Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Z Contingency by WI Eganson Book Review

By WI Eganson

 A world-renowned virologist with an uncanny knack for predicting outbreaks of viral hemorrhagic fevers has a terrifying realization that one of these viruses will soon mutate into something that kills its victims, but also moves them about to further spread the virus.

In an attempt to prevent the start of a zombie apocalypse, he needs to create a vaccine before the virus naturally appears, so he needs the help a colleague to help create the very virus he predicted.

Something convinces her to help him in spite of every fiber in her being screaming out against it, but before the two scientists are able to work on the vaccine, the unthinkable happens…. 

Another brilliant zombie-action read and I loved the longer length novel to get completely immersed in. After reading many zombie books this year it was also a refreshing change to read another great plot twist on the bio warfare and revenge idea; it was quite different. Excellent well crafted plot, nicely in-depth and detailed to keep it really believable.

Super fast paced at every chapter pulling you along so you wont want to stop reading; its like you are part of the group.
Strong relatable characters with perfect supporting characters. I thought Natalie and Gary were fab and I so wanted to hit Tyler; what a horrible human being...signs of good writer when it brings out strong emotions of the reader.
Loved the twist on the possible cure being simply herbal, rather than just man-made chemicals good old mother nature!
I would have liked to see a bit more zombie horror action and hardships as well as the fast paced read...but that's just me being a complete zombie gore-aholic.
Fab suspenseful twist at the end but I was disappointed it was finished...I could have kept reading I was enjoying it so much! I would love a book 2 and see more of Gary, Natalie and Amanda....hint....hint!

Another great book to add to any zombie enthusiast library. Off to collect my zombie survival kit and start prepping.

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All my thanks goes to WI Eganson for sending me a copy for this review

 Also part of my Dysotonian Challenge and Sequel challenges of 2013

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