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Single pen Quiver for large notebooks Review!

 The Single Pen Quiver for notebooks and journals.

I fell in love with these gorgeous leather Quivers as soon as I first saw them, not just for the amazing genius idea, but for how beautiful the leather is
No...this...Quiver doesn't come with Robin hood or his Merry men...sorry girls, but its an ingenious idea to hold your pen/s...and transform your notebook.

How many times have you been without a pen or stylus when you need it. You spend ages fudging around at the bottom of your bag looking for that elusive pen. With the Quiver it slips easily into the notebook, journal or tablet to not only keep your pen in place; but they will give your notebook an elegant old world charm feel.

Now you can have your pen or stylus at hand whenever you need it; perfect for the writer on the go. 

So I was really excited when the lovely people from Quiver offered to not only send me one to review; but offer 2 lucky readers the chance to win one.
(Give-away after my photo review)'
Give-away now closed.

They arrived from the US within a week and extremely well packaged in a bubble wrap envelope and each one individually sealed and wrapped in clear plastic.

For this review Im reviewing the Single Pen Quiver (above) and 2 of you lucky people will have the opportunity to own one of the 2 gorgeous (A4 or A6) Double Quivers.

Each Quiver comes with a thank you for purchasing your Quiver and instructions on how best to attach your quiver onto the notebook.

Quiver offer 2 designs; the single pen Quiver which sits along the spine attached to the front and back covers or the Double pen Quiver which simply slides on just the front cover, leaving the back free. When you say pen holder; plastic boxes come to mind, this is nothing like that and the name "pen holder" does not do these gorgeous Quivers justice.
Quivers are made of genuine full grain leather which are carefully hand cut and assembled, then hand sewn before being individually inspected before packaging. Now that's the ultimate in product care and service!

This hand-made Single Pen Quiver is designed to wrap around the spine of your hardcover notebook. It has 2 steel spring stays sewn inside the leather to help the quiver hug your notebook. It maintains the notebooks thickness and keeps it stackable with other goods as the pen sits along the spine out of the way.

The quiver is beautifully stitched with marine grade thread and comes in various leather colours and thread accent combinations; 
brown, mocha, black, black with Rhodia orange accent stitching, black with red accent stitching or black with yellow accent stitching.

There are alot of combinations of colours and materials available. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review the one I originally fell in love with; the brown leather with matching stitching.

The Quiver has been designed with 2 main layers of high quality Nappa leather and you can see how intricate and excellent quality this hand stitching is; yes I did say "HAND" stitched

The top layer forms the "Pen holder" to slip your pen inside.
What a coincidence an arrow clip just for my quiver...sorry couldn't resist; had this pen for years.

The Quiver logo is stamped into the soft luxuriously finished leather.

 On the reverse the Quiver still maintains its excellent finish, soft backing against your notebook and you cannot feel any sharp edges from the steel stays.

I also love how you have "Made in Old Mexico" stamped along the edge.

 Top and bottom leather folds
The leather folds neatly over the top of your notebook to look perfectly finished from the front and are attached by a 2.2cm width of black elastic to secure it around the notebook or tablet. These leather folds protect the edges of the notebook with no digging or denting. The elastic is excellent quality and I don't believe it will over-stretch or snap, even if you want to swap from tablet to notebook regularly.

This A5 Quiver fits both of these makes of UK un-named notebooks.

What notebooks will Quivers fit?
The elastic band allows the Quiver to fit any
A5 notebooks of 8" - 9.25" tall (20.3cm-23.5cm).

Quivers were originally designed for Moleskin and Rhodia notebooks; but see the Quiver site for more specific brands of books these will fit. Basically if its an A5 hardcover notebook its pretty certain to fit.
If however you have a favorite soft cover and cant bear to part with it Quiver now offer soft cover adapters which are made from a laminate of plastic and paper to provide a thin waterproof reinforcement to the soft cover notebook; which minimizes damage to the edges from the elastic band.
They have thought of everything!!!

Some of us still love the touch and feel of paper and pen despite our digital world. I enjoy writing on both computers and paper and always have notebooks around, plus I have a slight addiction to buying fresh new notebooks everytime I go into a stationary store...well I adore the feel of a fresh new shoot me! ;-)
So to have something so beautifully made that makes them look even better is the perfect gadget for me.

How many times have you lost, misplaced or left your pen at home; or its hiding at the bottom of your bag or pocket.  ;-)
Well now you can slide your favorite pen (we all have them don't we?) into the soft leather pocket of a Quiver. Its even more beautiful in real life than online, the smell of the leather is gorgeous; its so beautifully soft and luxurious to touch.

To put on just slide both elasticated bands onto the same side and then gently pull the pages through to slide the second band over.

