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Harringtons Complete dog food Review

I know....its not a gadget but how many of us gadget-a-holics have dogs?

Having dogs for as long as I can remember and that's over 30 years, we have alot of experience in what dog foods suit our pets. I also studied canine nutrition for my exams as a pet behavior consultant.
So my trusty hound and me were really excited to to be offered a bag of Harringtons complete dog food for this review.

Harringtons started in the late 19th century by Great Grandfather Harrington (their chairman's grand father); as a milling business in Yorkshire England.

In the mid 1980's they became an animal feed manufacturers and 3 generations later they retain the proud family tradition of producing top pet foods. Sourcing locally grown products where possible which are free from all artificial flavors and colorings.

Harringtons family values
  • No compromise on quality or ingredients used,
  • No wastage associated with "Big company" cost structure,
  • No expensive, unnecessary packaging,
  • Good honest Yorkshire value.
Harringtons do not carry out, approve or fund invasive animal testing.

Environmentally friendly
Harringtons believe its important to respect the environment and where possible actively working to reduce their carbon footprint.

Harringtons also stock puppy and training treats, cat and small animal foods.

My dog food arrived well packaged and the very next day.

I love the Harringtons natural design and feel to their packaging, your dog food arrives in a fairly thick "paper bag". Yes I did say paper but its still strong and has a slight waterproofing feel to it should you accidentally sit it in a wet patch. This makes the empty packaging easy to recycle and its also "compostable" and certified to European standard EN1343.

 The back of the bag

 This diagram shows simplified nutritional information that makes this complete food different to others.

Complete composition, nutritional additives, constituents and feeding guide.

Description and Nutrition
Harringtons offer 3 lip smacking flavours and we received the Turkey and Veg flavor 2kg which I was pleased about knowing our boy absolutely loves Turkey. He is also an elderly fella and needed something gentler on his stomach as he can no longer eat rich foods.

This complete dog food can be fed to all dogs from 8 weeks onwards and has been carefully formulated to provide wholesome nutrition that doesn't contain any artificial flavours, colours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat which can cause allergies with so many dogs.

  • Kelp is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Yeast helps to maintain healthy digestion.
  • Turkey is an excellent source of protein.
  • Citrus extracts and added vitamins help to support a healthy immune system.
  • The balance ratio of Omega 6 a 3 fats add to a glossy coat.
  • Yucca helps to reduce flatulence odors....Oh good.....!

The other 2 flavors are Salmon and Potato and Lamb and Rice versions.

Im actually really impressed as these moist squeezable little biscuits are small making it easier to digest for any dog, but particularly beneficial for those with stomach allergies like ours. Plus the fact his also an elderly hound.

The older dogs get; the harder it is to digest large hard biscuits which can result in painful and smelly flatulence and constipation. These soft small biscuits smell wonderful to does actually smell wholesome and healthy too...but I wasn't prepared to try one...sorry....I left that to the expert.

Taste test
This is a review that I cant actually do Im going to have to leave this review to the big fella.

 Yep thats lip smacking good!

The almost empty bowl shows the seal of approval.

IMPORTANT: When changing to another brand of complete dog food, always start slowly by adding the new and reducing the old gradually over 5-7 days. This allows the digestive system to become accustom to the new food preventing any tummy upsets. But I have to say we personally didn't have any problems so this shows how natural the food is.

I had to show you JUST how much he loved these biscuits.

While taking some shots of him by the Harringtons I made the mistake of saying it was his....oops!

Within seconds he had slammed his paws over it and proceeded to try and rip the bag open. Being paper this is quite easy for a dog this size. But we managed to wrestle it off him and then had to let him have a nice big bowl and an early dinner to keep him happy.
So its safe to say he LOVES Harringtons complete dog food.

 Yep this is a cute warning of
" Do you really think your getting this back look".

Well if he's happy we are happy, he clears his bowl every meal time as sometimes he can be a really fussy eater often just ignoring food till we give in and give him something we "know" he likes.
He's had no constipation or diarrhea even by suddenly changing over from his Pedigree chum complete to this for a few days. Normally I wouldn't suddenly change a diet but as he's always been fussy and we have had to chop and change his food occasionally; we took this chance and with no ill results.... just a perfectly clean bowl, something for him is a miracle.
Plus I have to say his flatulence has most certainly reduced and we have not been gassed out the bedroom at night since he has been eating this.
With Harringtons we've peace of mind knowing his getting a healthy complete meal with nothing artificial. He's getting a wholesome meal everytime with his daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.
Did I say he LOVES it too!

Those of you who have dogs who suffer from allergies and digestive sensitivities, I really recommend trying this complete dog food.

You can get your Harringtons from major superstores see below for whats easiest for you.

Click HERE for a complete list of Harringtons pet foods stockists

Rich in Turkey and Veg

All my thanks goes to the lovely people of Harringtons for sending us a sample for this review.
My views and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I am so pleased it proved popular - thank you for your review!!


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