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KleverCases NEW Paperwhite case review

By The Manor Bindery

When I upgraded my Kindle to the NEW Paperwhite I was on a mission to find a unique case. My original Kindle had the expensive case with book light, but now the NEW kindle is back lit I just wanted a case that was a little unique but still protected my Kindle. I have a thing for folio style cases as it protects the whole device and the main screen and allows me to hold the device without fingerprints.
But most folios are made of leather with no designs...until I discovered The Manor Bindery who are found in the stunning New Forest in Hampshire England.
MD Philip Bradburn completed his apprenticeship in bookbinding in 1976 and went onto find a niche market for faux books and display book products. His work can now be found in places such as the Harry Potter films, international outlets of Ben Sherman and in luxury yachts and homes all over the world.
Philip got his ideas in a lightbulb moment; see below.

This company has everything I'm looking for in a case or product, uniqueness, dedication, workmanship and customer service. Klevercases offer 40 years of old style charm and keeping that LOVE of BOOKS alive which for me is so important.
I'm a huge book lover and found it hard to switch to kindles as I still love the smell, feel and look of the book; but Klevercases have cleverly managed to bridge that and combined this old charm style with high quality cases.

So I was thrilled to receive this stunning Pride and Prejudice fake book cover which has been designed by Klevercase's own chosen artists. Celebrating the 200 year anniversary of Jane Austin's timeless masterpiece.

Some of you may ask why I always add a packaging section to my reviews; well KleverCases is the reason why...When a company goes out of their way to make the whole receiving their product special, its needs to be shown. I receive alot of review products in a year and normally its pretty standard; but some really stand out from the rest. I was blown away with how gorgeous the packaging was. 
My case arrived in a special cardboard folded book box to keep it from being dented. My address label was an older style book plate label you used to find inside books. My new case was protected by a transparent plastic sleeve.

 Front and back.
 But that wasn't all....the KleverCase has its own faux antique style middle sleeve its aged effect really adds to this wonderful old charm feel. This sleeve then shows you who hand crafted your case and which gadget it was made for.

 My gorgeous case was hand-made by Jane...thank you Jane, this is such a wonderful personalized touch before you have even opened your case.

 Slipped inside your sleeve is another printed hand written card (at the top).

 This card is an extra personalized touch thanking you for your purchase.

 Front and back of the KleverCase

This Pride and Prejudice case is a colour design onto a folio style case; giving a fake book effect; it can simply be slipped alongside your other books and nobody would ever guess it was a kindle inside, just a beautifully bound book.
The front and back book cover is strong high quality firm cardboard, thicker than a normal book cover.

 Opened up your new case is light and strong with the rubberised Paperwhite cradle on the right and KleverCases own book plate label on the left.

 The gadget cradle contains more information on the Manor Bindery and where they are based and also explaining it will be a secure tight fit.

The inner front cover has a gorgeous gold lace design offering a real olde charm elegance to the case. With a wonderful personalized book plate label which you can have a name added as a gift; eg;
"Love to Mum at Christmas" a lovely touch.

Full Length 7.5 inches/19cm long by 5.25 inches/13.3cm wide and 3/4 inch/2cm depth.

I was blown away by the excellent quality and craftmanship this case has. Right from my packaging to the gorgeous high colour flower design but still maintaining the old fashion charm and styling.

The rubberised cradle is glued securely to the back of the case and has very slight flexibility so you can ease the kindle in from the top to snap firmly into the base; with no damage to the device I can assure you.

Its an extremely tight fit but there is a knack to slip it in; KleverCases even offer you a quick video guide to show you how.

I can hold it upsidown and its not going to fall out. Your whole device is completely safe. 
I did actually give my poor kindle a shake; just for you guys...gulp... the things I do ;-) and its really not going anywhere.

 The cradle is perfectly designed to incorporate a gap to easily access the USB charging port and the on/off button.

 Doesnt it look amazing; they have even incorporated a binding curve/bend so it folds naturally like a book. I'm so pleased with how securely my 
NEW Kindle Paperwhite fits into the case.

 Its uncluttered and extremely neat.
The whole case has a really substantial weight and a lovely
luxury, elegant feel to it.

 I wanted to show you a few images I took of the KleverCase and kindle to show you how well it blends in with everyday bits and bobs.
 Reviewers snackytime, yes I did eat 4 fairy cakes.... :-)!

It blends beautifully with other books on a shelf.
 Would you have guessed it isn't a book?

So you now have an option to hide your kindle on the book shelves or even in a drawer without anyone knowing what's inside. You can also read on a train bus or any public transport without anyone realizing from a distance you have a new expensive device in your hands.

Its an actual safety security feature that looks stunning and makes the most gorgeous unique gift for someone or a treat for yourself.

 Spot the book, can you guess which one of these above are a real book? 
Okay trick question as NONE are books they are all fake; the big green book is a secret box, then the Klevercase and finally the wooden book is another box. I love my secret storage; I'm a sucker for boxes and hide-away products even though...er...I...have nothing to hide-away ;-)

A unique gift for anyone who has a kindle. Especially for those like me who love their real books You have a great variety and price options for every pocket and book style. My kindle case is the basic case and the next is gold folio with specifically engineered "page edges" to completely hide your kindle at all angles to feel even more bookish.

You can hold this with one hand and the cover is stiff enough to support the whole Paperwhite. It feels like you are reading a real book and it looks just as gorgeous, you have something quite unique and with olde style charm. I believe this will outlast your kindle with its strong spine and excellent quality materials.
Your Klevercase really is a perfect blend of old technology and new. Plus a security factor and great conversation starter...and...and...made in the UK!
Anyone who is a bookworm or loves their paperbacks will really appreciate these stunning hand made beautifully crafted cases. A perfect affordable Christmas pressie for anyone who owns a kindle especially with the option to personalize a book plate inside.
Whose a Klevercase then...I know...Im sorry...it had to be said lol! ;-)

Thanks to the Manor Bindery for coming up with such amazing designs and keeping books alive in this techie world.

  • Hand-made,
  • Unique,
  • Old style charm,
  • Secure,
  • Personalized,
  • Several famous vintage book covers if your choice,
  • Ideal for book lovers,
  • Made in the UK.

  • None.

Available for;
  • Kindle 3 Keyboard,
  • Kindle 4 standard e ink,
  • Kindle Fire 7 inch,
  • Kindle Fire HD (7" 2nd gen 2012 Version), 
  • Kindle Touch,
  • Kobo Touch, 
  • Kobo Glo, 
  • Google Nexus 7,
  • ipad mini.

For Kindle New Paperwhite

They have so many options and variety of cases.
Which one would you choose...correction which one's would you choose, how can you just pick one!

  Please see below the Original Classics Range 

 Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Great Expectations, Peter Pan,
Einsteins Theory of relativity and Alice in Wonderland,

Artists own range (including mine)
The Secret garden, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby and mine!

Most of the designs shown above but with specifically engineered "page edges" to feel even more bookish. Its really worth the extra pennies for this stunning effect.

Choose your design and add your own inside book plate message for the best brownie point winning gift you could buy a kindle owner/book lover. They even gift wrap in antique wrapping paper to make it even more special.

For Book lovers Everywhere look no further

For something extra for the book lover take a peek at The Manor Bindery secret doors and more fake books and files; Im in heaven that secret door is just gorgeous.

All my thanks goes to the lovely people at the Manor Bindery for sending me this gorgeous case for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.

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