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Purple folio thin magnetic case cover for the Kindle paperwhite review

 New folio kindle paper white case.

I have this slight obsession with finding the right cases for my devices, I always tend to go for folio cases for full protection of my touch screen gadgets. My NEW Paper white was no exception, I scoured the internet for something different. I have always chosen black leather style cases but felt I wanted a change and fell in love with gorgeous purple leather case on eBay. I ordered it straight away.

It arrived quickly but not as well packaged as I like, it was just in a transparent plastic cellophane bag and then in a bubble wrap envelope. 

My postman managed to jam my unprotected case into our postbox. It was actually wedged. So I ended up with a damaged corner. (fixed now).

 However to had a thick piece of foam to protect the inside. So I was lucky it hadnt cracked, this foam protected it.

 They also added a project Gutenberg CD with over 17,500 books on as a freebie to go along with your new Kindle.

This folio case is made of a gorgeous PU purple leather with a soft fibre inner lining which protects your Kindle from scratches.

It has a lovely abs plastic shell for the kindle to sit in with more of the soft fibre to protect the back of the kindle.

 The back shell has an insert cut out to fit and level more of the gorgeous purple PU leather.

This allows good grip on the kindle.

 The front cover is attached by the PU leather and soft fibre layers giving a flexible spine allowing you to easily flip back to read.

The base of the case has a neat cut out to easily use the on/off switch

 Plus plenty of room for the charger too.

The matching purple front cover is a lovely firm leather to protect the screen, it has the manufacturer August embossed lion logo on the bottom right hand corner, a nice touch in a darker shade of purple.

A strong magnetic closure keeps the cover firmly closed, it also has a nifty auto on/off so no need to turn on, simply opening the cover turns it on and your ready to read your favorite book.
Note: in the past magnetic closures near device screens have been a problems and have caused damage, there hasn't been any problems with my device that I have found so far. I will of course keep you all informed.

Length 6.75 x 4.75 inches or 17.3 x 12cm

The paper white took a bit of gentle persuasion to snap into the plastic shell, but I know its completely safe and not a hope in hells chance of it falling out. The creased bottom corner has finally disappeared but took a few months, the magnetic closure pulled it all back into shape, now its perfect I'm so relieved to say!

 I love to read in bed at night and its comfortable for me to flip the front cover back to hold the whole kindle in one hand, some covers are to stiff to fold back, but this is made especially to do this. 

The case is neat and compact and is designed as small as possible to making it small and unobtrusive to read in public.

You can barely see the kindle has a cover on; its as thin and unobtrusive as possible without losing valuable protection.

Its the size and feel of reading a small book and is almost the actual size of the kindle new Paperwhite, its perfect to fit easily into your handbag, even a large coat pocket.

I Love this excellent quality case, its gorgeous compact elegant design and beautiful purple PU leather makes it also feel expensive and a pleasure to use; making it an ideal pressie for anyone with a kindle.
Its light and hardly adds anymore weight than the kindle itself, the plastic shell makes it feel safe and secure inside. 
Your screen is completely protected by the firm front cover and the magnet on/off makes it a pleasure to use and an added plus compared to other cases.
Its one of the most affordable cases on the markets that still has a quality feel without paying the earth.

At £6.79 and FREE P&P its certainly worth alot more, especially with your free CD of books.

I'm over the moon with my case and would highly recommend it.

Elegant compact design,
Gorgeous quality leather,
Great colour options,
Magnetic on/off closure,
Strong inner shell,

Maybe slightly firmer packaging as I have a clumsy postman.


The many colours to choose from, I was torn between the purple one and the gorgeous turquoise blue; which one would you choose?

You can buy yours from ebay here
Plus many other colours and variations Here

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  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I have a Kobo though, and is slightly smaller than the paperwhite, so it scares me that it might be loose and then it wouldn't be worth it :/


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