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Adam The Doodles man and Rover the Doodles dog Review

How many of you have already seen the old wooden movable figures to help you with figure drawing, well now you not only have a human figure but a dog version too.

There are some review items I get really excited about as I know I'm going to have so much fun with the photography.
So when I was offered both Adam and Rover Doodles to review for you all; I was ecstatic.
I adore anything to do with animals and as soon as I saw them my mind was over-flowing with fun ideas of how to photograph them in some fun positions. 

So I apologize now as this review is EXTRA heavy on photos....yes even more than usual...eeep....to give you as many ideas for these brilliant fun figures.

Adam and Rover the Doodles.

Whether using them for art or around the home to make you smile everyone needs one or both of these.

Back of box showing the many positions
Both Adam and Rover arrived in plastic boxes with cardboard inserts, Adam was laid in a modern fun orange box. Rover in blue; the front is left clear to show your new figures clearly. The back of both boxes displays some fun positions to give you some ideas.
I always photo my packaging but this time my postman decided he could shove the parcel with both my Doodles into our tiny letterbox and managed to crush the boxes, luckily neither Doodles were damaged but both boxes were cracked.But both boxes are ideal to be given as gifts

Both Doodles are handmade of stainless steel wire connected at the joints with aluminium rivets. These fully adjustable joints and limbs will hold any pose and position for as long as you need. 

 Adam relaxing in my garden on my fencepost.

Adam the Doodles man
The bodyshape is formed by wire wrapped around a shaped form to give them both some depth rather than a simple silhouette. This gives them a more lifelike look as the body and its a perfect replica of a human and canine form.
They never rust, never need food, drink, rest or sleep they make the perfect model for you. 

Adam stands on his own two feet, sits comfortably on a shelf or table edge or a  pile of books and hold a pose all by himself. He can not only bend backwards and forwards from the waist; but the wrist, elbow and ankle both twist to allow you to position them to look natural.

Adam stands at 11.5 inches standing tall and when I first saw him this was a wonderful surprise as both figures are bigger than they seem on the website.

Adam has big feet to give him the balance and stability he needs, but not too big to look odd.
I absolutely love these feet they have been so well made.

 Position Adam on book shelves, desks for added smiles and interest.
He will also hold onto pens, paper, remotes, phones etc, making a unique item holder.

The easily movable joints make Adam look extremely realistic when holding something. Turn him into a pen holder when not using him for your artwork.

His perfectly formed hands bend naturally at the wrist via the small rivets.

 The elbow joints do the same, this allows you to wrap Adams arms around objects to hold them.

My only niggle is that my Adam had a very loose waist rivet and made sitting him up or making him stand a bit fiddly; but he will hold himself up despite this with just balance and his hands resting on something with no problems.

The Lambrini Boy!
"Er....Adam....have you been drinking my wine again..?"

 Now Rover will be jealous, Adam taking a trip with K9. 
I said we loved our dogs..furred and wired. ;-)

 Fit Adam into anything for some fun photos and ornaments around the home, this is our house phone (we do love our gadgets) would you believe it could have been made for him. This was actually taken during the last few minutes of sunset and created a lovely light on them.

His body fits the seat perfectly I couldn't resist taking these piks.

Totally "wired-out" after all that posing!


Rover the Doodles Dog
Rover is designed exactly the same as Adam, with hand made stainless steel wire frame with aluminum rivets at the joints. Unlike Adam however; Rover doesn't have any twist-able joints, they simply bend up and down. but I found I didn't need them as I did for Adam to position him naturally.

Rover is approximately 10 inches from stretched out tail to nose and stands approximately 4.5-5 inches high depending if he's on tippy-paws or not.

He has been modeled on a red setter/blood hound breed of dog with the extra long ears and longer muzzle. They have added cute wire nostrils for extra realism...how can you resist this face....how can you!

The tail is riveted to the bottom of the dog (literally) and can be bent up or down and is cleverly made of a chain mail length of wire which can then be bent into any shape to give the perfect waggy tail.

