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The Common Cold A zombie Chronical By David K Roberts Book Review

By David K Roberts

 Part One of Two (2nd due December 2013):
Following the New Year celebrations Daniel grudgingly commutes into London to start work in his company’s new offices. His stinking cold doesn’t help his mood any. From the moment he leaves the house, he begins to realise that something is terribly wrong with his fellow commuters, much more than just a hangover from the festivities. The other train passengers are seemingly oblivious to their surroundings: lethargic and lack-lustre, behaving just like zombies in fact. Little does Daniel know how right he is.
With Rob, his American friend and colleague, Daniel rapidly learns how to fight to escape his zombie co-workers and the two battle their way across London to rescue Daniel’s wife, Janet, who is trapped somewhat ridiculously in the local library.

On the way the lads pick up a couple of kids, orphaned after Rob accidentally shoots dead their father.

The motley crew make their way to Daniel and Janet’s house only to find it, along with most of the neighbourhood, blazing merrily. As they no longer have anything left to loose, Daniel and Janet make the brave decision to accompany Rob to America in the hope that things would be better on the other side of the Pond.

Finding Gatwick airport full of crazed infected, the group force their way onto an A380 waiting for take-off clearance to the USA. Little does our band of intrepid fighters know that the virus, or whatever it is, is already on board with terrible consequences.

Additional danger awaits as the plane approaches the US coastline, when the USAF attempt to prevent their entry with deadly force.
By some miracle, the A380 finally lands at Denver Airport, only to find, shockingly, that this has been nuked by the government as a last ditch attempt to contain the violence.

Meanwhile just south of Denver, Rob’s wife, Sandra, has been having her own problems with zombie crazed staff in her local supermarket, a zombiefied neighbour on her couch and a trigger happy bunch of national guardsmen ruining the wallpaper. Not to mention the crazed, murderous toddler in the bedroom.

Brilliant 1st book set in London at the start as we are introduced to Daniel commuting to work and noticing people symptomatic with cold sore throats, lethargic and he quickly realizes the danger everyone is in. Daniel and his colleague Rob fight their way across London to find and rescue Janet, Daniel's wife who is stranded at the library has her own problems as shes trapped with a bitten colleague.

The couple decide to leave Britain and accompany Rob to US to find his own family as their home is gone they've nothing left and assume safety in US. Gatwick is...of course...full zombies and David K Roberts adds some fantastic gripping scenes on the plane which were my favorite.

Believable and engaging characters makes you want to root for them; as they react to each horrific problem in a credible, plausible way. Great descriptive writing from David this really is a zombiefest with a difference; a simple meteorite carrying the virus from space; is something that could be very real, makes you think ALOT! 
From page one you are gripped and pulled along at high speed without being able to put this down. I was completely addicted to this perfect length novel; finally a lovely longer read, to get completely immersed in. I was oblivious of my surroundings for almost a full day reading this...good job there wasn't an!
Zombie fans will love the unique ideas; the run from the UK to the US making it different from other books and I loved having two types of zombies the slow ones we all know and love and a new breed; the fast ones that can think problems out and are learning how to track and trap their prey.......

Im now off to get book 2 I couldn't leave on such a fantastic cliffhanger I have to know what happens next.

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Author Bio

Born in Papua New Guinea to Australian parents, I have travelled extensively and lived in such countries as Singapore, Nigeria and Kuwait.
I graduated from UCNW Bangor with a BSc Joint Honours Marine Biology and Zoology in 1985 and have spent the last twenty eight years working in the Information Technology industry. I currently run my own management consultancy.
A qualified pilot, I am also a keen photographer.
I have been fascinated over the years with the way the public has been educated on new discoveries, inventions and 'truths'. Joe Jackson's song, Cancer, sums up my healthy cynicism, something I developed at an early age! The fact that the 'next big thing' is usually debunked some time later makes me wonder how we ever know what is right and what is wrong. Can we ever know the truth as lay-people? At least we have our common sense to guide us.
It is this uncertain environment in combination with my world experience that stretches boundaries of my writing. I intend to give the reader pause for thought as to whether what I write is possible, now or in the future.
Two sci-fi thrillers have now been written by me, one of which is on Amazon Kindle and is called "Fierce Alchemy". The second is now completed and is called 'The Animus Portal'. This one is waiting for a suitable publisher to take it to market.
I have also been fascinated by the zombie genre since I was a kid and am writing a series of books under the heading of Zombie Chronicle. However you see this genre I try to make sure it is a good story first and then give it that zombie edge. As a result it carries the reader forward and feels plausible, even with zombies!
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