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Wilkinson Sword Professional Anvil Loppers Review

Anyone that knows me knows how I love the outdoors, be it photographing the wildlife or just gardening, there is always something to do.

So I was excited to find out Lawnmowers Direct offered to send me a pair of Wilkinson Sword Professional Loppers for this review.
My tiny loppers died a death of rust last year.
"Rust In Peace my friend"

We are lucky to have quite a large garden and after the awful wet Winter we have so many trees and large bushes to cut back. Normally I have to ask my other half to cut back anything too high as Im a shortie.
To trim any broken or overgrown branches now I can manage to do most of this myself....what am I saying ;-)

Wilkinson Sword boast over 100 years of cutting excellence, how many companies can do that.
Wilkinson Sword are synonymous for excellent quality blades and cutting instruments and of course mainly razors and shavers we know today. They started back in 1772 where they began to manufacture swords for military use and did actually manufacture some of the earliests motorcycles during early 20th Century.Wilkinson Sword are now strongly linked with garden tools specializing in cutting and pruning hand tools such as loppers and secateurs.
 They also offer a 10 year guarantee.

I received my Loppers quickly and found them to be extremely well packaged, extra padding all around the top cutters keeping it safe and bubble wrapped packaging surrounding the loppers preventing any damage to them.
Once unpackaged the loppers have a thick cardboard promotion slip on them explaining all the valid points of this particular lopper; ideal as a gift for the advanced gardener.

I also received a pack of seeds, which is a really nice touch...thanks guys.

I received a pair of Wilkinson Sword Professional Anvil Loppers 7279000W.
These are serious loppers for those of you that need to be doing alot of cutting pruning and trimming throughout the year. They are powerful and lightweight and can tackle branch diameters of upto 40mm.
This model is part of the Wilkinson sword tree cutting range and designed for ease of use for low level and cutting higher branches without the need for a ladder.

Overall length is 78cm/30.75inches long.
Blade length is 9cm/3.5inches long.
Weight 1.151kg.

Even though I knew what I was getting I hadn't looked at the actual size of my loppers and it was a lovely surprise when they arrived to find actually how long they are. These have to be the longest loppers Ive ever used.
When I picked them up they have a really nice substantial weight to them, even  though they are classed as lightweight for what they are.

 Im so impressed with the double action blades and jaws of these loppers they really are excellent quality.

The opposite side, even the connectors have metal covers making the whole head really neat.

 The double action transmission system seen here on opening at full extent; gives you more pressure for less effort; meaning you can cut much larger width branches, as well as tough woody stems.

Anvil loppers cut by closing the blade against a softer metal anvil on the lower jaw. This action will crush young stems making these powerful pruners particularly suited to older wood where clean cuts are not as important.

The Long arms give you not only the extra length to get to higher stems but gives you more pressure across the fulcrum of the cutters. The hard plastic handles have extra ridging for better grip; but hardly add anything extra weightwise, the weight is at the head.
The outer curve design on them gives more leverage when cutting.
But I would prefer rubberised handles as my hands get slippy when wet on these.

Wilkinson Sword logo is a household name these days, people know you are receiving an excellent quality blade or cutter.

 My huge buddleia plants are over 15 foot high and these loppers enabled me to lop off the last of the dead flowers from last year and trim back getting ready for Spring.

Im really impressed with my Professional Anvil loppers, they were much longer than I thought they would be, but despite being a light-weight version it did feel a bit weighty for me personally; especially when holding them a full stretch for several minutes. (1.51kg in weight). But they maybe lightweight to most of you Im not that strong in my arms.

Nom nom nom!
However the jaws made mincemeat of my thicker tree branches and it didn't take much of my effort to just nip off whole branches. It was like slicing through butter; Im so impressed.

 You can see the blade has cut through this branch completely and smoothly.

 My Other half who is already six foot was able to reach the really high branches with these and really neatened up our cherry trees.

These loppers also give a gorgeous clean cut on the branches, leading to healthier plants and trees.

Im surprised just how much we have both used these loppers in the last few weeks. They have really made a difference to the garden and surrounding area.

 Its just so much easier to just grab these than grab my normal tiny loppers and a step ladder.

I think you can clearly see the difference in quality with my cheapy £2.99 RUSTY loppers that have only lasted 8 months and Wilkinsons Swords gorgeous lever system blades. 
There is no comparison between the two.

Any keen gardener needs to invest in a pair of these loppers, especially those of you that are not very strong in your hands and arms like me and need to tidy, trim and prune their garden. Just the fact of not having to lug out a step ladder or stool makes a huge difference to your day. These pro cutters make trimming your trees and shrubs sooo effortless.

These are also so affordable at ONLY £19.99 I'm actually shocked at how cheap these are and the amazing quality you are getting for this incredible price. If I didn't know I would say these are your more luxury £50+ loppers. 

  • Excellent quality blades,
  • Effortless cutting, pruning and trimming,
  • Anvil action for tough woody branches,
  • Cuts the branches smoothly for healthier plants,
  • Oval shaped handles for greater strength,
  • Incredible price,
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • I would prefer a more rubberised handle than the hard plastic.

You can buy your Professional Anvil Loppers from Lawnmowers Direct for ONLY

All my thanks to the lovely people at Lawnmowers Direct for sending me these loppers for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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