Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cases and bag ideas for your NEW gadgets!

Now the madness of Christmas is over, I hope you had a great time with friends and family and feeling refreshed.

 Did you get a nice new phone, tablet, laptop or e-reader, for Christmas? Are you now looking for a unique case that doesn't look like everyone elses.
Look no further...Im excited to recommend some case companies I reviewed this year and highly recommend; something for every taste and device.


I had the opportunity to review 2 gorgeous cases from the lovely guys at Snupped during the Summer. Check out my full photo review of my laptop and Nexus 10 tablet cases. HERE
 You have the opportunity to add your own designs back and front and EVEN the choice of inner lining colour to match or whether you want handles or not. So I chose 2 of my own photos for my new laptop case; The Spacesuit.
Giving the bags two completely different looks; depending which way I hold them.

 The Spacesuit
 Back and front

Back and front
This Spaceglove (above) was designed especially for my Nexus 10 or kindle, I chose their own artist designs for this one and you have to admit they look fab don't they; it shows my love of nature combined with space and technology. I fell in love with the adorable owls.

 They also offer gorgeous tablet folio cases the Space Book
Plus NEW iphone 5/5C cases with the choice of your own images or their chosen artists images.

I love, love, love both my cases, the guys have done a fab job on making these cases for me. I highly recommend Snupped for that extra special gift as you will be getting a unique luxury padded case with custom graphics and art or your own images you won't find anywhere else. No one will have a case like yours, and I guarantee it will turn heads!
The fact you can request any size and be made to suit your own requirements is perfect for any device new or old that you may have and need a case.
Say it flowers cases...can you imagine "Marry me" on a tablet case, or "I love you" with a photo of a special moment in time...okay maybe I'm being too romantic. ;-)
It makes a really special gift for someone or treat for yourself.


Did you get a Kindle or ereader for Christmas or just want to update your own case for the New Year. Do you love your classic books, Klevercases combine technology and olde world charm of books.

Turn your Kindle into a book and protect it at the sametime. 
Go on admit it; you would never guess this was a case would you?
They really are stunning hand made cases and it looks and feels like your reading a real book.
Checkout my fullphoto review HERE


Did you get a smart phone, ereader or tablet for Christmas or simply want to start the New year with a brand new case? Or maybe keep an extra special photo close to your heart at the sametime.
Did you take some fun photos with some special memories and want to keep them with you all the time; with a UK company called  idealcases. you can.
Use their own artist designs or design your own like I did.
Checkout my full photo review HERE

Waterfield Designs bags

If its a multi-use case to use while traveling or commuting; then you need to try a Waterfield case. 

I enjoyed putting my gorgeous Smartphone travel case to the test to see just how many of my devices/gadgets I could store you can see it was lots. Plus it looks fantastic too with its multipockets inside and out to store cables, chargers and lots more.

Yes even man bags and unisex bags too.
For many more designs and a bag for literally EVERY device take a peek at their amazing website from folios, sleeves, messenger bags and backpacks in many styles. Im sure you will find something for you.
 See my full photo review HERE

I hope this has given you a few ideas for a unique case of your own to start the new year by being different and turning heads.
You have an expensive device that you can personalize and make your own so  don't choose a boring case; make it truly yours.

Happy New Year Everyone

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