Juice Mini M1 2600 mAh keyring powerbank.

This review is the OXA Juice Box S1 which has a 7800 mAh power bank

I dont often say alot about packaging unless I need to. The individual packaging of both these product let them down. There was quite a few spelling mistakes and English mispronunciations which immediately put me on edge with a product like this; as Im plugging it into my highly expensive devices and need to be able trust the product.
There was little information on the box to even explain what was inside, it didn't even tell me it was a 7800mAh power bank. Infact their "Impottant" notice on the box wasn't even spelt correctly.

Seriously this isnt even in English; I'm shocked at the effort involved in the gorgeous designs and technology and they haven't paid someone to proof-read the packaging or the instructions.
Okay rant over its just packaging so I'm not going to down the product before Ive tried it as I do love this gorgeous design.

In the box you get your stylish 
  • Juicebox S1,
  • 1 USB charging cable,
  • 4 device connectors,
  • 1 user manual,
  • 1 deeply padded pouch.

What I am impressed with is the gorgeous soft grey super padded pouch to keep your powerbank in. Some companies will supply a thin material pouch; but this is 1/2cm of thick double layered velvet which is super padded. Its grey on the outside and cream on the inside...such a gorgeous touch!

 The pouch is finished off with a iridescent purple bead and loop to keep it secure.

Just wanted to say the OXA case is sparkly not dusty ;-)

But once inside the box my confidence returned as this 4x6 inch powerbank had a lovely substantial weight to it and felt good quality in my hand. Its small enough to easily slip in your pocket or bag on a daily basis. The outer case has a gorgeous black iridescence with a fine glitter inbedded into the glossy black.

Compact size of 4.3 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches is perfect to carry around.
Weight is only 12.1 oz.

 You can faintly see the glitter in this shot but it was hard to get with a camera. It also really shows up the finger prints.

The back of the Powerbank.
Oh there's the output amount, why cant they put this on the box?
Plus whats "extemat contact"?

The 20 inch USB to micro USB cable with the 4 adapters which should fit the majority of smart phones, tablets and devices.

This powerbank is a powerful 7800 mAh premium Samsung grade A cell polymer battery meaning it will be powerful enough to charge many of our power-hungry devices on 1 charge.

 You have 2 output ports; 5V/2 Amp and 5V/1 amp.
Plus the extra nifty high intensity torch.

What is clever about this particular powerbank is that it says you can charge 2 devices at the sametime using the 2 ports at the front. It offers you a 1 amp output for mobiles and 2 amps output for tablets and laptops. I did however had to hunt this information down as nowhere in the instructions did it explain which port to use for which device. I had kinda guessed which one to use; but wanted to be sure when I was plugging in my expensive devices...sheesh!
After some hunting on OXA's site I found the Juicebox user manual HERE which I downloaded. This was quite informative and I feel this should be printed out and given as the "real" user manual in the box.

The front of the powerbank has a large blue slightly ribbed panel with a plastic silver button to turn on/ off and underneath you have 4 bright blue LEDs to show how much power you have in your bank. 
(You can see a bit more of the sparkle here; its not dust honest).

This shows the Powerbank fully charged with 4 brightly lit (not flashing) LED's. Below is an easy to understand table so you can clearly see how much power you have left in your powerbank.

The idea is simple and effective and the chart shows you clearly how much juice you have left, so visually straight away you know if it needs recharging.

On the side of the Powerbank is its own charging port via USB. Where it also has powerlock technology with stand-by time up to 6 months after fully charged.
Advanced and intelligent chips provide overcharging, over discharging, over load and short circuit protection, keeps the devices safe and reliable.

But I have to mention the little added bonus of the torch, I love gadgets with these little extras. To use the torch you simply need to press the silver button quickly twice and the same to turn off. Its quite a bright torch ideal for finding your keys or checking wiring etc. So not only can you power up 2 devices at the sametime but you have a spare torch too.

