Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Coming Soon on Gadget Girl Reviews

2014 is here!

Well Ive lots of exciting reviews in store for you all this year.
Ive also had some requests for some more applications for both Android and ios; as we all have our favorite applications, those ones we go to every day, plus the favorite games. So I will be reviewing the apps I love and use daily. 
Id love to hear which ones are your favorite must have' me with yours?

Christmas and Birthday brought me some wonderful gadgety surprises which will be reviewed soon.

A most wanted camera upgrade, my Canon 40D has been retired finally for my spanking new Canon 7D that I got for my birthday back in November. I wanted the extra frames per second for my wildlife photography and of course the extra pixelage.

I will be writing a thorough review on this legend of a camera and the goodies my other half bought me to go with it. The camera side strap, remote control, and glass screen protectors.

To go with this my wonderful other half surprised me with the Sigma EM-140 Macro flash at Christmas. Anyone that knows me; knows how much I love my insects and flower macro photography and this will help me achieve some stunning photos for 2014 I hope.

 Lensbaby Composer kit
 I never thought I would enjoy "artistic lenses" but I adore my Lensbaby and have taken some incredibl eimages Id never thought possible, its so much fun and easy to use and cant wait to show you.
I have some fun pieces of camera gear I will be reviewing, but if there is anything anyone is particularly interested in on my Photography page don't hesitate to ask and Ill do my best to get that up first.

My Kindle NEW Paperwhite has been an incredible upgrade from my Kindle Touch which Ive had a few months now and I will be adding a comparison review of these two.I absolutely love the lit screen its completely stopped my headaches I was getting from the torch I was using at night.

Nexus 10 photo'd with bluetooth speakers and keyboard; my reviews from last year.
I have also had some fun with my Nexus 10 which I bought last year when it first came out last January. Since then I have been fighting with a stuck battery which kept saying it was only 42% charged, so after some too-in and fro-in with Google they finally replaced the tablet for me for a new one...better late than never I suppose.
So its about time I did this review for you, especially for those that had asked me a few months ago for this. Its coming soon I promise.
 This amazing 3D space mouse is essential for those working with 3D animation and gaming like my Other half. I will be getting him involved in this review as I hardly get a look in with this gorgeous gadget. 
We really need one each..hint..hint honey!

 Intuos Special edition A4 tablet
Our A4 graphics tablet in use everyday and we couldn't be without this.

 Logitech G19 keyboard
My favorite all time gaming keyboard with mini monitor.

  Corsaire Survivor 64GB USB Flashdrive

My Bombproof Corsair flashdrive that goes everywhere with me, finally a USB flashdrive I cant break. 

Plus some amazing company reviews coming up next!

Im excited about this one, its hot off the press and an amazing new gadget for your tablet, mobile phone, plate and even tray of food.
Review coming next, but have a peek at what its all about here!

These 2 brilliant kitchen gadgets will change how you do things.

Black Mini Aluminum 10 inches Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard 

This keyboard not only looks gorgeous but works beautifully with your devices, coming soon. 


Ive no excuses with the gardening now these gorgeous loppers will certainly help me tidy up my trees and shrubs for Spring, weve had some fun taking these coming soon.

Plus of course my continued Book reviews, thank you to all the authors who have been contacting me concerning their books, I look forward to reading them.

I will try and read more than just zombie books this year...hey...I said I'd try lol.
My Book review page

So 2014 looks to be an exciting one for Gadget Girl reviews, and I want to thank you all for your continued support and lovely emails. 
Keepem coming I love hearing from you all.
So speak soon and watch this space.

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