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Kindle NEW Paperwhite 2 compared to the Kindle Touch Review

Kindle NEW Paperwhite

Those of you who are regular readers to Gadget Girls Reviews know I often add book reviews so of course it seems the obvious course to follow; by bringing you my latest gadget to the family my NEW Kindle Paperwhite 2.
I never thought I would resort to an ebook reader a couple of years back; as Im the ultimate book lover and love my real paper books and always will.
But being a book reviewer it made sense to buy the Kindle Touch last year to be able to read the many ebooks available. Plus I have to admit its easier visually with the e-ink than some paperbacks. 

After using the Kindle Touch for over a year I discovered a few problems, the main one was that I was getting headaches when I read for long hours like I often do when I get immersed into a book.
It didn't have a backlight and quite often would resort to continuing to read the book via my little iphone 3G kindle app as it was perfectly backlit. This lessened my headaches but they didn't stop entirely.

So I didn't give up on the Touch I purchased the folio booklight cover which offered some light across the screen but didnt fully reach the bottom of the page in complete darkness. Plus it added some glare into my eyes so it had to be taped across the bottom so it just shone down on the screen nowhere else. My headaches lessened a little but still didn't disappear. 

Sooo when I saw the NEW Paperwhite had been released I bought it immediately.
(Not the first one, the second, why didn't they call it Paperwhite 2...der).
I loved the fact it had the "Paperwhite display", Higher resolution, Higher contrast with the next generation light. Much improved from the 2012 version.
I had everything crossed.

Amazon always package their products well and the Amazon Paperwhite was no exception. Its a firm cardboard box with a firm inner plastic tray which securely holds your Paperwhite 2, its then wrapped in a transparent sleeve to protect it from damp.
Inside the box you get your Kindle Paperwhite, USB 2 charging cable and 2 booklets; one warranty and the other is a user manual.

Why get an e-reader when you have a tablet?
Good question I had considered this as already have my gorgeous Nexus 10, after some research I found;
  • No screen glare in bright sunlight with specialized "e-ink".
  • Lighter and thinner than most tablets and can be used with one hand, perfect for long reading sessions like me.
  • Next generation built in light- read with no eye strain.
  • No interruptions from email alerts etc so you get the ultimate reading experience.

 See how easy it is to read against a tablet. I had already come across this with my Nexus 10, but being approx 10 inches it was also too big to read comfortably in one hand.
Paperwhite lit screen
The Paperwhite technology means the light is shone from the edges of the screen, so they shine across the surface; unlike back-lit tablets that shine directly in your eyes.

The NEW Kindle Paperwhite has some specific improvements which were the deciding factor for me to upgrade; not including the fact its backlit, I'm surprised Kindle never did this originally.

I rarely go anywhere that I would need to buy new books so I didn't feel the need to buy the dearer 3G version; I chose the wifi only, its perfect for me. Here is my version.

The Paperwhite really does feel and read like a book with even better contrast to the original. The whites are whiter and blacks darker, creating sharper clearer text. It offers you elegant font options including Baskerville and Palatino and all fonts are "hand tuned" at pixel level for maximum readability and comfort on the old eyes. 

Fast easy page turns, its 25% faster than the original but is super fast compared to my Kindle Touch. It also uses capacitive touch technology so it responds more accurately to the slightest touches.

Under the bonnet/spine
The Kindle as other users know, goes way beyond a book so I'll just touch on this very briefly as you read this on the Amazon site HERE if you want more detail. Cant have you all going to sleep can I?

  • Full dictionary with "X-ray" and wikipedia to access definitions, characters in your book without losing your page.
  • Words looked up are added to your "Vocabulary builder" to expand your knowledge.
  • Adjust text size easily- choose from 3 text sizes to suit you. No more tired eyes.
  • Carry your entire library with you up to 1.100 books.
  • Organize your books into cloud collections, allowing you to view them on other devices. I do this alot.
  • See at a glance how long it will take to finish a chapter to see if you have time to plan your reading sessions. I love this and use it all the time to plan my quiet times.
  • Pickup where you left off.
  • Access to Amazon 3G/wifi and begin reading in seconds, so never be without a book.


Weight - 206 grams

 The Kindle Touch on the left and Kindle Paperwhite 2 on the right.

Kindle Touch compared to the NEW Paperwhite

My first impression was how much cooler my Paperwhite looked compared to my Kindle touch, it looks sleeker and more elegant in black. I feel its the most beautiful looking Kindle to date; Im sure you will agree.
The silver Kindle logo has replaced the home button of the Touch. The Paperwhite has no buttons on the bevel its sleek and smooth.

