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NEW Premium Aloe Vera juice drinks from Taj Foods Review

Yes don't worry you're on still the right website its still Gadget Girl reviews, but even us gadget-a-holics enjoy our food and drinks.
I had the lovely opportunity to try some of these yummy Aloe Vera juices from Taj foods.

Taj Foods Ltd is the UK's leading Ethnic Food brand within the branded FMCG Food market (Fast moving Consumer Goods) established over 30 years. They are 100% Australian family owned business.
Read more about them here.

Most of us nowadays know the amazing benefits of the Aloe Vera plant...if not ...where have you been?

Here is a diagram with some of the basics nutrients of this miracle plant.

I have always kept Aloe Vera plants around the home and don't think twice about using them. I know I can break off one of the long spikey leaves and smother the cooling Aloe Vera gel directly onto cuts, burns and insect bites for its incredible instant soothing and healing benefits.

Its known for its high 99% water content ideal for hydrating, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin; by repairing the collagen and elastin structures. The Aloe also helps to supply more oxygen to the skin cells by improving the blood flow.

I hadn't however EVER eaten Aloe Vera, that just seemed quite odd for me; so I was really curious to see what this little spikey alien plant would taste like. Most things that are good for you; don't often taste as fingers crossed.

The Science bit
Aloe vera contains many vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, Choline, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6 and one of the few plants that contains Vitamin B6.
Some of the 20 minerals found in Aloe are Calcium, Magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese.

This makes Aloe Juice an ideal choice for detoxing or dieting or simply part of your healthy eating plan or recovering from illness.

 I received 2 bottles of Aloe Vera juice to try; one original and one strawberry; 

You can also buy Lychee, mango and passion fruit flavors.

I loved the size and design of these 500ml plastic reseable bottles, ideal to take to work or to the gym with you.  The graphics are beautifully drawn and makes you feel healthy just looking at the bottle.

The juice drinks are made from 46% Aloe (30% juice and 16% pulp).
Plus Stevia plant extract which is a natural sweetener.

Taste Test
 After keeping the drinks in the fridge overnight I poured them out into glasses and was surprised at the amount of floaty bits (pulp) were in the drinks. This is what makes the drink so healthy when you have actual plant extract in the drink. They sit suspended in the drink and don't sink to the bottom or float to the top, they remain evenly spaced throughout the bottle so you don't get a huge mouthful of pulp one minute and just juice the next.(You can see from the images below).

 Imagine this....a hot summers day...OK...we can hope...a summer picnic, ...and a lovely glass of cold Aloe Juice and ice to cool and refresh you. 
(I wasnt really freezing out there taking the photos...honest.)

I have to admit Ive never been big on bits in my drinks, although Ive always loved orange bits in orange juice; but once I got my head round them "WOW" they really add to the flavor.

The natural Aloe original has a lovely sweetness but refreshing taste, it really has a taste of its own, I cant say to you its tastes like something else as it doesn't. It tastes like Aloe Juice...just yummy.

The Strawberry Flavour contains actual strawberry juice as well adding that extra sweetness to the drink. Its the only strawberry flavored drink that really does taste of real strawberries...its quite a bit sweeter than the original Aloe drink and is so nice.

 For this review my Other half tried some too and we split the bottles in half and his favorite was the original. Im still unsure as I loved both of them and will definitely be buying these when I see them.


These drinks will really add to anyone's daily diet with its low sugar, energizing and detoxifying properties. I cant guarantee the health benefits as I haven't been drinking them long enough but you only need to see the proven scientific facts and just the fact of having 46% Aloe in the drinks says it all.
The extra pulpy bits really add to the quality and flavor of the drink...they are quite large pieces which could feel odd to some. It took me a while to get used to these large fleshy bits; the texture is similar to that of squidgy melon pieces which burst when you press with your tongue...they are a real taste and texture sensation.
I absolutely recommend drinking from the fridge although they can be stored and used directly from the cupboard. You cannot go wrong with the choice of 5 flavors there has to be something for everyone.The 500ml bottles means you generally consume the drink in one sitting, leaving you energized and refreshed. Perfect for after the gym or for that late afternoon boost and for those on a calorie controlled diet its only 24 calories per 100ml.

  • Ideal small bottles for backpacks,
  • Gorgeous graphics,
  • Great choice of 5 popular flavors,
  • 46% Aloe Juice within the drink,
  • Extra yummy pulp,
  • Healthy, healthy, healthy.

  • None.

For more details on Taj foods please see their website on their full range of foods. Follow them on Twitter and facebook.

All my thanks to the lovely people at Taj Foods for sending me these samples for this review.
 My views and opinions are my own.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2015

    Tastes delicious too.... a must for summer.


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