On getting this powerbank straight out the box it has a substantial good quality feel in your hand; its compact size enables it to fit easily into a pocket or bag especially with the bonus of having a nice carry pouch to keep the powerbank and connectors all together.
 After my initial worry of awful instructions on the box and the leaflet I finally found the downloadable manual which was in the end quite informative.This should have been put in the box as nowhere said anything about a downloadable manual.
Its an easy powerbank to use, simply charge it for the full 6 hours as stated via the USB cable provided, till all 4 LEDs are lit. I actually charged mine 12 hours for the 1st time in the end as my 4th LED was still blinking and I didn't know if it was charged or not so it got double the stated charge time. Now I simply leave it to recharge overnight and its charged by morning.

Inbetween each device a full charge was given to the Juicebox!

Charging the iphone 3G
I decided to charge my ancient iphone 3G which has a battery of 1500mah so the powerbank should be able to charge this easily.
To then charge your device its so easy; you simply unplug your just charged powerbank turn the USB cable round and plug the USB end into either the 1 amp or 2 amp port (depending on what your charging); choose the right connector and plug it into your device. Press the button once to start charging.
I was quite surprise to find a 30 pin adapter as it fits my old iphone 3G. (Maybe it would be better to update and have the new iphone lightening adapter instead.) But its good news for me anyway.

 It was down to 12% and I started charging at 17.20 and it made it to 100% at 20.42. Thats 3 hours and 22 minutes to full charge and as you can see the powerbank still has 3 blue LED's with only 1 flashing. 
(So maybe the flashing thing is normal).

Next was my Samsung S4

 My phone was down to 11% at 12.10.

 So I left it all plugged in and charging.

 This was the easiest way to show you how quickly it charged.
Here is a photo of my battery at 11% at 12.07 and next to it my battery at 100% and the final time which was 14.41.
It took 2 hours and 34 minutes to reach 100% thats pretty fast and most certainly you could use it earlier if you needed to.

Next was my Google Nexus 10
This would be a test as my Nexus has a 9000 mAh battery so it will really be tested but they claim it charges tablets and laptop too.

It was down to 20% and I wanted to see how far and how fast it could take it up to. I started at 10.45 with my Nexus at 20% as you can see above. It did quite well it managed up to 63% BUT the powerbank died first at 16.11.
So in 5.5 hours it still managed to get my huge Nexus battery up to 63%; I think thats pretty good.

Overall I loved the sleek modern design and the slight sparkles of the case. It has a really robust good quality feel in your hand. I also love having the extra padded pouch to keep it all in; perfect for your bag or pocket. But I have to admit I was hesitant at first due to the spelling mistakes and lack of any clear instructions.

From my point of view it charged both my phones quickly and easily but when it came to my tablet it clearly struggled even on a full charge. But my Nexus 10 inch tablet has a 9000 mAh battery and this powerbank is only 7800 mAh. But of course those with smaller tablets like the ipad mini or phablets it maybe fine. (Other reviewers have said it charged their iphone and ipad mini in 1 charge.) I cannot speak for this however.
So yes I agree with OXA that it could charge 2 phones at once and I was impressed at how fast the Powerbank charged both the smartphones despite taking so long to charge itself. Which for me isn't a problem as I simply leave it charging overnight. But it really struggled to charge my tablet by itself without anything else plugged in.
Ill update this review after I have been able to discharge and charge the powerbank a few more times, maybe it needs this to work to its full potential.

I feel this Powerbank is better for smart phones than tablets than is stated. It will give you several charges maybe more; on 1 full charge of the Powerbank. Obviously though that completely depends on what you have your phone display and power settings on to how long a charge you give it.
If you are after a powerbank to go travelling I feel you will need to choose a another product in OXAs range and/or a solar charger.
If you need it just as an emergency or for extra top-ups while commuting its perfect.
When all said and done its compact well designed and affordable.

  • Gorgeous design,
  • Charges 2 devices at once,
  • Larger 7800mah battery,
  • 4 adapters to fit most devices,
  • Super padded pouch,
  • Affordable,
  • Comes with a torch.
  • Unclear instructions.

You can buy yours from Amazon HERE
for only £18.69


 All my thanks goes to the lovely people at OXA for sending me this Powerbank for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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