The Kindle Touch on left Kindle Paperwhite on the right.

The back of the Paperwhite has a black slightly rubberised feel which extends slightly round the edges and makes it gorgeous to hold with a lovely grip. The Touch would slip easily from your hands.  There's no screws on the whole device its beautifully clean and sleek with Amazon in black gloss printed across it. Whereas the Touch is gunmetal grey with kindle embossed on the back.

You will also see the speakers on the bottom of the Kindle Touch whereas Amazon have removed all the audio from the Paperwhite. Im quite surprised they have done this with the extent of audiobooks growing year after year. So if you want to listen to audio books dont buy the Paperwhite.

The PW base is now more simplified with the USB charging port and the on/off button and a small LED light which glows orange while charging and green when charged.

You have to see just how clear the New Paperwhite screen is compared to the Kindle Touch. 
Need I say anymore.....there is no comparison; its gorgeous, see how crisp and sharp the PW is.

The Home button

The Kindle Touch Home button is a physical button at the base (above), this gets you back to your book list.

Amazon have removed this button from the Paperwhite to give the clean smooth finish it has.
Replacing the Homebutton through software instead, see above animation. I do find this a nicer change as it leaves the bezel of the Paperwhite clean and elegant.

The Screen

 The New Paperwhite screen is just gorgeous as its so bright and sharp.
The top bar has the Home button taking you to your cover page, the left arrow is the back button and the new lightbulb allows to to alter the screen brightness depending on how dark your room is; see below.

The Lightbulb button offers you a slider to alter how bright your screen is.
I just had to show you the massive difference using this button from dark rooms to brightly lit rooms; all at the touch of an extremely responsive slider.

I have never needed the brightest setting as its so bright and at night I only use number 7 setting, which looks dull but its bright enough to read in darkness and is gentle on the old eyeballs.

The software
The new software is most certainly faster and much more responsive than the Touch its quite a contrast. I also love the new book cover page rather than the "list view". Especially as I have a tendency to pick my next book dependent on how nice the cover is. If the cover takes my fancy its up next, I always felt a bit lost having to choose my books by name not cover so I really like this new addition.

My only niggle and its a Kindle niggle rather than the actual Touch or Paperwhite. I find holding my Kindle with one hand my thumb occasionally slips on the screen as the bezel is fairly thin and of course accidentally touches the screen. You can all too easily highlight a word and bring up the dictionary,  if you leave your thumb on the page a second longer than it should.
I feel a page turning button would be easier despite Amazon making this lovely sleek finish, just 1 small page turning button would be perfect. Then if I want to highlight or need the dictionary I will simply touch the screen and hold down. I have that choice, it can get annoying otherwise.

Many other reviewers have also complained about the light patches from the base lights but I haven't noticed this and I can see my words with no problem at all.

My Kindle and favorite case.

Im sure you can guess I love my NEW Paperwhite and highly recommend anyone else getting one if your trying to decide. However if your thinking of upgrading from the original Paperwhite I'm not sure its worth it; except you are gaining more contrast and sharpness and 25% faster processor. 
If upgrading from anything lower like my Kindle Touch...what are you waiting it...I certainly haven't looked back. I haven't had anymore reading headaches....PHEWEY...and I can read at night without disturbing my other half too. I absolutely made the right choice and I use my Kindle everyday without fail.
With my lovely slim, neat purple leather case which has magnetic on and off it makes a perfect combination. I would highly recommend both especially if buying as a gift.
See my photo review of this gorgeous case HERE.

The neat slim size of the NEW Paperwhite means it fits into your hand bag and some coat pockets. No need for anymore book lights or torches the brilliant new built-in light is just perfect. If your sitting on the fence jump off now and click buy.

Buy your Wifi  Amazon Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon Uk
or choose Paperwhite 3G for

You've bought your Kindle now you need a case!!
There are such a great variety of Kindle cases on offer; here are my photo reviews of the cases I've had the opportunity to try.

KleverCases for Kindles
This one of my firm favorites as it looks like a book.

 August Kindle New Paperwhite case
Love this as its so slim and neat and has magnetic on/off. I use this alot.


Idealcases for phones, ipads, tablets and kindles

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  1. I was given a New Paperwhite for Christmas - I love it, much more convenient than my previous huge book library!
    The interface isn't quite as snappy and responsive to the touch as it perhaps could be, but for just reading it works brilliantly.
    Now, if they'd only produce a colour version of the paperwhite - I'd buy that in a flash as well!


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