 Front paws.
He's cleverly designed paws look so natural; just simple wire wrapping gives his paws a gorgeous cute paw-like finish.

Back legs and paws.

Whoever designed Rover really knew the shape and proportion of this breed of dogs; he really is gorgeous.
(The red lead and bell is from my Lindt Easter bunny and is perfect for Rover).

Hint Hint Hint!
Rovers impression of a Pointer.
Rover is your perfect miniature companion; he will stand, sit, down, point and beg. But he wont ruin the rug or leave you any smelly surpises.
 He's Adams best friend and they work and play beautifully together.

Rover is such an affectionate dog he will make anyone the perfect pet. No food, vet bills and doesn't even need to be taken out for a walk; unless you want to show him off of course.

Where can I use my Doodles

These adorable Doodles can be placed anywhere around the home or workplace, I have taken a huge amount of photos this time, more than any review as you need to see these guys in action; rather than me waffle on.
Use in the Lounge, bedroom, kitchen, car or office...literally anywhere as you cant help but smile when you see them, although I have to stress they are NOT toys and although hardy, the body shapes will bend if squeezed too tightly with young hands.
So here are a series of images I have taken to give you some fun ideas; but of course you will have many more ideas of your own Im sure.

 The Bookshelf is crying out for these guys.

"It must be treaty time, you promised"

Use them as a fun phone holder while your not using the phone or while its on charge.

"Quick lets get some photos while shes not looking".

Book ends with a fun twist.
Rover trying to convince Adam....Dogs are best!

 "Dog behaviour you don't need this Adam!"

I love the way you can dangle Adams legs over a shelf or book etc.

Even in the kitchen

"Are you guys stealing my hot chocolate...?"

What are they up to now...er...is that my computer...what are you two doing?
"Rover helping Adam"

So what can you use them for?
  • Artist learning to draw models.
  • 3D stop frame animation videos and animations.
  • Remote control, phone or object holders.
  • Ornaments anywhere around the home.
  • Take them to work to guard your keyboard and add a smile to your day.

"Rover and Adam are inseparable, mans best friend!"

Ive seen wooden artist figures over the years but Ive never seen any wire or metal ones; plus Ive never seen any figures apart from human ones; so its a refreshing change to have Rover.
Both Doodles are so well proportioned in real life and even without a face, eyes, nose or mouth they still have so much character just purely on their body shape. The fully adjustable joints allow you to place them both anywhere to help with your artwork. Make them feel uselful by holding a phone or remote control or even a reminder message for someone.
Bottomline they make fun ornaments around the home to simply bring a smile to your face. Do what we do, keep putting them in funny positions for the other person to find; it really adds a real smile to your day.
Millions of us love our dogs and Rover is so adorable to have around the house even if you are not an artist; but they are both perfect together. You cant get one without the other you just cant.....Both these doodles work so well together and Rover is definitely "Doodles" best friend.
I really hope Homerama decide to design some more animals, maybe other breeds of dog, or other animals like elephants, reptiles etc.
Adam and Rover are looking at me right now on my desk and I know I couldn't be without them. They are officially Gadget Girls own mascots and you will be seeing alot more of them as they both help with my reviews.

They are both well made and make a fun gift for anyone at anytime. I can see a fun valentines day pressie here with a loving message attached.

"Byee for now"

  • Well made,
  • Rust free,
  • Easily posed,
  • Fully adjustable joints,
  • Stand by themselves,
  • Make fab accessories to hold pens, remotes, paper, notes etc.
  • Affordable fun.
  • None - My Adam had a slightly loose waist.

Buy yours from Homerama

Both reduced from
£24.95 to £18.75

All my thanks goes to the lovely people from Homerama for sending me both Adam and Rover for this Review.
My views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Brilliant set of pics, I have taken a few as well but not as good as yours :-) I have recently received Whiskers the cat as well so will be adding a few more pics of her soon
    They can be seen here



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