Sunday, April 20, 2014

My desk and Android Invasion #2 My Collection is growing!

 Its amazing how many people have asked to see my desk space; where I write my reviews and what does my desk look like....sheesh....nosey...!
 A desk can tell alot about a person as we do tend to personalize our work area.

Well if your expecting pink and girly you've got the wrong gal lol! 
Even though Ive been known to express my girly bling-side sometimes; my desk area I like to keep fun and quirky as I want to smile; life's too serious at the best of times.
Yes I do have 3x Dell monitors; we both we do so much photo editing we just couldn't manage with 2 monitors let alone one anymore lol.

Click to see more of my desk and my new Android collectables & reviews coming soon!.


I have my gorgeous Logitech G19 keyboard that I simply couldn't do without, if it died Id have to replace it immediately. As you can see I do so much typing I have worn away some of the letters; this is my 3rd Logitech keyboard so far. I love the soft touch keys and the small mini colour monitor; which I can set to let me know about emails, I can run Utube videos, literally anything.

I have my trusty WALLE helper whose willing and able to help at a seconds notice...okay a...pen can you resist those eyes lol.

Across the top of my 3 monitors runs a shelf where I keep my adorable Mini Android collectables that I just cant stop collecting; they are so addictive.
 Plus of course Adam and Rover my Doodles on the very left and my RoboParrot.

I have Whiskers the Doodles cat coming very soon, so he'll be joining the gang up there.

Meet my Android Mini Collectables and Olley the twitter bird!

 I know the die hard collectors have just keeled over in I haven't put these little Androids in plastic boxes or special cases....sorry. I like to see them and it feels good to just pick them up and look at them as alot of them are painted differently on the back to the front.

My favorite 5 Androids and Olley!

My latest additions are Greeneon and Bluebot who has lost his antenae, I'm a sucker for the poorly he was a bit cheaper.

 Drum roll Im bouncing up and down with excitement as I managed to get 3 favorites in one go.
Escape Ape or Kronk, 
Purple cat from the chinese lucky cat series and The Professor Skully McRivethead...where do they get these names from...I love them.

 The Purple cat is one of my faves, he brings luck in health and beauty..and I need that lol ;-)
I love the half shut eyes and he has a swinging paw that's weighted. There are another 12 in the lucky cat set but Im not collecting sets Im just collecting the ones that appeal to me. 

So thats my latest Android finds, I have my eye on a few others and its my anniversary coming soon...I know most girls want perfume and jewellery, Im after maybe a few Androids...shushsh...!!

Do you collect anything, what makes your desk yours?
Send me an email Id love to see your desk area.
Reviews coming soon on
Gadget Girl

Samsung galaxy S4 Smart phone

 Watchbot 3.0

Shoeps futuristic laces

Ozeri Cardiotech BP machine
Medifit 3 Dual Channel Tens machine

MSC Executive Solar Charger plus
MSC Banksy Universal and iphone Power Bank

MSC Travel Mobile solar Charger
MSC Wireless charger

The Zband


Trendz Universal ladybird 10 inch tablet case 
Trendz 8GB Bee USB drive

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