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The Common Cold- The Zombie Chronicle - Cabin Fever (Book 2) by David K Roberts Book review

David K Roberts

This gripping, fast-paced sequel finds our band of survivors set up camp at Tom's lakeside cabin in the Rockies. The isolated location and the imminent arrival of snow lull them into a false sense of security that they will be safe from further zombie attacks.

Joining forces with a stranded military helicopter crew, the disparate group are obliged to work together to make their lives more bearable until they can figure out a plan of action.

This proves to be much harder than they envisage as Mother Nature has a particularly nasty trick up her sleeve that will challenge their resourcefulness to the limit. As the weather conditions deteriorate, the situation becomes more fraught as one of the group turns out not to be what they seem.

WOW another gripping addictive zombiefest, the 2nd book in the common cold Zombie Chronicle series. Plus another sleepless night for me as I simply couldnt put this down till my last digital page.

After Daniel and Janet follow Rob across the pond to the US we are introduced to more survivors and finally they are all settling into Toms lakeside cabin and we as the reader are briefly lulled into false sense of security...but only briefly.
The helicopter crew arriving at the beginning makes this book more indepth and adds interest and despite us knowing the original group from book 1; David manages to blend this group seamlessly with our favorite regulars. The group works well together and each person is realistic and believable, his creative writing brings the characters to life and there will always be someone we can  relate to. 
Its another easy fast-paced read and just as good as book one. I loved Zoe its so good to see a kickass gal not screaming at her own shadow and relieved you haven't killed her off...please don't...can we keep book 3!

I loved how David added the anticipation of heavy snowfall bringing a brilliant dangerous and terrifying new twist from mother nature. I wish I could say more but I wont spoil it. Also the added fear of cheetahs and no not the furrykind. Davids particularly good at adding suspense and a fantastic twist as these zombies start to learn to track their prey. Plus the fact of catching this mutating virus from close contact and blood makes it even more terrifying.

My only thing is Id love to findout why this particular group haven't caught the "cold", the first book touched on some ideas so it would be good to find out more in book 3. I would definitely suggest reading book 1 first to get the full story behind most of the characters.
I couldnt stop reading till last page and Im gutted its ended and I cant wait for book 3...Hurry....

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Author Bio

Born in Papua New Guinea to Australian parents, I have travelled extensively and lived in such countries as Singapore, Nigeria and Kuwait.
I graduated from UCNW Bangor with a BSc Joint Honours Marine Biology and Zoology in 1985 and have spent the last twenty eight years working in the Information Technology industry. I currently run my own management consultancy.
A qualified pilot, I am also a keen photographer.
I have been fascinated over the years with the way the public has been educated on new discoveries, inventions and 'truths'. Joe Jackson's song, Cancer, sums up my healthy cynicism, something I developed at an early age! The fact that the 'next big thing' is usually debunked some time later makes me wonder how we ever know what is right and what is wrong. Can we ever know the truth as lay-people? At least we have our common sense to guide us.
It is this uncertain environment in combination with my world experience that stretches boundaries of my writing. I intend to give the reader pause for thought as to whether what I write is possible, now or in the future.
Two sci-fi thrillers have now been written by me, one of which is on Amazon Kindle and is called "Fierce Alchemy". The second is now completed and is called 'The Animus Portal'. This one is waiting for a suitable publisher to take it to market.
I have also been fascinated by the zombie genre since I was a kid and am writing a series of books under the heading of Zombie Chronicle. However you see this genre I try to make sure it is a good story first and then give it that zombie edge. As a result it carries the reader forward and feels plausible, even with zombies!
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 Please see my review of Book one here

By David K Roberts

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