 This is all you can see once its fitted properly; its neat and it doesn't get in the way at all.
You can even slip leaflets, tickets, money and paper thin items behind the elasticated band or slide between the quiver and book on the front or back cover.

 It slipped easily onto my notebook and you have to admit looks AMAZING!

I also tried various pens and stylus's and most fitted perfectly as with the nature of leather it naturally stretches to accommodate. 

 It also allows you to open out your notebook flat if you want to; as the leather is so beautifully supple and flexible.

Quiver transform a basic boring notebook into something gorgeous. I don't know how I managed without it.

The A4 Quivers (not this one) will also fit on ipad cases; a huge plus as not many tablet cases come with stylus holders...what a bonus!!

It looks stunning with my Arcpen stylus.

 It looks classy and elegant and its a great conversation starter wherever you go.

 The soft leather also has the bonus of giving you a warm, soft to touch comfort grip on your notebook, it really feels gorgeous!

 Here it is fitted onto my red and black notebook, it looks just as fab and the bright red adds a bit of extra zing.  Of course if you already have the notebook you may want to colour coordinate the Quiver and accent stitching with your notebook. 

Its not often I bubble with excitement over a product, but this sums up the style of product I love. Hand-made, gorgeous leathery smell, soft, smooth, warm leather and the old style charm make these Quivers an innovative gift for anyone.
Transform a basic, boring notebook or treasured diary into something luxurious. Bring old world charm to not only your notebook but your ipad or tablet, keep your pen/s and stylus with you at all times (especially with the double pen Quivers) and look professional at work as it brings together old and new.

I don't know how I managed without my Quiver I can now just grab my notebook and go and the pen is right there. Those that enjoy writing journals will find the Quiver adds that luxurious feel to any notebook and your day no matter what your doing. Its a fantastic conversation starter anywhere you go. Yes I'm actually raving about this its a stunning, hand made product that makes life easier.
 If you are looking for that special gift for someone who loves writing you have to get them a Quiver, better still get the matching book and colour coordinated Quiver, they will love you for it. Or go on treat yourself and your notebook or ipad with that Christmas gift money.

  • Always have a pen with you at all times,
  • Hand made,
  • Excellent quality leather,
  • Beautifully hand stitched,
  • Available in different sizes,
  • 1 or 2 pen holder designs.
  •  Choice of leather and thread accent combinations.

  • Absolutely None.

 You can buy yours directly from for US buyers 
or from The Paperie in the UK; offering a variety of materials and designs to choose from.

All my thanks goes to the lovely people from Quiver for sending me these for this Review and Give-away.
My views and opinions are my own.


  1. I have seen these and fell in love with how good they look.
    I would love the Extra large Quiver to use on my tablet and I also have a notebook I use as a writer.
    Im keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Wow great review Gadget girl, love your reviews. Im at uni studying journalism so would love the small Quiver to go on my notebook.
    Merry Christmas Gadgetgirl x

  3. After reading this; me wanty plz, like the large one.
    Merry xmas

  4. Great review and I love your photos Gadget girl, we always follow your reviews. I have never seen a pen holder that looks so luxurious.
    We would love to win the larger Quiver to fit on our ipad case.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year

  5. I would love to win the larger one of these to start the new term at uni; so I could keep my pen and stylus on my tablet. Im also a writer so it would be great not to keep forgetting a pen when i go out.
    Another fab review hun.

  6. Luv the Style of the quivers, the large one would look great on my home economic journal. Hope I win and You have a great site GG, thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great idea, it would really be nice to win one of these I do not have a preference, as I like them both. Thank you and be lucky.

  8. I would love to win the black with red stitching to use with my Rhodia planner. Thanks for the chance!

  9. I saw someone in a cafe writing in the US last year and would love the chance to win one for myself. I keep my notebook with me 24 hours a day. Id love the red stitching one.
    Great review by the way and love your site.
    Happy New year

  10. Great review, your photos are amazing girl.
    Ive followed and liked you.
    Got a diary for xmas its red so the red stitching one would match it, please make me coordinate.

  11. Very thorough review!! Always appreciate people who take the time to inform the rest of us!! I would like to wish all of you UK folks good luck!! Alas, I live in the US so am out of consideration!!

    1. Hi Sparky thanks so much for your kind words to me and my readers, Im sorry I cannot send to the US this time.
      Have a very Happy New Year.

  12. Heidijenson1December 30, 2013

    Great site and your photos are amazing.
    Entered followed, tweeted and liked and I would love to win the yellow stitching Quiver it would fit my new diary I got for Christmas.
    Fingers crossed ;-)

  13. I would love to be in with a chance of winning one of these the small one with yellow stitching is my fave I have FB you ;{)
    p.s your site is brill.


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