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Light Switch Timer Review

Well the dark nights are drawing in fast now and most of us are coming home in the dark.
  • Do you have pets that you wish you could have some lights on as soon as it starts to get dark, but your not home to turn them on. 
  • Or its just nice to walk into a welcoming hall light not in complete darkness.
  • Make your home look occupied while away on holiday.
  • Hate having to plug in timer plugs when your leaving the house as some cables just wont reach.
Well now you can with this genius new idea from 

The NEW Light switch timer

Slots easily over an existing lightswitch; set the time for it to turn on your lights and go, its as easy as that! 
It will save you money, give you added security and peace of mind.

The lovely people from SwitchedOnProducts kindly sent me one to try out.

The packaging is a nice and simple clamshell transparent packaging, easy to open and easy to see your product, with easy explanations of setting up.

The back displays the pro's of this switch.

Inside the pack you have your Lightswitch timer and instructions, 2 wheels and a transparent plastic spacer (not shown) to fit looser switches.

This brilliant new idea from SwitchedOnProducts is the first automatic light switch timer to fit over your existing wall light switch. 
With NO WIRING to do at all girls...nice and easy, impress the guys!
You don't need to know anything about wiring, no calling the electrician, the boyfriend or husband....girls you can do this yourself!
In seconds you can program your main lights to turn on and off whenever you want them to. Its made of strong ABS plastic and comes in 2 pieces and transforms your existing light switch into a timer switch. The cradle slides off and slips behind and over your light switch plate, this forms a cradle to slot in your timer unit.

 The digital display unit is clear and easy to read with easy to see on and off buttons. Plus 5 more rubberized buttons to set the time and date for your switch.
A neat touch is that the buttons also glow in the dark and they really do; its quite bright.

Easy to install simply loosen the screws on the light switch, slip over the cradle, tighten the screws back on, then program in the times you wish your lights to come on and go off, slot your timer unit back in the cradle.
It really is as easy as that watch their own video to see!

 The cradle and back of the light switch timer

The Science bit
How does it work...for those that want to know, yes it is actually interesting as its such a great idea.

This switch timer is digitally programmed, but is mechanical in how it works and is such a genius idea.
The Switch timer will fit 1, 2 and 3 switch gang switch and only certain types (will explain later). It is pretty finicky in which light switches will work with this unit, but I feel most modern homes will be the correct one. 
We only found 1 switch that works in our cottage and that was tight against the batteries; so if in doubt call SwitchedOnProducts and explain your switch design or email a quickie photo and they will tell you immediately.

It comes with 2 wheels which unslot and will slot in the position of the light/s you want to use. The instructions do keep mentioning 3 switches. I have to stress it cannot work 3 switches at the same time, what it means is; that it can work any 2 switches on a 3 gang switch plate. I doubt you would want all the lights in the same room to be on at once anyway if you wern't home.

The switch positions are embossed on the back to show you where to position the wheels to correspond with your chosen light switch/es you wish to use.

 If you have just 1 switch then slot your wheel in position 1 etc; see above.
Another neat idea is the wheel holders at the back of the unit, they slot onto the round slots at the top so you don't lose them when not in use.

TIP: Blonde moment please remember when fitting the wheels to the left or right when the unit is facing you its mirrored when its inserted back into the that right!

Once programmed the whole wheel unit will slide down to the battery area and  turn on your light/s, when it time to be turned off it simply slides up. So the wheels press firmly over your rocker light switches.
See my quick video below.

This is a quickie really it is a quickie...just to show you how clever this works!

Which switches will work with this switch timer?

These styles of light switch in a 1, 2 or 3 gang switch works perfectly as they sit flush with backplate when turned on.

The perfect fit is when the back plate is squared (above) or slightly domed
(see below).

Ours were extra domed and found the unit sat too close to the rocker switch.
Although a spacer is included which in some cases may help.

This style wont fit and obviously no dimmer switches or backplates that have fancy embossed edges or frames it needs to be flat!

To summerize
  • Only flat rocker switch style light switches will work with this timer,
  • Switches need to sit flush with the switch plate, if they recess the wheels wont reach. If they sit proud then the batteries maybe in the way.
  • You cannot set lights separately they all have to work together whether your want 1 or 2 lights on. 
  • Do not use rechargeable as they don't hold the charge as well.

The back of the unit as it would sit in place against your switch
(with batteries in of course).

The cradle is neat and once the unit is slotted in still looks elegant, modern and unobtrusive; it even shows the room temperature.
If you only use it for holidays or special occasions you can remove the unit, take pout the batteries and put it away in a drawer and leave the cradle for next time.
SwitchedOnProducts own press images

Its sooo easy to simply loosen the screws around the switch plate, slip the cradle behind and tighten again. Honestly girls you can do this!
The instruction booklet is simple, easy to read and understand and its all English, sorry if your German or French etc.
Add your 2 AA batteries and set the actual time, then choose the time you wish the light/s to come on/off and set. If you can work the timer on your video/DVD player or alarm clock you can work this timer. You can do an easy check to see it working in your hand by simply pressing the on button; so you get the idea of how it works before placing in the cradle.
Warning; do not accidentally press on or you could catch your fingers in between the wheels, they have a warning sticker inside showing the pinch point!

The switch is unobtrusive and blends in well and fairly flush to the wall.
SwitchedOnProducts own press image.

We wanted the timer switch to turn our hall light on and off for security purposes and for our dog as we would normally have to turn on the hall light before we left; incase we were not back before dark.
This worked bang on time with no problems at all. If your in the house you can hear the motor working as its quite noisy; but its has to be a strong motor to roll over the switches.

IMPORTANT TIP; This unit has its own battery low indicator quite important with devices like this, as I feel it could damage the motor or your switch if the motor works too slowly over the switch as the batteries die down.

This innovative idea from SwitchedOnProducts is just genius, but make sure your lightswitches will work with this unit. Most modern homes have the correct switch-plate so don't worry too much.
Its perfect for those of you that don't want the hassle of setting up lamps to plug into plugin timers. Now you can use your actual main lights and is perfect as a burglar deterrent. Anybody regardless of age, physical ability or technical knowledge can fit and set this up, you don't need to be an electrician as there's no wiring involved.
Impress the hubbie or boyfriend with your newfound switch setting-up ability ;-)

Keep your home well lit during the Winter, away on holiday or for your pets or simply a nice homely welcome home, at the same time as saving electricity and your carbon footprint. Unobtrusive, versatile and practical, it will work when you want it to. Just a brilliant idea!

  • Easy,
  • Innovative,
  • Burglar deterrent,
  • Battery operated,
  • Affordable,
  • No wires,
  • No need to call an electrician, hubbie or boyfriend,

  • Check your switch styles, will only work on flush switch plates.

You can buy yours directly from 


 Special Launch price of £27.99 on-line
Use my code
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Lights-on expires (18th November) 

All my thanks goes to the lovely people of SwitchedOnProducts for sending me a sample for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a great idea - i need this for when we are away over Christmas.


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