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GMYLE Wallet Glamour Case Review for S4

Im excited to show you two gorgeous Galaxy Samsung S4 cases for review from the brand GMYLE. 
Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier
Based in California and established in 2005 GMYLE is a trusted name in developing Macbook, tablet and Smartphone accessories and many other products that enhance our gadgety lives.

Today Im reviewing the Wallet Case Glamour

Please read on for my photo review and lots of photos.

Both cases arrived quickly and well packaged from GMYLE, the main padded jiffy bag protected both cases and each case too was individually wrapped in a poly bag but also surrounded by a layer of foam too.

  Inbetween the folio was a thick padded foam piece for even more protection.

This case screams elegance and feminine charm compared to many cases I have tried in the last few weeks. This gorgeous thick PU leather case is the most beautiful turquoise colour; especially with the gorgeous gold magnetic closure with GMYLE logo printed onto it.

This case is really thick and padded compared to other folio cases Ive tried recently too, you will have peace of mind that both screen and phone will be well protected.

Inside you have white plastic clip case to hold your phone securely inside the case. 

My S4 clipped easily into the shiny white clip case and is held extremely firm inside without any problems. As soon as my phone was in the case it immediately felt safe and secure. You have a such a lovely thickness of PU leather it really feels really protected as well as elegant and feminine at the sametime.
The front panel has 3 credit card slits so you can carry your credit cards with you. Plus a really novel secret pocket behind the credit card slots for notes and receipts etc. I really like this added touch as they could have simply stuck the PU leather to the back and not bothered but this adds an extra luxury touch.

 The back of the case looks just as good as the front.

The bonus with the camera cutout is that you have approximately 3mm depth of the case added to the lens giving it extra protection.
The S4's camera lens by itself sits flat to the back case, meaning it could scratch if you lay it on something sharp or rough. This case gives the camera that extra protection.

 The speaker cutout has the same depth of protection too.

 The power button isn't inhibited at all by any of the case.

 The earphone socket is also perfectly clear. No filing for me on this case.

 The charging port is unaffected.

What I do love about this case is when I was first choosing my phone I couldn't decide on black or white. In the end I chose black; but this case gives me the opportunity to own the white S4 as it completely covers all black parts of my phone, giving me a completely different look and change.

 Nobody could tell this was Black Mist. It gives a gorgeous white crisp, clean appearance to my phone.

 The Magnetic GMYLE Flip magnet closure

I have to stress what a beautiful piece of hardware GMYLE have added to this case, it finishes it off beautifully. Most folio cases I have owned will crease along the closure, but because of the metal closure it has its own hinge so to speak and will less likely crease or split.

The magnet has a lovely heaviness to it along with a very strong magnet to hold it closed. Keeping all your credit cards and money safe inside too.

An extra bonus is that this case folds neatly back and allows you to watch videos, skype with family and friends or simply use it hands free.

There are no clips, clamps or slots the phones own weight (which isnt alot) holds the phone in place in the grippy leather.

 Again I love how this case goes perfectly with my new Spring/Summer bag, being such a neutral colour it tends to go with most colours.

 I adore this case, it has an expensive excellent quality feel and has the extra padding I love to feel around my phone. Those of you that like the barely there may find this too thick. To be honest I feel the protection of your phone far outweighs this; as it looks stunning at the sametime.
The white contrasting stitching is even and well defined.

I can just nip out with my phone and credit-card a bit of money and its all safe in the wallet case. I don't need to take a bag everytime as this case acts like a small clutch bag for nights out.

Plus too this case doubles as a video or skyping stand too is a huge bonus to use it hands free while eating or drinking etc.

This would make a gorgeous gift for any girl as it has a more feminine feel to it or of course a treat for yourself. You have peace of mind your phone and credit cards will be secure in this case. Its an extremely affordable case that anyone will assume you have spent treble the amount on.

    • Elegant, feminine design,
    • Choice of 2 colours,
    • Excellent quality PU leather,
    • Credit card and receipt/money slot,
    • Special coating to protect the leather shape and colour remains the same,
    • Snap in phone case.

    • None.
    You can buy your The Wallet Case Glamour.
    In either Tangerine Orange or  Bondi Blue
    From GMYLE
    Or in the UK on Amazon UK

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