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My Android Invasion #1 - Gadget Girls collectables review!

Android Invasion Lookout K9, WALL-E and Roboparrot.
The Androids are closing in......Da..Na..Da..Na

I haven't collected anything since my school days...quite a long time ago; when I was totally into collecting smelly fruit erasers to friendship keyrings. But I haven't actually collected anything recently; not even, clothes, shoes, handbags...okay I may have a few pairs of heels and handbags...just a few honest...!

Until now, does Woogle, Noogler, Yeti, Hexcode and Cupcake mean anything to you. No Im not speaking a new foreign language, let me introduce you to the Android Mini Collectables, produced by different artists for us Android fanatics.

See more about my new addiction after the jump.

Dead Zebra Inc’s Dyzplastic division has joined forces with Google to bring their Android™ mascot to life via an ever-expanding line of officially licensed collectibles!

Many of them have now become most sort after and worth alot of money; especially the Artists Proofs where only a few were made with some added fun extras from the artist themselves.
I honestly didn't think at my age 21+ I would become obsessed with hunting down these three inch fun, vinyl character figures with the most weirdest names ever. I just wanted to introduce you to all these adorable art toys that Im now quite obsessed with collecting. Some of them come with little accessories, like swords, or goggles, hats even pool cue.
I can honestly say they are not even gender specific as I feel everyone will have their favorites, the guys and the girls; I know I have mine.

 Racer By Jeff Yaksick
The Android team
 So a few weeks ago I got my very first Android The Racer above. Better late than never, I hadn't even seen these till a few weeks ago and Ive totally fallen for these 3 inch vinyl toys.

I even joined Google+ community set up by Andrew Bell one of the main artists to find out more about them.

You have the choice of buying single blind boxes so you have a complete random surprise to which one your will receive. Or you can buy the whole box of 16 Androids with 13 designs and 1 rare.
 So this is why you can find them on ebay as you can get doubles like trading cards.

 A few days later I managed to collect another four, my addiction is getting worse.

From left to right;
  • Standard Green from Series 1 by Google, 
  • Nexus from Series 4 by Google, 
  • Whoogle from Series 3 by Gary Ham, 
  • Red from Series 3 by Google,

Im up to 6 Androids and counting, you shouldn't have favorites but I adore Whoogle the Owl as I love my birds of course.

He's so beautifully drawn, right down to his tail feathers on the bum.

 Love this stunning lime green and his gorgeous sexy hypnotic eyes

My next favorite from these so far is Nexus as he has his own little Nexus phone, how cool is that.

 Iceburg from Series 2 by Dead Zebra.
My next buy was a poorly Iceburg with only 1 antennae. I don't mind the broken ones as I know how much you can pay for a perfect ones. Im a sucker for waifs and strays, or the sick ones.

My latest parcel arrived yesterday with my 4 favorites yet. The stunning Gold one surprised me at just how shiny and how much heavier it was to the others. Im over the moon with these 4 as all of them are quite sort after now.

 The Ninja actually comes with silver hand gloves/spikes to go with his throwing star on his head; I only found these in the bottom of his box after photographing them all...DOH!

From left to right;
  • Sir Knightly Bild from Series 3 by Andrew Bell,
  • Astronomitron from Series 4 by Andrew Bell,
  • Gold from Series 4 by Google,
  • Ninja from series 4 by Shawnimals.

So here is my full collection of 10 Mini far....from left to right;
 Standard Green, Iceburg, Racer, Whoogle, Nexus, Red, Sir Knightly Bild, Astronomitron, Gold, Ninja.
using the
Android Collectable Guide App
It gives you info on every series who designed each one and you can keep a list of your own collection. It does this neat thing of putting them together into a strip as above. Plus letting you know what your collection is worth.

So my slowly increasing motley crew of Androids altogether, arnt they gorgeous. Ive already planned what ones I want to find next with a list of limited editions to look for...Oooo its exciting and so very addictive!

Id love to know if you guys are collecting these little Androids and which ones you have, your favorite's and those your still hunting for.

Checkout Dead Zebras main site for more info on the Androids and other toys.

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